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Best Practice: Increased Exposure of the USTA Senior International Teams

Best Practice:  Increased Exposure of the USTA Senior International Teams

Definition And Example:
Improve and increase exposure of the USTA Senior International Teams ( SIT ) through publicity using newspapers, newsletters, and the internet using committee assignments and effective review.

Greater exposure and awareness for SIT in the senior community and the general public and justify adequate funding of Senior International Competition Committee and Senior International Teams.

Increased interest from tennis population, seniors, and tournament senior players accounting for increased membership , greater awareness, and greater participation in USTA senior activities.


  • Identifying an individual for control of program and involving individual committee members in the Publicity effort. Each committee member became a coordinator for each age group team involving both men’s and women’s teams . This committee member-coordinator in coordination with the Team Captain was responsible for the publicity effort for each team and the individual players through articles in newspapers, the internet and newsletters.
  • Review of results resulted in a evaluation process by the committee.
  • The lead committee member designated as the Publicity Coordinator spearheaded the effort with boilerplate instructions and press releases.
  • The individual committee members or coordinators initiated the PR procedures.
  • The results were evaluated by the Publicity Coordinator and the Men’s and Women’s Coordinators and the Committee Chair.

People Involved:
Committee Publicity Coordinator, Men’s and Women’s Coordinators, Chairman, and individual Coordinators.

The Publicity Coordinator developed the PR procedure through past experiences on his part initially and in close conference with the Chair and the Coordinators, initiated the program requiring many weeks. The younger team group A ( age 35,40,45,50 ) competes internationally at a different time of the year than the group B ( age 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 ). The time required for the preparation and establishment  of the articles in local newspapers approximates 20 to 30 hours.

The cost is minimal and consists of communications and printing expenses , although many man hours are expended.

Other Considerations:
Identify a key point person to spearhead the effort and give him the direction and support of the rest of the committee members

Clarence Renouard                       

William Kellogg

Gary Lee

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