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What is the Tennis in the Parks initiative?

For over 10 years, NRPA has partnered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to bring parks and recreation agencies, Tennis in the Parks (TIP). TIP is a strategic initiative designed to help you improve and expand opportunities in communities nationwide for the public to learn and play the lifelong game of tennis.

Tennis In the Parks (TIP) and all associated program resources are FREE to eligible agencies that are committed to growing and improving tennis programs and infrastructure in the community. A three-prong approach ensures that the TIP initiative meets park and recreation’s needs:

  • TIP is focused on quality tennis programming, from instruction, team tennis and league play, to marketing and partnerships.
  • TIP helps ensure that public tennis facilities are in optimum condition. 
TIP is committed to ensuring the sustainability of tennis in the public park sector  by:

  • developing an advocacy agenda to support master planning to include tennis,
  • mounting bond referendum support for community projects that include tennis, and 
  • building a network of local tennis advocates eager to reach out to local policy makers about the need and benefits of quality tennis programming and infrastructure.
  TIP communities also gain access to:
  • Marketing support for programs
  • a Court Construction and Maintenance manual
  • “The Big Serve,” USTA’s online tennis advocacy resource
  • Expert technical assistance from USTA's Technical Team
  • Discounts on tennis equipment 
  • Training support for coaches 
  • Information on USTA events and trainings in your area 
  • Access to USTA grants for programming and facilities

2010 TIP Highlights:

  • Selected and trained 20 TIP Peer Advisors
  • Increased the visibility of TIP on social media sites.  "Like" TIP on Facebook at facebook.com/tennisintheparks
  • 100% increase in USTA Jr. Team Tennis Participants at registered TIP agencies
  • 15% increase in total youth participation at registered TIP agencies
  • Improved visibility of TIP Initiative on local state recreation association websites
  • 13% point increase in the number of TIP agencies offering QuickStart Tennis play format
  • 85% of park and recreation agencies maintain tennis courts

2010 TIP Priorities: 

  •  Increase the number of permanent 36' and 60' courts in public parks for 10 and Under Tennis
  • Increase the number of parks agencies having access to valuable tennis information through TIP Agency Registration
  • Provide direct and specialized assistance to your community through the Peer Advisor network
  • Increase the number of 10 and Under Tennis programs and tournaments hosted by public parks agencies
  • Increase the number of park agencies hosting on-court training for tennis staff, volunteers or parents



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