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1. If we know of a deployed service member can we adopt his/her unit?

Of course!   Please be sure to share the address with the USTA.

2. Should we send packages directly to our contact?

Yes, or preferably, you can obtain the company commanders name (usually a Capt. or a Lt.) and use it in the address on the boxes.

3.  Can we send cookies?

We strongly discourage anything perishable like this going into the boxes.  Sometimes the units are on month long missions so items may sit for up to 6 weeks before being received.

4.  Can we adopt more than one unit?

Of course! If you have enough teams to adopt more than one unit - go for it!  Just fill out a second application with the USTA.  Or, you canalways send extra items to your unit.

5. How will the units get their tennis equipment?

USTA Serves will arrange for the equipment to be shipped directly to each unit on your behalf.

6. What's the best way to ship?

You can use the flat rate boxes available at the post office for small items that weight alot.  For bulky items, we suggest moving sized boxes that can hold more items and be shipped at the parcel post rate which will save alot of money.  It may be cost prohibitive to ship one box to each service member.  However, many groups choose to fill a plastic gallon bag for each service member and pack the bags in a large box.

7. As far as shipping to the unit we have adopted, do we address each box to particular individuals or each box to the unit as a whole?

Our boxes go to the unit as a whole with just one name and address.  Try packing items into a box and use the larger moving type boxes which will hold more and cost less to ship than flat rate.

8. What are the dimensions of the larger size boxes we can use if we don't go flat rate?

Try using moving boxes for books which are about 18 x 18.  Anything around that size should fit what you need.  You may be able to use a larger 24 x 24 to 30x 30 box for the socks which are bulky, but are fairly light weight.

9. How can I get my section involved?

If you serve on a section or district committee, encourage your organization to help promote and support the effort.  Some districts have even offered each CTA funding for postage of up to $200.00 and challenged each CTA to adopt a unit.

10. Can I contact my unit to see what their special needs are?

If an email address is provided, you can make contact and ask if there are any special needs, and alert them to look out for your packages by giving them your packing date.  Packages take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive to the unit once shipped.

11. I would like to personalize the packages to the service members, but it would be too expensive to ship individual boxes.  Do you have any suggestions?

Yes, you can make individual care packages by using large gallon ziploc bags, and then packing those bags into larger boxes.

Can't find the answer to you question here? Contact us at military@usta.com.

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