2008 Annual Meeting Minutes







April 12 & 14,2008 / Naples Grande Beach Resort, Naples FL

Committee Members in Attendance

Kathy Langer, Dan Casey, Jacque Croft, Allen Dunbar, Patricia Graham, Jeff Gray, Dina Ingersol, Frank Kelly, Roz King, Steve Luebe, Carolyn Nichols, Jami Patterson, Richard Perry, John Togasaki, Theresa Bowen-staff

Approximate Number of Observers- 30

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

? Discussed and voted unanimously that all A/S National Championships and Category II USTA Tournaments will choose the number of seeds based on ITF regulations. Rationale: Several Category II tournaments are ITF sanctioned. Several are not. Those that are not are seeding according to USTA seeding regulations that are different than ITF’s. The committee wants all A/S tournaments under the USTA umbrella to use the ITF regulations. A call item will be written.

? Moved and unanimously passed to create a Super Category II designation that would elevate the value of the tournaments that have many participants across the age groups and which attract the top ranked players.

? PPR: Motion and passed unanimously to change the multipliers for national ranking points: Local 1x, Sec. 2x, Cat. II 4x, Super Cat. II 5x and Cat. I 10x. Rationale: to make the PPR more accurate and to give more value to the stronger Cat. II tournaments. This change should improve accuracy and increase participation. A call item will be written.

? Motion and passed unanimously the retroactive approval for use of a 3rd set tiebreak for the consolations of the Men’s 70-75 Indoor National Championship.

? Intersectionals: Moved and passed unanimously the addition of the women’s 80s division starting in 2008.

? Moved and passed unanimously the request for the Husband/Wife Combined age of 140 to the Husband/Wife Combo 100 & 120 National Hard Court Championships as a gold ball event. This event is held at the Riviera Tennis Club in Pacific Palisades, CA.

? Nat’l Ranking: a minimum of 50 points shall be required. A call item will be written.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

? A request of a waiver from the ITF to use USTA Friend of Court regulations when replacing a seed once the draw has been made.

? Cat. II: Subcommittee to develop a standardized list for TD’s of information needed for tournament home pages.

? Super Cat. II’s: Cat. II subcommittee to establish the criteria, select tournaments and determine what changes would be necessary to make on the tournament application form. The subcommittee recommendations will be presented to the full committee for a vote before the Semi Annual Meeting. By e-mail blasts, articles in the NSWTA’s newsletter, the Super Senior Men’s newsletter and the Super Senior web site, and the USTA web site players will be educated on this change.

? Intersectionals: Open bid to host clay courts for 2009 Men’s event with the intent to alter the surface each year.

? Familiarize TD’s in entry of the RR results so that players’ points are accurate.

Other Items of Significance

? The term “mixed”, was added to the Call Item presented to the Executive Committee at the 2008 USTA Annual Meeting

? Unique player participation reported for 2004= 3,574, 2005= 4,293, 2006= 4,986, & 2007= 4,883.

? National Tournament Director Workshop is scheduled for Feb. 6-8 at DFW Airport.

? Ranking Certificates for ’07 are waiting to be mailed one month ahead of schedule.

? USTA has received a waiver to give US officials more time to get White Badge training.

? Tournament Agreements for ’09 sanctions are being reviewed in the USTA legal department and will require signatures and that the documents be returned to the USTA office.

? Pat Freebody discussed the Introduction of the Flex League Pilot: Consists mainly of NTRP events. This event does not reduce tournament play but rather provides a method for players to schedule their play. May be used as a marketing tool for A/S competition.

? Phillip Rowcliffe discussed “Active.com” /TennisLink explained fees and benefits.

? Player Survey: Summary. Items Recommended: Tournaments should be more weekend focused. Change event locations more frequently, leaving the event in the same place gets boring; lower entry fees; spread the tournaments throughout the US in a more even way, Tournaments should be guaranteeing more matches, and the seeding system should be more standardized. Results to be posted on the USTA Web site in May.

Prepared by

Roz King and Kathy Langer

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