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Adult/Senior Age Division National Tournament Tennis


What is National Adult/ Senior Age Division Tournament Tennis?
National Adult/Senior Age Division Tournament Tennis offers men and women the opportunity to individually compete in national sanctioned tennis tournaments across the U.S. segmented in five year increments, for example; 30 through 90. Age division tournaments offer singles and doubles categories. Most tournaments guarantee players at least two matches in each division due to feed-in consolation. The USTA offers up to four Category I USTA National Championships in each age division–clay, hard, grass and indoors–and more than 17 Category II Championships as well as sectional and local tournaments. There are also family nationals: husbandwife, father-daughter, mother-son etc.

How do I Qualify
No qualification is necessary. You must have a current USTA membership to enter. Register for the tournament on-line or obtain tournament information at www.usta.com.
You can also e-mail USTARanking@usta.com or call the USTA office at 914-696-7000 for more information.

How good do I have to be?
League and NTRP tournament players enjoy the camaraderie of Adult/Senior Age Division Tournaments. In addition, some players compete to get tournament experience and build a better game.

How much does it cost to participate in a tournament?
Registration fees vary depending on the event. The average cost for each event entered is $60. For example: if you are playing singles and doubles, the cost would be
approximately $120. In most tournaments, this includes a player gift bag and player hospitality.

How long does a tournament run?
Category I USTA National Championships usually begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Category II Championships usually begin on Wednesday and end on Saturday or Sunday.

Who competes in these events?
Tennis players throughout the United States and other countries compete.


National Ranking Rules

  • Any USTA member can enter a National Age Division Tournament if they have reached the minimum age for that category by December 31st of the year in which they
    want to play. For example, in 2006, in order to play in the 50s, you must be born on or before December 31, 1956.
  • Anyone who plays one Category I USTA National Championship (the Clay, Hard, Indoor or Grass Courts) will be nationally ranked. You can be ranked in singles and doubles. For doubles, rankings are calculated with your doubles partner(s) and also individually.
  • Players earn points for playing in different levels of tournaments. You can earn points for a national ranking by playing Category I USTA Nationals or Category II Championships, Sectional Championships or Local tournaments.
  • Your ranking is determined by adding up the points earned in the tournaments you play. For women, the four best results are counted towards a ranking and for men it is the six best results, one of which needs to be a Category I USTA National Championship. Currently, only your best two Sectional Championships can earn national ranking points.
  • Points are calculated by looking at what round you reach in a tournament, and what level tournament you play. The relative ranking weight of tournaments is as follows: Category I USTA National: 8x; Category II Nationals: 4x; Sectional Championship: 2x and Local Tournament: 1x. For example: the winner of a Category I USTA National receives 1008 points; the winner of a Category II National 504 points; the winner of a Sectional Championship 252 points and the winner of a Local Tournament, 126 points.

Benefits of Playing USTA National Adult/Senior

  • Age Division Tournaments.
  • Compete for national title.
  • Earn points toward a national ranking.
  • Improve your game and stay fit playing in a competitive environment.
  • Make new friends, travel to great venues, have a ball!

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