2009 Meeting Minutes from Adult/Senior Section Breakfast

Section/National Adult/Senior Competition Discussion
Sunday, Sep. 6 2009, 7:30am
Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York


  • Ms. Carol Wood       Mid Atl
  • Mr Ken Robinson     N. Cal
  • Ms. Annette Buck      S. Cal
  • Ms. Sheila Banks      PNW
  • Ms. Theresa Bowen Nat Staff
  • Ms. Kathy Langer       Comm chair/Texas
  • Ms. Susan Habeeb    Southern
  • Ms. Megan Gooden    Mid States
  • Ms. Sue Ann Stuntz    Mid States
  • Mr. Steve Hayden       Midwest
  • Mr. Steve Duffel          Southern
  • Ms. Stefanie
  • Mr. Frank Kelly           Texas
  • Ms. Lynn Lozano       Intermountain
  • Ms. Dina Ingersole    Eastern
  • Ms. Diane Ansay       Midwest

1. PPR – Are Sections using PPR for District/Section rankings? How does the new national point structure impact Section play?

- Most sections use PPR for section ranking and Sections have had a mixed reviews on the impact of this method of ranking.

- Mid Atlantic: does not use PPR for section rankings…used the STAR ranking system (head-to-head)

o Feels that PPR discourages players to play section tournaments

o All section tournaments are open to other sections

o Four section tournaments have prize money

- S. Cal: uses PPR for section rankings

o Believes that the PPR ranking method has a negative effect on local tournaments

o Tournaments have also been impacted due to the increase of league plan

o All section tournaments are open to other sections

o Ten section tournaments have prize money

- Pacific NW: uses PPR for section rankings

o Second year for PPR rankings…seemed pleased at this point

o All section tournaments are open to other sections

o Most section tournaments have prize money

- N. Cal: does not use PPR for section rankings…uses the STAR ranking system

o Initially started with the PPR ranking system however found the STAR system more accurate. Went back to the STAR system in 2008.

- Mid States: uses PPR for section rankings

o Moving to new tournament formats such as one-day formats to encourage play for those players that don’t have time for weekend events. Gives 20 points/round for tournament wins towards ranking.

- Texas: uses PPR for section rankings

o Incorporates best six tournament results into section ranking.

o With the STAR method of rankings, some players stopped playing the second half of the year when they had early success.

- Midwest: uses PPR for section rankings

o Has seen a significant increase in tournament play due to the PPR ranking method.

o Only a few tournaments have prize money

o All section tournaments are open to other sections expect one…initiated (in 2008) a section closed end-of-year tournament for all age brackets.

o Have very few section/district NTRP tournaments

2. How are Sections encouraging bids for Cat I National Championships and Cat II USTA tournaments? Are there sites and tournament directors you would recommend for future events?

- Mid Atlantic: is moving a Cat II to another venue

- Midwest: there is pressure to market our Cat IIs to the out-of-state section players…finding this a bit difficult to do. Prize monies and sponsors do help.

- S. Cal: recommends making a poster that national would develop and make, of all Cat II tournaments to be placed at each Cat I tournament site. List tournaments, locations, dates, age groups, etc. E-mails to tournament players would help.

- Midwest: USTA limits e-mail blasts…sections depend upon their own developed e-mail list of tournament players

- Mid Atlantic: Need to offer ‘perks’ and have a good tournament location to attract players

- Mid States: Some of the older players still dependent upon mailings

3. Other topics

- Consider raising the points of districts/sections to promote more play…the lowering of points has impacted district play the most and has limited those interested in national competition to play section events.

Steve Hayden/National Committee member/Midwest Section representative

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