The new USTA Wheelchair Tennis DVD contains everything you need to know to play, coach and get involved in wheelchair tennis. You can learn about stroke production, mobility, equipment, quad tennis, strategies and simply get to know the players. With the information included in these portions of the Wheelchair Tennis DVD you will soon discover that Tennis IS Tennis.

Introduction to Wheelchair Tennis

Get introduced to the sport of Wheelchair tennis.


Find out all about the types of equipment used in Wheelchair tennis.


Watch all the different kinds of grips used in Wheelchair tennis.


Watch some interivews with some of the world's best wheelchair tennis players.

Quads Tennis

Learn all about quads tennis.

Strategies and Tactics

Find out all about the different strategies needed to succeed in wheelchair tennis, including singles offensive play, singles net play, singles defensive play, doubles defensive play, doubles offensive play and doubles all play.

Stroke Production

Watch all the different types of stroke production, including forehand, backhand, serves, serve rotation and types of serves.


Find out about the different kinds of mobility in wheelchair tennis, including turns, the hub pattern, role of hands and pushing chair.

Tennis is Tennis: Able bodied vs. Wheelchair Tennis

Find out about the differences between able-bodied and wheelchair tennis.
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