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2.5 Adult National Championships Flights



USA League Tennis
2.5 Adult National Championships Flights

2.5 Women      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Northern California 5083119398 Los Gatos Sr W2.5B
New England 4508121240 ForeCourt/Randall
Mid-Atlantic 3029116192 Willow oaks
Southern California 6517107829 Oak ridge diamonds
Florida 1504105746 WS-Smith
II Southern 703793488 Barkas Bunch
Intermountain 2574113889 Sadler
Pacific Northwest 6005106326 SC-Fennessy
Caribbean 059789362 Women 2.5-Parque-E. O'Neill
III Texas 8096107061 ATC(CB)
Southwest 7594102584 GA25W(PHCC)
Middle States 350788331 West Shore - gift
Hawaii 2003105862 Networkers
IV Missouri Valley 404488957 IC Drake
Northern 5551111625 O'Connor, Barbara ®
Midwest 856398816 CHAS CTC SCHLARB OV
Eastern 1005107967 New Shrewsbury 1
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      

2.5 Men      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I So. Cal II 6517112800 San Gabriel Valley- Team B
Mid-Atlantic 3027114063 Kelly
Middle States 3507108830 Wisehaven - Meyer
Pacific NW 600394278 FWPW/Coomber-WolfPac
Caribbean 059789255 2.5men-Carolina-X.Monserrate
II Intermountain 257291530 MC blue
Midwest 8559130299 South Bend RC Team 1 Harris
So. Cal 6517112799 So Cal 2.5 M - JPL
III No Cal 5083118131 Olympic M2.5A
Florida 1504108318 WS-(Asse)
Southern 703486969 Apalachee Farms- John Hosford
Hawaii 2004114477 MD Ducklings
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      


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