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4.5 Adult National Championships Flights



4.5 Adult Men      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Pacific Northwest 600494771 Amy Yee/Hedger
  Missouri Valley 4048106212 OK_Whitaker/IS
  Hawaii 2006115279 Predators
  New England 451090365 Portland/Litrocapes
  Southern 703691137 Vine, Andrew
II Southern California 6517112832 so Cal 4.5 M - Claremont Club
  Mid-Atlantic 3027114630 Schneebaum
  Midwest 8564112004 University school
  Middle States 350989604 Delaware Valley
III Eastern 1001124645 Binghamton
  Caribbean 059789334 4.5 Men-SanFco.-J. Sauri
  Northern California 5083119260 Fremont TC M4.5C
  Florida 1509106087 Coral Pines Strikers (paulin)
IV Northern 5551121369 Garritty-Court Jesters
  Intermountain 257291925 GTC Blue
  Southwest 759494928 GA45M (YTC#1)
  Texas 8096103565 Oak Creek/Conway
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      



USA League Tennis
4.5 Adult National Championships Flights


4.5 Adult Women      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Hawaii 2003105925 Maui Pupule
  Southwest 7593110223 PA45FS PTC Johnson
  Southern California 6517112865 So Cal 4.5W - Camino Real
  Mid-Atlantic 3029116299 Jefferson Lakeside Crosby
II Northern California 5083120245 San Fran St U W4.5A
  Texas 8096105544 LB Houston/Tullly
  Northern 5551122173 A-Melanie Puetz
  Missouri Valley 4043122038 Schlossman Rachel
III Intermountain 2571102332 So. Nevada 4.5 W-CSGV
  Middle States 350788427 Wisehaven-Platt
  Eastern 1001104519 Macfarlane
  Midwest 8568109692 Heyer Park (Milw,WI)
IV New England 4508126652 Pond View/Shanley
  Florida 1512102173 McMullen (Burks)
  Southern 7037120992 Ad.4.5 WLA-A Alexandria-Simpson
  Pacific Northwest 600291415 SAC-Helms
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      
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