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USTA Section: New England
Ian Clark - Junior
Richard Kim - Sophomore
Dave Lowenthal - Sophomore
Kate Mannelly - Sophomore
Carly Mayer - Junior
Julia Melvin - Sophomore
Jake Sheehan - Freshman
Kim Simmons - Freshman
Taylor Stockton - Junior
Ellie Workman - Senior
Teams Defeated: UMass, UConn, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Holy Cross
USTA.com: When did you discover that you had the talent to win as a team?
Coming off of two straight third-place finishes in the New England section, we knew that we would be one of the contenders to win our section. During the practices that led up to Sectionals, we knew that we had the talent to do well and that we needed to execute on the court, as well as be tough mentally to be successful.
USTA.com: How does your team unwind after a day of matches?
We usually like to stuff ourselves with Chipotle burrito bowls until we cannot walk or talk. After an early round of matches at the Badger classic, every single team member passed out asleep on the beds until 15 minutes before our afternoon matches.
USTA.com: When you qualified, how did you celebrate?
For us, Sectionals were held over Halloween weekend, so we threw a club tennis party. Notable attendees included: Batman, Psy, the Wicked Witch of the West and an Ohio State football star.
USTA.com: Tell us a bit about how your school is unique?
Our school is unique because everyone who attends has a super power, like X-ray vision or super speed. We regularly use our mutant powers to our advantage on the tennis courts.
USTA.com: How does your team fundraise? Do you serve your local community in a meaningful way?
BC club tennis helps to organize, fundraise for and play in the fourth annual Midnight Madness tournament in Weymouth, Mass. The tournament is a yearly fundraiser that club tennis teams from around the area participate in, and this year we raised over $10,000 for the Charleston Against Drugs Tennis program, which strives to give inner-city kids the outlet of tennis to keep them off the streets.
USTA.com: If you were to list three specific things that need to happen in order to win a National Championship, they would be:
- We have two key players who are abroad this semester, but are flying back to compete at Arizona. It is key that they keep playing while in Europe to be ready for the tournament.
- We need to make sure that we are practicing before Nationals so that we are ready to go from the start.
- Winning the last point of every match would be nice and most likely guarantee us first in the nation.
USTA.com: How do you exhibit school spirit?
Aside from wearing the school colors both on and off the court, we start each match in a team huddle and listen to a motivational pump up speech from our fearless freshman, Jake Sheehan.
USTA.com: Share with us a funny story about your team or team member(s).
While on the airplane when flying to Wisconsin for a tournament in the fall, two team members were feeling very spirited and started to cheer some BC football chants. Numerous people turned around and made awkward eye contact as the team erupted in a rigorous and slightly embarrassed laughter.
USTA.com Share with us an uplifting story about your team or team member(s).
This year, one of our doubles players shared that she was strongly considering transferring out of Boston College at the beginning of her freshman year. She said that the BC club tennis was one of the major factors that led her to stay at the school because of the tight-knit family feel of the team.


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