With the arrival of the US Open National Playoffs, the 2010 US Open was officially "open" for the first time ever—meaning anyone and everyone 14-and-over, regardless of experience or playing ability, could compete for a qualifying wild card and a chance at playing in the showcase event of American tennis.

The US Open National Playoffs operated as a series of tournaments—16 sectional qualifying tournaments leading to the US Open National Playoffs – Men’s and Women’s Championships, with the men’s and women’s winners, Blake Strode and Alexandra Mueller, respectively, each earning a wild card into the US Open Qualifying Tournament held August 24-27 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, home of the US Open.

The first phase of the inaugural US Open National Playoffs came to a close on June 26 with the last of the 16 sectional qualifying tournaments. To read a recap of the Sectional Qualifiyng Tournament action and participants, click here, and to see the results from the Sectional Qualifying Tournaments, including facts and figures on the sectional tournament champions, click here.

Thanks to all those who entered this year for your participation in the inaugural event. We hope to see you again next year for your shot at playing on the biggest stage in sports… the US Open!



The second phase of the US Open National Playoffs is now completed with Blake Strode and Alexandra Mueller winning the men’s and women’s championships, respectively. The men's and women's championships each featured the top available finishers from the 16 sectional qualifying tournaments, held April through June.

The US Open National Playoffs – Men’s Championship was held July 22-25 in conjunction with the Atlanta Tennis Championships, an Olympus US Open Series event in Atlanta, and crowned Blake Strode as the inaugural champion. Click here for all the information on the Men’s Championship.

The US Open National Playoffs – Women’s Championship was held July 28 – August 1 in conjunction with the Bank of the West Classic, an Olympus US Open Series event in Stanford, Calif., where Alexandra Mueller won the inaugural title. Click here for all the information on the Women's Championship.


The US Open National Playoffs are a celebration of tennis, both recreational and professional, with more than 1,200 players competing nationwide. The result was some wonderful tennis and host of memorable participants, all playing with a single goal of realizing a singular dream—to play in the US Open. 

Click here to take a look back at some of the stories behind the players who competed throughout the country in the 2010 US Open National Playoffs. 


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