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The Box Jump: Give your legs explosive strength

Ground strokes and volleys both start with a split-step, during which the muscles of the legs absorb the shock of touching down on the ground, and are typically followed by an explosive movement in one direction or the other. Here is the box jump, a great plyometric drill that will help train your legs for explosive movements. Read More

To the Core: A strong core can be key to tennis success

A strong core can help you stay injury-free and perform better. In every tennis shot, forces are transferred up from the ground through the core and to the upper body and racquet. To build a strong core, do exercises that focus on flexion, extension and rotation. Read More

Back Into It: Row your way to stronger serves and forehands

Muscular balance is a key to injury-free tennis. By exercising both muscles in the front and the back of your body, you can accomplish this goal. In addition, keep in mind that the muscles of the back of the shoulder and upper back are vital in the follow-through phase of the serve and forehand. Read More

Off Your Chest: Using a Medicine Ball for Upper Body Strength

The chest throw is an excellent exercise that requires only a medicine ball. The focus is on the pectoralis major, triceps, and serratus anterior. These muscles are engaged particularly during the upward or forward swing of the tennis serve, but they’re also used in most other strokes. Read More

Power Seat: Add more pop to your shots

Nick Bollettieri of the Bollettieri Tennis Academy offers a drill to help you add more pop to your shots, without a lot of physical stress. All you need is a chair and a partner to toss you tennis balls.​ Read More

Stonyfield Tip of the Month: Are energy bars worth it?

Energy bars seem like the perfect solution to fuel your active lifestyle, but are they worth it? That depends on your expectations. If you understand what’s behind the fancy packaging and make an informed decision, energy bars may have a role in fueling you on and off the court. Find out how in this Stonyfield Tip. Read More

Stay Loose: Add control to your shots, take a lesson from the NFL and hit the ball easier

In describing famed football coach Bill Walsh’s coaching techniques, one young quarterback told of how Walsh stood directly behind him in an early practice session and kept telling him to throw the ball “easier.” What, you may ask, does this have to do with tennis? A great deal, it turns out. Read More

Shoulder the Load: Exercises to Control Your Strokes

The shoulder may be the most important joint in the body for tennis players. These three exercises will strengthen the surrounding muscle groups of the shoulders and help you prevent injury while hitting bigger serves and ground strokes. Read More

Stonyfield Tip of the Month: Alcohol and Performance

There are a lot of misconceptions about how alcohol fits into an athlete’s diet. Think you know the facts? Test your knowledge with the true or false questions in this Stonyfield Tip. Read More

The Lunge: Improve every stroke in your arsenal

Having strong legs not only helps to enhance your performance, but it also helps prevent injuries. Add this exercise to your workout routine (with or without weights, depending on your existing leg strength and fitness goals) to improve your volleys, groundstrokes and more. Read More
Results: 19 Record(s) Found.
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