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2011 USTA Approved Tennis Balls

2011 USTA Approved Tennis Ball List

The specifications for tennis balls prescribed by the International Tennis Federation have been adopted by the USTA. Upon request, the USTA will test tennis ball brands that are "generally available" in the United States for compliance with the specifications upon: 1) payment of the prescribed testing fee, and 2) the manufacturer’s agreement to make no claim other than "USTA Approved" accompanied by the approved USTA logo (a registered trademark). Approval is valid only from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011. The following brands of tennis balls were tested at the USTA headquarters in White Plains, NY and met all specifications.
Approved Standard Tennis Balls
Brand Style Product Location

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Gamma ProTour

Regular Duty


Gamma ProTour

Extra Duty


Gamma Championship All Court Indonesia
Gamma Championship All Court China
Penn ATP Regular Duty China
Penn Championship Extra Duty China
Penn Championship Regular Duty China
Penn Championship Titanium  Extra Duty China
Penn Championship High Altitude  Extra Duty China
Pro Penn  Regular Duty China
Penn ATP Extra Duty China
Penn Court One   China
Pro Penn   Extra Duty China
Penn Tribute    China 
Penn Championship T/S  Regular Duty  China 
Penn ATP T/S  Regular Duty  China 
Penn ATP T/S  Extra Duty  China 
Penn Premiere TSA    China 
Penn Premiere TSA High Altitude  Extra Duty  China 
Penn ATP High Altitude  Extra Duty  China 
Pro Penn High Altitude  Extra Duty  China 
Prince Championship  Extra Duty  China 
Prince Tour  Extra Duty  Thailand 
Prince Tour  Regular Duty  Thailand 
Prince Tour (High Altitude)   Extra Duty  Thailand 
Prince Championship  Regular Duty  China 
Prince Championship (High Altitude)  Extra Duty  China 
Wilson US Open Extra Duty  Thailand 
Wilson US Open-Grass Court  Regular Duty  Thailand 
WIlson US Open-Grass Court (White Felt) Regular Duty  Thailand 
Wilson US Open Regular Duty  Thailand 
Wilson Championship Regular Duty  Thailand 
Wilson Championship Extra Duty  Thailand 
Wilson US Open (High Altitude) All Court Thailand 
Wilson Championship (High Altitude) All Court Thailand
Wilson Championship All Court China
Wilson Championship Regular Duty  China 
Wilson Championship Extra Duty  China 
Wilson US Open Regualr Duty  China 
Wilson US Open Extra Duty China
Babolat French Open Roland Garros  All Court Thailand
Dunlop Championship Doubles  All Surface Philippines
Dunlop A-Players Doubles  All Surface Philippines
Dunlop Grand Prix  Hard Court Philippines
Dunlop Grand Prix  All Surface Philippines
Dunlop Fort  Clay Court Philippines
Dunlop Fort  All Court Philippines
Dunlop Club Championship   Philippines
Dunlop Championship  Hard Court Philippines
Dunlop Championship High Alt.  Hard Court Philippines
Dunlop Championship  All Surface Philippines
Dunlop A Player  Hard Court Philippines
Dunlop A Player  All Surface Philippines
Slazenger Championship   Philippines
Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis   Philippines
Approved Transition Balls
Stage 1 (Green) Tennis Balls
Brand Name Type Product Location
Gamma QuickKids 78 Felt China
Prince Play+ Stay 1 Felt Indonesia
Tretorn Academy 1 Felt  
QuickStart 78 Felt China
Penn Control Plus Yellow Felt Felt China
Wilson Starter Play Felt Thailand
Dunlop Stage -Green Felt Philippines

Stage 2 (Orange) Tennis Balls

Brand Name Type Production Location
Gamma QuickKids 60 Felt China
Wilson Starter Game Ball-12 Pack Felt Taiwan
Ten Z Felt China
Prince Play + Stay 2 Felt Indonesia
Tretorn Academy 2 Felt  
QuickStart 60 Felt China
Penn QST 60 Felt China
Dunlop Stage 2-Orange Felt Philippines


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