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Best Practice: Project/Program Evaluation

Best Practice: Project/Program Evaluation

Definition and Example:
The system by which an organization introspectively evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of continuing particular programs and projects.

Regular evaluation should extend beyond human resources into every aspect of an organization to ensure continued quality with an awareness of the present trends of the current but ever changing market.


  • Evaluation tools call for goals to be set.
  • Evaluations help an organization stay aware of the changing times and audiences.
  • Evaluations keep an organization young, energized and constantly evolving.
  • Evaluations ensure that the actions of an organization are directed towards an agreed upon philosophy.
  • Evaluations go beyond a performance report and consider the whys and why nots of success.


  • The idea for a project or program is born. 
  • A feasibility study is conducted that includes analysis of costs, time commitments, benefits, etc.
  • The evaluation tool is created to include a list of ultimate goals with timelines.
  • The project is accepted.
  • A project team is activated.
  • Periodically throughout the course of the timeline, project team should pre-evaluate.
  • A final evaluation is conducted by the team for presentation to the management. This should include not just a report of results but also an analysis of the whys or why nots.
  • Management acts on the evaluation.

People Involved:
Management segment, project team

As predetermined

No additional costs involved.

Other Considerations:
Evaluations should be considered by management.  Morale will be diminished if they are treated as perfunctory paperwork to be filed for later referral.

Christy Balsiger

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