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Samuel Hardy Award
The International Tennis Hall of Fame annually presents the Samuel Hardy Award to a USTA volunteer in recognition of long and outstanding service to the sport of tennis. The award is presented at the USTA Annual Meeting. The honorees are selected by a committee appointed by the chairman of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

1953, Dr. Allen B. Stowe, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 1954, Mrs. Harrison Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1955, Perry T. Jones, Los Angeles, Calif.; 1956, William Matson Tobin, Detroit, Mich.; 1957, Percy C. Rogers, Exeter, N.H.; 1958, Dr. Howard Z. Dredge, Springfield, Ohio; 1959, Lawrence A. Baker, New York, N.Y.; 1960, Victor Denny, Seattle, Wash.; 1961, Martin L. Tressel, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 1962, George E. Barnes, Chicago, Ill.; 1963, James B. Moffet, San Francisco, Calif.; 1964, David L. Freed, Salt Lake City, Utah; 1965, Robert H. Pease, Chicago, Ill.; 1966, Harrison F. Rowbotham, Waban, Mass.; 1967, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe C. Lewis, St. Louis, MO: 1968, William J. Clothier II, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1969, Edward A. Turville, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 1970, Robert J. Kelleher, Los Angeles, Calif.; 1971, Daniel S. Johnson, New York, N.Y.; 1972, Frank G. Roberts, Towson, Md.; 1973, Alastair B. Martin, New York, N.Y.; 1974, Robert B. Colwell, Seattle, Wash.; 1975, Walter E. Elcock, Brookline, Mass.; 1976, Col. Nicholas E. Powel, Arlington, Va.; 1977, Not awarded; 1978, W.E. Hester, Jr.; Jackson, Miss.; 1979, Stanley Malless, Indianapolis, Ind.; 1980, Joseph E. Carrico, Chicago, Ill.; 1981, W. Harcourt Woods, Short Hills, N.J.; 1982, Marvin P. Richmond, Kansas City, MO: 1983, Joann M. and J. Howard Frazer, Cincinnati, Ohio; 1984, Leslie J. FitzGibbon, Garden City, N.Y.; 1985, Hunter L. Delatour, Jr., Portola Valley, Calif.; 1986, William F. Talbert, New York, N.Y.; 1987, J. Randolph Gregson, Metairie, La.; 1988, Julius Larkin Hoyt, Newburgh, N.Y.; 1989, Gordon D. Jorgensen, Phoenix, Ariz.; 1990, Dr. Leslie H. and Jeanne Jenkins, Knoxville, Tenn.; 1991, David R. Markin, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 1992, Nancy Jeffett, Dallas, Texas; 1993, Harold O. Zimman, Marblehead, Mass.; 1994, Bob Cookson, Hillsborough, Calif.; 1995, Rolla L. Anderson, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 1996, Barbara S. Williams, Larchmont, N.Y.; 1997, Dr. Lester M. Snyder, Jr., Tempe, Ariz.; 1998, John B. Coman, Beverly, Hills, Calif.; Joy D. Rodenberg, Weston, Fla.; 1999, Harry A. Marmion, Ph.D., Southampton, N.Y.; 2000, Carol Schneider, Newport Beach, Calif.; 2001, Julia A. Levering, Stowe, Vt.; 2002, Margaret Louise Newfield, Surfside, Fla.; Darrell "Righty" Eden, Kirkland, Wash.; 2003, Mervin A. Heller, Jr., Wymossing, Pa.; 2004, Elaine F. Viebranz, Greenwich, Conn.; 2005, Alan G. Schwartz, Highland Park, Ill.; 2006, Marjorie and Steve Champlin, Wayzata, Minn.; 2007, Franklin R. Johnson, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2008, Betty Cookson, San Mateo, Calif.; 2009, Jane Brown Grimes, Chadds Ford, Pa.; 2010, Jodie Adams, Springfield, Mo.; 2011, Lucy S. Garvin, Greer, S.C.; 2012, David Dinkins, New York, N.Y.; 2013, Jon Vegosen, Chicago, Ill.; 2014: Skip Hartman, New York, N.Y.; 2015, TBD.


Tennis Educational Merit Awards for Men and Women
The International Tennis Hall of Fame annually presents the Tennis Educational Merit Awards for Men and Women to individuals who made notable contributions in the tennis educational field at the national level and have demonstrated leadership and creative skills in such areas as instruction, writing, organization and promotion of the game of tennis. The awards are presented at the USTA Annual Meeting. The selection of recipients is made by a committee appointed by the chairman of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The award was initially created to honor and recognize services to the development of the game by Harry A. (Cap) Leighton, to whom the first honor was awarded posthumously in 1967.

Men: 1967, Harry A. "Cap" Leighton; 1968, William C. Lufler; 1969, Dennis Van der Meer; 1970, Harry James; 1971, John Conroy; 1972, Harry Fogleman; 1973, Bill Murphy; Chet Murphy; 1974, Victor K. Braden; Paul Xanthos; 1975, Rolla L. Anderson and Clarence Mabry; 1976, Robert Sassano; 1977, Not awarded; 1978, Jack Barnaby; 1979, Ed Faulkner; 1980, George Basco; 1981, Bill Tym; 1982, Dick Gould; 1983, Tom Stowe; 1984, Sean Sloane; 1985, Dr. Charles Wolbers; 1986, Jim Leighton; 1987, Jim Reffkin; 1988, Brad Parks; 1989, Not awarded; 1990, Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.; 1991, Skip Hartman; 1992, Dr. Jack Groppel; Dr.; Jim Loehr; 1993, Doug MacCurdy; 1994, Henry Talbert; 1995, Peter Burwash; 1996, Ronald B. Woods; 1997, Irving V. Glick, M.D.; 1998, Dr. James O’Neill; 1999, Nick Bollettieri, Bradenton, Fla.; 2000, David A. Benjamin, Princeton, N.J.; Howard M. Brody, Philadelphia, Pa.; 2001, Frank Brennan, Los Altos, Calif.; Brian W. Hainline, M.D., Douglaston, N.Y.; 2002, Tim Heckler, Houston, Texas; E. Paul Roetert, Key Biscayne, Fla.; 2003, Kirk R. Anderson, Fairfield, Conn.; Robert W. Greene, Jr., Rangeley, Me.; 2004, Allen Fox, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; 2005, Daniel J. Santorum, Hilton Head Island, S.C.; 2006, David T. Porter, Laie, Hawaii, and Marc R. Safran, San Francisco, Calif.; 2007, Dr. Todd Ellenbecker, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 2008, Rodney Harmon, Miramar, Fla.; 2009, W. Ben Kibler, Lexington, Ky.; Steve Wilkinson, St. Peter, Minn; 2010, Dale Caldwell, New Brunswick, N.J.; Dan Magill, Athens, Ga.; 2011, Mark Kovacs, Acworth, Ga.; Butch Staples, Bluffton, S.C.; 2012, Edward (Ned) W. Eames, West Roxbury, Mass.; 2013, Bill Norris, Boca Raton, Fla.; 2014: Greg Patton, Boise, Idaho; 2015, TBD.

Women: 1972, Eve F. Kraft; 1973; Marion Wood Huey; 1974, Margaret O. duPont; 1975, Helen Lewis; 1976, Pat Freebody; 1977, Dr. Anne Pittman; 1978, Peggy Mann; 1979, Sarah Palfrey Danzig; 1980, Lois Blackburn; 1981, Dr. Marigold Edwards; 1982, Elaine Mason; 1983, Alice Tym; 1984, Barbara Wynne; 1985, Mildred West; 1986, Christine S. Beck; 1987, Emilie Burrer Foster; 1988, Pam Shriver; 1989, Not awarded; 1990, Jeanie Peabody; 1991, Marceil Whitney; 1992, Not awarded; 1993, Zina Garrison Jackson; 1994, Kathy Chabot Willette; 1995, Kathy Woods; 1996, Donna Floyd Fales; 1997, Helen Moser Petersen; 1998, Becky Desmond; 1999, Anne V. Lebedeff, Temecula, Calif.; 2000, Lisa Duncan, Downington, Pa.; 2001, Patricia S. Van der Meer, Hilton Head, S.C.; 2002, Not awarded; 2003, Pamela Austin, Industry, Calif.; 2004, Ann Valentine, Provo, Utah; 2005, Louise Gengler, Princeton, N.J.; 2006, Barbara Fackel, Rock Island, Ill.; 2007, Sharon Rosenburgh, Indianapolis, Ind., and Kathleen Ann Stroia, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 2008-09, None; 2010, Leslie Allen, New York, N.Y.; 2011, Lynn Bender, Zeeland, Mich.; 2012, Kathy Rinaldi, Boca Raton, Fla.; Anne Davis, Tallahassee, Fla.; 2014, Kirstie Marx, Cary, N.C.; 2015, TBD.


ITF Awards for Services to the Game
(American Recipients)
This award is presented to persons who have rendered long and distinguished services to the game of tennis through their national tennis associations. Persons may be nominated by their national association or by the ITF Board of Directors.

1990, David Markin, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 1991, Not awarded to an American; 1992, Hunter L. Delatour, Jr., Portola Valley, Calif.; Stanley Malless, Indianapolis, Ind.; 1993, Gordon D. Jorgenson, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.; W. Harcourt Woods, Short Hills, N.J.; 1994, Robert Cookson, Hillsborough, Calif.; J. Randolph Gregson, Metarie, La.; Nancy P. Jeffett, Dallas, Texas; 1995, Stan Smith, Key Biscayne, Fla.; Theodore Sperry, Bridgewater, N.J.; William F. Talbert, New York, N.Y.; Tony Trabert, Ponte Vedra, Fla.; 1996, Leslie Jenkins, Knoxville, Tenn.; Jack Kramer, Los Angeles, Calif.; Charlie Pasarell, Indian Wells, Calif.; 1997, Not awarded to an American; 1998, J. Howard Frazer, Naples, Fla.; Billie Jean King, Chicago, Ill.; 1999, George E. Barnes, Palm Desert, Calif.; Dennis Van Der Meer, Hilton Head, S.C.; Barbara Williams, Larchmont, N.Y.; 2000, Gardnar Mulloy, Miami, Fla.; Carol Schneider, Newport Beach, Calif.; 2001, Russ Adams, Reading, Mass.; 2002, Not awarded to an American; 2003, Vic Braden, Thermal, Calif.; Julia A. Levering, Stowe, Vt.; 2004, P. "Woodie" Sublett-Walker, Newburgh, Ind.; 2005, Robert Lansdorp, Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.; 2006, Zina Garrison, Bowie, Md.; 2007, Barbara S. Wynne, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2008, None; 2009, Anne-Lise J. Frank, Danville, Calif.; 2010, Daniel J. Santorum, Hilton Head Island, S.C.; 2011, Nick Bollettieri, Bradenton, Fla.; 2012, None awarded.; 2013, Dr. Brian Hainline (MD), Douglaston, N.Y.; Dr. Jim Loehr (PhD), Orlando, Fla.; 2014, None; 2015, TBD. 

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