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USTA Yearbook - USTA Awards



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USTA Media Excellence Award
Three USTA Media Excellence Awards, one each for print, broadcast (i.e., TV, radio, cable) and multicultural media, are presented to individuals who or organizations that have most contributed to the game of tennis by disseminating knowledge of our sport to the general public at the section, district or community tennis association level.

1999, Print Media: Judith Arnold and Claire Walton, Atlantic Racquet Press, Princeton, N.J.; Broadcast Media: Florida Tennis Talk, Sarasota, Fla.; 2000, Print Media: Jim Martz, Florida Tennis, Pembroke, Fla.; Broadcast Media: Kevin Janison, KLASTV, Las Vegas, Nev.; 2001, Print Media: Bill Simons, Inside Tennis, Oakland, Calif.; Broadcast Media: ESPN, Bristol, Conn.; 2002, Lifetime Achievement, Russ Adams, Reading MA; Print (co-winner): Bob Luder, Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo.; Print (co-winner): Gregg Wong, Pioneer Press (retired), St. Paul, Minn.; Broadcast: Jeff Batten, Atlanta, Ga.; 2003, Print: James Beck, Charleston Post & Courier, Charleston, S.C.; Broadcast (co-winners): Ron Cioffi and Matt Cronin, TennisReporters.net, Alpharetta, Ga.; Multicultural Media: Tracy Allen, The Call, Kansas City, Mo.; 2004, See Note below; 2005, Print: Dale Robertson, Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas; Broadcast: CBS News; Multicultural Media: Nube Urgiles, El Diario/La Pensa, New York, N.Y.; 2006, Lifetime Achievement (Print): Gene Scott, Tennis Week (posthumous); Broadcast: Sam Crenshaw, WXIA-TV Atlanta; Multicultural Media: Howie Evans, Amsterdam News; 2007, Broadcast: USA Network; Print: Jane McManus, The Journal News, White Plains, N.Y.; Multicultural: HOY.

Please Note: No 2004 winners are listed for the following reason: Prior to 2005, media award winners were listed as having received their awards for the year in which their work was done. In 2005, the method of choosing winners was changed. The 2005 winners were selected on the basis of their work for the 2004 calendar year.


USTA Girls’ Sportsmanship Trophy Award
The USTA Girls’ Sportsmanship Trophy Award was presented annually at the close of the International Girls’ 18 Grass Court Championships to the player in the championship who, in the opinion of the committee of judges, most nearly approaches the ideal in sportsmanship, appearance, court manners and tactics. The trophy was first presented in 1936 by the late Mrs. Harrison Smith and was henceforth awarded annually. The trophy was a sterling silver plate. The name of the recipient of the award was engraved on the trophy every year and a small silver plate similar to the trophy in design and engraving was given to the recipient. The award was retired in 2004 and donated to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

1936, Eleanor Dawson, Berkeley, Calif.; 1937, Mary Olivia Morril, Dedham, Mass.; 1938, Helen Irene Bernhard, New York, N.Y.; 1939, Dorothy Wightman, Brookline, Mass.; 1940, Mary Jane Metcalf, Denver, Colo.; 1941, Barbara Krase, San Francisco, Calif.; 1942, Judy Atterbury, Roslyn, Long Island, N.Y.; 1943, Joint Award: Doris Jane Hart, Miami, Fla.; Betty Rosequest, South Orange, N.J.; 1944, Barbara Van Alen Scofield, San Francisco, Calif.; 1945, Shirley June Fry, Akron, Ohio; 1946, Nancy Anne Chaffee, Ventura, Calif.; Honorable Mention: Mary Cunningham, El Paso, Texas; 1947, Doris Marie Newcomer, Burbank, Calif.; Honorable Mention: Martha Miller, Hinsdale, Ill.; 1948, Barbara Jane Scarlett, Baltimore, Md.; 1949, Rosalie Meluney, St. Joseph, Mo.; 1950, Natalie Cobaugh, St. Joseph, MO: 1951, Joint Award: Elaine Marie Lewicki, Hamtramck, Mich.; Bonnie Jean MacKay, Dayton, Ohio; 1952, Judy Iselin, Greenville, S.C.; 1953, Jeanne Arth, St. Paul, Minn.; Honorable Mention: Mary Ann Eilenberger, San Diego, Calif.; Gwenyth Howell Johnson, Haverford, Pa.; 1954, Mary Elizabeth Wellford, Memphis, Tenn.; 1955, Patricia Jean Shaffer, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 1956, Rosa Maria Reyes, Mexico; 1957, Susan Hodgman, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 1958, Gwyneth Thomas, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Honorable Mention: Albertina C. Rodi, Beverly Hills, Calif.; 1959, Karen Hantze, San Diego, Calif.; 1960, Pamela Davis, Anaheim, Calif.; 1961, Katherine D. Chabot, San Diego, Calif.; 1962, Peachy Kellmeyer, Charlestown, W.Va.; 1963, Nancy L. Falkenberg, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; 1964, Joint Award: Kathleen H. Herter, Seal Beach, CA and Kathleen A. Blake, Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Honorable Mention: Mary Ann Eisel, St. Louis, Mo.; 1965, Wendy Overton, Ormond Beach, Fla.; Honorable Mention: Gretchen A. Vosters, Greenville, Del.; 1966, Patsy Rippy, Swanee, Okla.; Honorable Mention: Julia K. Anthony, Santa Monica, Calif.; 1967, Joint Award, Valerie Ziegenfuss, San Diego, Calif.; and Lynn Abbes, Orinda, Calif.; Honorable Mention: Vicki Rogers, Rye, N.Y.; 1968, Betty Ann Grubb, Santa Monica, Calif.; 1969, Gail Hansen, Palo Alto, Calif.; 1970, Sharon Walsh, San Rafael, Calif.; 1971, Ann Kiyomura, San Mateo, Calif.; 1972, Laurie Fleming, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; 1973, Kathy May, Beverly Hills, Calif.; 1974, Betsy Nagelsen, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 1975, Beth Norton, Fairfield, Conn.; Barbara Hallquist, Arcadia, Calif.; 1976, Sheila McInerney, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; 1977, Mareen Louie, San Francisco, Calif.; 1978, Wendy White, Atlanta, Ga.; 1979, Heather Ludloff, Foster City, Calif.; Honorable Mention: Margie Brown, Kingsport, Tenn.; 1980, Kathleen Horvath, Hopewell Junction, N.Y.; 1981, Zina Garrison, Houston, Texas; 1982, Not awarded; 1983, Belinda Cordwell, New Zealand; 1984, Jennifer Saberon, The Philippines; 1985, Lisa Haldas, Wilmington, Del.; 1986, Joint Award: Sandra Birch, Huntington Bay, N.Y.; Gina Goblirch, Bakersfield, Calif.; 1987, Meredith Geiger, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 1988, Susan Gilchrist, Birmingham, Ala.; 1989, Kim Shasby, N. Liberty, Iowa; 1990, Pam Nelson, Ross, Calif.; 1991, Wendy Crabtree, Concord, Mass.; 1992, Kim Schiff, Harrington, Del.; 1993, Maggie Harris, Harleysville, Pa.; 1994, Anastasia Pozdniakova, Russia; 1995, Aneta Soukup, Canada; 1996, Christa Grey, Seminole, Fla.; 1997, Kaysie Smashey, El Paso, Texas; 1998, Milangela Morales, Miami, Fla.; 1999, Tiffany Brymer, Apple Valley, Calif.; 2000, Aniela Mojzis, South Africa; 2001, Preethi Mukundan, Folsom, Calif.; 2002, Katrina Tsang, Raleigh, N.C.; 2003, Jennifer Larson, Orchard Park, N.Y.; 2004, Alexa Glatch, Newport Beach, Calif.


Women’s National Collegiate Awards
Singles Winner—The Treesh Bowl: 1974, Carrie Meyer, Marymount College; 1975, Stephanie Tolleson, Trinity University; 1976-77, Barbara Hallquist, USC; 1978, Stacy Margolin, USC; 1979, Kathy Jordan, Stanford University.

Doubles Winner—The Pat Yeomans Bowl: 1974, Ann Lebedeff and Karen Reinke, San Diego State; 1975, JoAnne Russell and Donna Stockton, Trinity University; 1976, Diane Morrison and Susan Hagey, Stanford University; 1977, Jody Appelbaum and Terry Salganich, University of Miami; 1978, Jody Appelbaum and Kim Sands, University of Miami; 1979, Kathy Jordan and Alycia Moulton, Stanford University.

Team Winner—The Catharine Sample Bowl: 1974, Arizona State; 1975-77, Trinity University; 1978-79, USC.


Harry Fogleman Memorial Trophy
The Harry Fogleman Memorial Trophy was awarded each year at the USTA Boys’ 12 National Championships to the boy who, in the opinion of the Tournament Committee, exemplified outstanding sportsmanship, conduct, character and tennis ability.

The award, a large pewter loving cup, was donated to the USTA by the 1973 Boys’ 12 National Championships Committee at the Knoxville Racquet Club, Knoxville, TN, in memory of the late Harry Fogleman. Mr. Fogleman was not only an outstanding tennis coach but served on various committees of the USTA devoted to Junior development. For several years he was Tournament Director of the 12 and 14 National Championships in Chattanooga, TN. Before his sudden death in December 1972, he was honored as the 1972 recipient of the Tennis Educational Foundation Merit Award given annually by the USTA.

The trophy was displayed by the club which hosted the Boys’ 12 National Championships. The winner of the award was given a suitably inscribed pewter replica as a memento of his achievement.

1973, Paul Crozier, Corpus Christi, Texas; 1974, Mark Mees, Zanesville, Ohio; 1975, Derk Pardoe, Salt Lake City, Utah; 1976, Derek Weiss, Louisville, Ky.; 1977, Richie Reneberg, Houston, Texas; 1978, Robbie Weiss, Northbrook, Ill.; 1979, Robbie Weiss, Northbrook, Ill.; 1980, Stephen Enochs, Greensboro, N.C.; 1981, Christopher Garner, Bayside, N.Y.; 1982, Andre Agassi, Las Vegas, Nev.; 1983, Fritz Bissell, Dubuque, Iowa; 1984, Paul Pridmore, North Aurora, Ill.; 1985, Ivan Baron, Pembroke Pines, Fla.; 1986, Jeff Salzenstein, Englewood, Colo.; 1987, J.J. Jackson, Hendersonville, N.C.; 1988, Scott Humphries, Greenley, Colo.; 1989, Ryan Wolters, San Jose, Calif.


Colonel James H. Bishop Award
The Colonel James H. Bishop Award was presented annually at a place and time determined by the USTA Junior Davis Cup Committee Chairman to that U.S. Junior Davis Cup squad member who, in the opinion of the chairman and the team captains, best exemplified the objectives of the Junior Davis Cup Program in regard to highest standards of character, conduct, sportsmanship, appearance, amateurism on and off the tennis court, and tennis accomplishment. The award, a sterling silver tray, was donated by Dorothy W. and Thomas E. Price to the USTA in memory of the late Colonel James H. Bishop—the founder of the Junior Davis Cup Program in 1937 (the forerunner of the Junior Wightman Cup Program in 1938) and a well-known and highly regarded friend of youth, educator, and tennis leader until his untimely death in 1961. The name of the recipient of the award was engraved on the tray and a suitably inscribed small silver replica was given to the recipient as a memento of the award. The following U.S. Junior Davis Cup squad members earned this award:

1962, David Reed; 1963, James Parker; 1964, David Power; 1965, Jim Pickens; 1966, Stan Smith; 1967, James Osborne; 1968, Robert McKinley; 1969, Richard Stockton; 1970, Not awarded; 1971, Roscoe Tanner; 1972, Alexander Mayer; 1973, Jim Delaney; 1974, John Whitlinger; 1975, Brian Teacher; 1976, Not awarded; 1977, Bruce Manson; 1978, Bruce Nichols; 1979, Larry Stefanki; 1980, Billy Nealon; 1981, John Benson; 1982, Mike DePalmer; 1983, Greg Holmes; 1984, John Ross; 1985, Steve DeVries; 1986, Rick Leach; 1987, Patrick McEnroe.


USTA/NFWT Community Service Award
The USTA/NFWT Community Service Award was given to a wheelchair tennis player who demonstrated leadership and vision in growing the game of wheelchair tennis. Winners of the USTA/NFWT Community Service Award were:

1987, Bradley Parks, San Clemente, Calif.; 1988, Rob Schwab, New York, N.Y.; 1989, Bruce Patton, Virginia Beach, Va.; 1990, Bonnie Sue Hickson, Reno, Nev.; 1991, Bill Fairbanks, Villa Park, Calif.; 1992, Wayne Leavitt, Dallas, Texas; 1993, Randy Snow, Heath, Texas; 1994, Rick Cooper, Southlake, Texas; 1995, Scott Law, Menton, Ohio; 1996, Mike Watson, Irvine, Calif.; 1997, George McFadden, Elmhurst, N.Y.; 1998, Michael Cottingham, Madison, Wisc.; 1999, Tina Dale, Boca Raton, Fla.


USTA/NRPA Excellence in Tennis Programming Award
, Springfield, Missouri Park Board, Springfield, MO: 1995, City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department, Arlington, Texas; 1996, City of Tempe, Arizona, Kiwanis Recreation Center; 1997, City of Portland Parks & Recreation Department, Portland, Ore.; City of Plano Parks & Recreation Department, Plano, Texas; 1998: City of Plantation Parks and Recreation Department, Plantation, Fla.; 1999, City of Bellevue Parks and Community Services Department, Bellevue, Wash.; 2000, Lee County Parks and Recreation, Fort Myers, Fla.; Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks, Santa Rosa, Calif.; Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (Tennis Center), Beaverton, Ore.; 2001, Dothan Leisure Services, Dothan, Ala.; Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Columbus, Ga.; Rapid City Recreation Department, Rapid City, S.D.; 2002, Tallahasse Parks & Recreation Department, Tallahassee, Fla.; University City Parks & Recreation, University City, Mo.; Park City Racquet Club, Park City, Utah; 2003, Dallas Park & Recreation, Dallas, Texas; City of Aurora Library & Recreation Services, Aurora, Colo.; South Suburban Parks & Recreation, Littleton, Colo.; Homewood Flossmoor Park District, Homewood, Ill.; Independence USD 446 Recreation Commission, Independence, Kan.


William M. Johnston Award
The William M. Johnston Trophy is awarded to that male player who, by character, sportsmanship, manners, spirit of cooperation and contribution to the growth of the game, ranks first in the opinion of the selection committee. Another basis for the award is the help a player renders not only to players in the recipient’s own class but also to a lesser class and to junior players as well. The award is the result of a suggestion by the late "Little Bill" Johnston, who gave one of his championship cups to the International Lawn Tennis Club of the United States to be used for this purpose. The name of the winner of the award is engraved on the trophy, and a small silver tray suitably inscribed is given to the recipient as a memento of the award.

1947, John A. Kramer, Los Angeles, Calif.; 1948, E. Victor Seixas, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.; 1949, Frederick R. Schroeder, Jr., LaCanada, Calif.; 1950, J. Gilbert Hall, New York, N.Y.; 1951, W. Donald McNeill, New York, N.Y.; 1952, Francis X. Shields, New York, N.Y.; 1953, William F. Talbert, New York, N.Y.; 1954, L. Straight Clark, Pasadena, Calif.; 1955, Chauncey Depew Steele, Jr., Cambridge, Mass.; 1956, Hamilton Richardson, Westfield, N.J.; 1957, Not awarded; 1958, Thomas P. Brown, Jr., San Francisco, Calif.; 1959, Bernard J. Bartzen, Dallas, Texas; 1960, Not awarded; 1961, Eugene Scott, St. James, N.Y.; 1962, Jon A. Douglas, Los Angeles, Calif.; 1963, Martin Riessen, Evanston, Ill.; 1964, Arthur Ashe, Jr., Richmond, Va.; 1965, Charles R. McKinley, Port Washington, N.Y.; 1966, R. Dennis Ralston, Bakersfield, Calif.; 1967, Not awarded; 1968, Stanley R. Smith, Pasadena, Calif.; 1969, Charles Pasarell, Santurce, PR; 1970, Tom Gorman, Seattle, Wash.; 1971, James McManus, Berkeley, Calif.; 1972, Roscoe Tanner, Lookout Mt., Tenn.; 1973-79, Not awarded; 1980, Brian Gottfried, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; 1981, Not awarded; 1982, Gene Mayer, Woodmere, N.Y.; 1983-84, Not awarded; 1985, Mats Wilander, Monte Carlo, Monaco; 1986, Ken Rosewall, Sydney, Australia; 1987, Tim Mayotte, Bradenton FL; 1988, Fred Perry, Great Britain; 1989, Rodney G. Laver, Australia; 1990, Not awarded; 1991, Neale Fraser, Australia; 1992, Pancho Segura, Carlsbad, Calif.; 1993, Butch Buchholz, Key Biscayne, Fla.; 1994, Gardnar Mulloy, Miami, Fla.; 1995, Roy S. Emerson, North Miami Beach, Fla.; 1996, Not awarded; 1997, Tom Gullikson, Palm Coast, Fla.; 1998, Cliff Drysdale, Wilmington, N.C.; 1999, Not awarded; 2000, Tim Wilkison, Shelby, N.C.; 2001, Todd Martin, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; 2002, Tony Trabert, Ponte Vedra, Fla.; 2003, Michael Chang, Mercer Island, Wash.; 2004, Jim Courier, New York, N.Y.; 2005, Fred Kovaleski, Washington, D.C.; 2006, Donald Dell, Potomac, Md.


Sarah Palfrey Danzig Award
The Sarah Palfrey Danzig Trophy is awarded to that female player who, by character, sportsmanship, manners, spirit of cooperation and contribution to the growth of the game, ranks first in the opinion of the selection committee. Another basis of the award is the help a player renders not only to players of her own class but also to players of a lesser class and to junior players. The award is the result of a suggestion by the late Mrs. Danzig that it was fitting and proper that there should be an award for women comparable to and with the same criteria as the William M. Johnston Award for men. To that end, she gave one of her national championship cups to the International Lawn Tennis Club of the United States to be used for this purpose. The name of the winner is engraved on the trophy, and a silver tray suitably inscribed is given to the recipient as a memento of the award.

1986, Pamela Shriver, Baltimore, Md.; 1987, Virginia Wade, Great Britain; 1988, Dorothy Bundy Cheney, Santa Monica, Calif.; 1989, Donna Floyd Fales, Miami, Fla.; 1990, Pauline Betz Addie, Bethesda, Md.; 1991, Carole Graebner, New York, N.Y.; 1992, Wendy Turnbull, Australia; 1993, Maria Bueno, Brazil; 1994, Francoise Durr-Browning, Phoenix, Ariz.; 1995, Billie Jean King, New York, N.Y.; 1996, Mary Joe Fernandez, Miami, Fla.; 1997, Lesley Turner-Bowrey, Australia; 1998, Olga Morozova, London, England; 1999-2000, Not awarded; 2001, Rosie Casals, Sausalito, Calif.; 2002, Zina Garrison, Houston, Texas; 2003, Monica Seles, Sarasota, Fla.; 2004, Tracy Austin, Rolling Hills, Calif.; 2005, Chris Evert, Boca Raton, Fla.; 2006, Julie Heldman, Santa Monica, Calif.



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