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10 and Under Tennis Competencies

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Viewing this page on a mobile device? Now you can watch the 10 and Under Tennis Competency videos while you're on the go! Download the iPhone and Android apps here:

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The video below contains both the introduction and the video player tutorial. To skip to the tutorial that covers the additional functionality of the Red, Orange and Green sections above, just click on the white triangle in the timeline. If the video is not displayed and a button showing Silverlight appears on the screen, click on it to install Silverlght and then restart your browser and the video will play.

The 10 and Under Tennis Competency videos are designed to provide coaches, players and parents specific guidelines and skill proficiencies that young players should possess prior to moving from one play format to the next (Red to Orange, Orange to Green and Green to Yellow). The videos are broken down by format (Red 36-foot court, Orange 60 foot court and Green 78-foot court), then by stroke (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve and return) and lastly by competency (technique, footwork, play and advanced play). In order for players to develop properly, they should display the correct technique, footwork and playing skills before progressing to the next format. Player development is a long-term process that requires players to develop mastery before progressing.

Remember… it’s not a race to the yellow ball!

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