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On the Road Training Manual


The “On the Road” training program is a series of exercises that can be used by tennis players virtually anywhere to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Grips, Preparation and Swing Path


The Grip, Preparation and Swing Path (GPS) document was created to teach coaches and players the fundamental checkpoints of common tennis strokes. Photo sequences accompanied by short descriptions give a range of acceptable parameters for the forehand, backhand (one and two-handed), serve and volley.

Strength and Conditioning Journal


The Special Topics Edition for tennis of the Strength and Conditioning Journal aims to meet the need for practical information to help train tennis players by providing coaches, trainers, therapists, sports scientists and medical professionals with the latest information on improving the quality of training for competitive tennis players.

Tennis Recovery


Recovery is a multi-faceted paradigm focusing on recovery from training—session to session, day to day and week to week. The Sport Science Committee of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) sponsored an extensive evidence-based review of the available literature related to eight distinct areas of tennis-specific recovery.

ITF's Tennis iCoach


Tennis iCoach is a digital resource platform for tennis coaches created by the ITF. Click here for a free 1 year subscription.

Recovery in Tennis


Recovery is a complex paradigm focusing on recovery from training - session to session, day to day and week to week. The Sport Science Committee of the USTA sponsored an extensive evidence-based review of the available literature on tennis-specific recovery.

Mental Skills and Drills


USTA Mental Skills and Drills Handbook is written as a practical guide for coaches. It contains a variety of drills, activities, and on- and off-court coaching strategies that can be used to develop such mental-toughness skills as concentration, imagery, and confidence in players.

Hydration Tips for Tennis


Drink cool water or sport drinks during play. Sport drinks are especially helpful during long matches, in hot weather and for recovery after play. Use a similar hydration routine before, during and after practice.

High Performance Profile


The USTA High Performance Profile (HPP) is a series of musculoskeletal tests put together to screen players and identify potential injuries before they occur. The purpose of the HPP is to highlight strength and/or flexibility deficits and identify areas where players should focus their physical training.

Heat and Hydration Concerns


Dehydration can affect a tennis player’s performance in less than an hour, even sooner if the athlete comes into the practice session or match dehydrated.

Emergency Care Guidelines


The ordinary standard of care does not require a tournament director to be trained in emergency medical care. This pamphlet outlines guidelines for emergency care practices that should be implemented by tournament directors.

Development of High Performance Players


Follow the progressive development for High Performance players, both male and female, from ages 5-8 through the teenage years.

Conditioning Plan for College Tennis Players


This sample plan for college tennis players has been designed to give college tennis coaches and strength and conditioning coaches ideas as to how the conditioning sessions can be organized to prepare players for their college seasons.

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