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USTA Training Center -Headquarters  
10399 Flores Drive   
Boca Raton, FL 33428     

USTA Training Center-West  
18400 Avalon Blvd.
Suite 600
Carson, CA 90746  

USTA Training Center-East
Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
Flushing Meadow - Corona Park
Flushing, NY 11368

For staff bios and photos, please click on the person’s name. To contact anyone on the list, please click on their e-mail address. For general questions, please contact playerdevelopment@usta.com. To view the Player Development Organizational Chart, click here.
Player Development is always looking for talented professionals; click here to work for us.
 Martin Blackman General Manager, Player Development  blackman@usta.com
 Tom Jacobs Managing Director, Administration & Business Affairs  jacobs@usta.com
 Elizabeth Diaz Senior Manager, Business Operations  diaz@usta.com
 Kristiana Bennett Coordinator, Office Services  bennett@usta.com
 Amy Barnhart Coordinator, Digital Marketing & Communications  amy.barnhart@usta.com


Coaching Staff    
 Jose Higueras Director of Coaching  higueras@usta.com
 Jay Berger Head of Men's Tennis  berger@usta.com
 Ola Malmqvist Head of Women's Tennis  malmqvist@usta.com
  USTA - Training Center Headquarters  
 Roger Anderson National Coach  randerson@usta.com
 Anibal Aranda National Coach  aranda@usta.com
 Richard Ashby Lead National Coach  ashby@usta.com
 Leo Azevedo Lead National Coach  azevedo@usta.com
Stanford Boster National Coach boster@usta.com
 Andy Brandi National Coach  brandi@usta.com
Jean Desdunes National Coach
 Sylvain Guichard National Coach  guichard@usta.com
 Tom Gullikson Lead National Coach: Section/ RTC Liaison  gullikson@usta.com
 Jamea Jackson National Coach  jamea.jackson@usta.com
 Diego Moyano Lead National Coach  moyano@usta.com
 Eric Nunez National Coach  eric.nunez@usta.com
 Kathy Rinaldi Lead National Coach  rinaldi@usta.com
 Brad Stine National Coach  brad.stine@usta.com
 Jorge Todero Lead National Coach  jtodero@usta.com
 Juan I. Todero National Coach  juan.todero@usta.com
 Nicolas Todero National Coach  todero@usta.com
   USTA Training Center - West  
 Stephen Amritraj National Coach, Collegiate Tennis  amritraj@usta.com
 David Nainkin National Coach  nainkin@usta.com
 Adam Peterson Lead National Coach  adam.peterson@usta.com
   USTA Training Center - East  
 Jay Devashetty National Coach  devashetty@usta.com
 Maureen Diaz National Coach  mdiaz@usta.com
 Erik Kortland National Coach  erik.kortland@usta.com
USTA Training Center - Headquarters    
 Casey Clagett Manager, Training Center Programs  casey.clagett@usta.com
 Chandra Noble Resident Assistant  noble@usta.com
 Rocco Porreca Assistant/ Receptionist  porreca@usta.com
USTA Training Center -
West & Player Services
 John Lansville Director, USTA Training Center- West & Player Services  lansville@usta.com
 Natalie Brannon Coordinator, Player Services- Boca  brannon@usta.com
 Andres Ceja Coordinator, USTA Training Center - West  ceja@usta.com
 Herlinda Lombardi Player Services Specialist- Boca  lombardi@usta.com
USTA Training Center - East    
Scott Hausthor Manager, USTA Training Center - East  Hausthor@usta.com
 Gavin Johnston Administrative Assistant, USTA Training Center- East


Coaching Education and Performance    
 Kirk Anderson Director, Coach Education
 Paul Lubbers, Ph.D. Senior Director, Coaching Education & Performance  lubbers@usta.com
 Jessica Battaglia Coordinator, Coaching Education & Performance  battaglia@usta.com
 Jason Frausto Coordinator, Coaching Education and Performance  jason.frausto@usta.com
 Allison Goldman Coordinator, Coaching Education
 Larry Lauer Mental Skills Specialist
 David Ramos Manager, Coaching Education and Performance  ramos@usta.com
Strength and Conditioning    
 Gabriel Echevarria Strength & Conditioning Specialist- Boca  gabriel.echevarria@usta.com
 Rodney Marshall Strength & Conditioning Specialist- Carson  marshall@usta.com
 Satoshi Ochi Head Strength & Conditioning Coach- Boca  ochi@usta.com
 Bret Waltz Head of Athletic Training Services- Boca  waltz@usta.com
Player ID and Development    
 Kent Kinnear Director, Player ID and Development  kinnear@usta.com
 Jon Evans Administrative Assistant, Player ID and Development  evans@usta.com
 Rhonda Hoffmann Coordinator, Player ID and Development  hoffmann@usta.com
 Geoff Russell Senior Manager, Player ID and Development  russell@usta.com
Karina Klein Coordinator, Player ID and Development kklein@usta.com

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