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Facility Building


You can promote the sport of a lifetime by building or renovating a tennis facility in your community, and the USTA Facility Assistance Team is here to help.
Whether you’re just starting out and dreaming of building a state-of-the-art multi-court tennis facility, or you just want to figure out how to repair the cracked courts at the local park down the street, you’re in the right place. The USTA Facility Assistance program has three components of assistance for you and your community: advocacy, technical and financial. Click here to visit the USTA's Facility Assistance website or explore the USTA Facility Assistance 101 online tutorial
Tennis Facility Marketing Plan (Sample by Formula Marketing)
For design ideas, take a look at the facilities portfolio below, which showcases sketches, designs and photos of facilities.
For more technical information, click here for the USTA's Technical Department, or visit the American Sports Builders Association website at www.sportsbuilders.org.

Facility Assistance Form


Looking for assistance with the maintenance or construction of tennis courts? Please read the Guide to USTA's Facility Assistance Program before completing the Facility Assistance Inquiry Form. It provides helpful hints, important dates and available resources. After sufficient review, you will be able to fill out the form.

Help Create Places To Play

Permanent (32)

Would you like to get tennis courts built in your community? Below are a few different plans for tennis facilities, ranging from simple two-court layouts to 40-court university complexes. While these plans should not be used for actual construction purposes, please use them to rally support in your community for what is possible when advocating for new places to play.
Facility Type:
4-Court Facility 10-Court Facility (5 sets of 2)
8-Court Facility (2 sets of 4) 14-Court Facility
8-Court Facility (4 sets of 2) 20-Court College Facility 6 Indoor-Court Facility
10 and Under Tennis Court Setup:
36 foot - permanent court single 36 foot - shared lines
36 foot - permanent double 36 foot - shared lines double
36 foot - playground striping 60 foot - permanent court single 60 foot - playground striping
Artist Rendering of 78' Tennis Court Conversion to 36' Courts    


Cary, N.C.


Cary Tennis Center
Cary, N.C. - Large Facility (Over 18 courts on site)

Asheville, N.C.


Aston Park Tennis Center
Asheville, N.C. - Medium Facility (9-17 courts)
Budget (.pdf)

East Shore, Conn.


East Shore Park
East Shore, Conn. - Medium Facility (9-17 courts)
East Shore Park Design Concept (.pdf)
Permanent QST Court Construction (.jpeg)

Pensacola, Fla.


Roger Scott Tennis Center
Pensacola, Fla. - Medium Facility (9-17 courts)
Roger Scott Tennis Center Site Plan (.pdf)
Roger Scott Fence Elevations (.pdf)

Southlake, Texas


Southlake Tennis Center
Southlake, Texas - Medium Facility (9-17 courts)
Criteria for Facility Portfolio (.doc)
Available Programs (.doc)
Tennis Center Info (.doc)

Winston-Salem, N.C.


Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, N.C. - Small Facility (Up to 8 courts)
Wake Forest Case Study (.doc)

Raleigh, N.C.


Shaw University
Raleigh, N.C. - Small Facility (Up to 8 courts)
General Notes (.doc)
Facility Rendering (.pdf)

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