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USTA Volunteer Manual Contents

May 25, 2008 12:30 PM

Welcome and congratulations on your involvement with the USTA family!

Consider this USTA Volunteer Manual your chance to put together the pieces of “the big picture” of the USTA. There’s a lot to know, and much of it is contained in the various sections of this online USTA Volunteer Manual. The components can be viewed in order or as you need them. To return to this page, click your browser's "back" button or follow the links where provided at the bottom of each page.

USTA Basics

History of USTA gives an overview of how we got to where we are. The USTA Bylaws and Constitution provides the necessary reference material and details of governance for the organization.

Where did all these people come from?

Orient yourself in the geographic sense and tell the difference between USTA Mid-Atlantic and USTA Middle States with the Map of USTA Sections. It helps distinguish which nine states are in USTA Southern, which six comprise USTA Intermountain and which five make up USTA Midwest, not to mention what is USTA Missouri Valley.

What are we here for?

“To promote and develop the growth of tennis.” This is the guiding principle for all activities of the United States Tennis Association. Learn about it at Mission Statement and Values.

Direction is important.

Our direction comes from the USTA Strategic Plan. This document articulates the vision and the mission of the USTA, as well as our core values, goals and strategic priorities.

Between the lines.

Who does what and how do they tell each other about it? Check out Roles and Relationships of Staff and Volunteers which provides descriptions of the roles of each and guidelines for effective communications.

All things legal.

For the record, familiarize yourself with the USTA Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest information (forthcoming).

How is this place organized?

Check out the USTA Division Council structure, indicating which volunteer committees fall under what councils, at the USTA Organizational Chart. You have to see it to understand it.

Who’s who? (You are not alone.)

The USTA National Committee Listing is a valuable resource for seeing what the USTA seeks to do and how much it accomplishes.

What, when and where?

How would we know? Consult the USTA Calendar for one-stop event shopping.

Reality Check.

Are you the most well informed volunteer ever? Find out at Checklist for New Volunteers.

Who do I talk to about . . .?

See who can help you at Contact Information.

What’s expected?

Browse through Seven Expectations of USTA Leaders. While this is designed for volunteer leadership, it’s beneficial for everyone. Whether or not you aspire to be a committee chair, you are a leader and these are our leadership marching orders.

How can I participate?

Visit Volunteer Opportunities for a list and description of USTA National Committees as well as opportunities for volunteering at the US Open (with brief job descriptions) and contact information to volunteer at the Section level or below.

It’s a new language!

Did you know that the Gang of 51 is meeting at the NTC to be briefed on the BRC Report and the VIP while MCW’s and CTDW’s are being discussed at the TTC? Don’t get it? Go immediately to the glossary for clarification.

We all need structure in our lives.

Get a clear, concise and essential overview of our organization at USTA Structure. Geography, voting, leadership–it’s all there.

Can't we all just get along?

Managing conflict doesn't have to be painful if everyone seeks a win-win solution.

Financial matters.

Consult Reimbursement Policies as well as your Section for this important information (forthcoming).

How many awards?

Click on USTA Awards to learn about the annual USTA awards that encourage excellence and honor the achievements of individuals and organizations.

Is there more?

Yes. Visit Reference Materials/Links to peruse additional resources and find more in-depth information on volunteer issues and concerns.

Can we be more inclusive?

Read about the USTA’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and multicultural participation efforts at Diversity.

Greet, eat, bond and meet.

The USTA Annual and Semiannual Meetings are our yearly gatherings to report on committee work, vote on changes to the USTA Bylaws, and learn about best practices.

Got a suggestion to include in the USTA Volunteer Manual? Email Andrew Feldman or call 914.696.7106 with your input. If it would help you as a new USTA volunteer, chances are it would help someone else.

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