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Ask the High Performance Lab

May 25, 2008 12:25 PM

PLEASE NOTE: The medical opinions in USTA.com's Ask the High Performance Lab are responses intended for the average player. Please consult with your primary physician before beginning any new exercise program.

High Performance Coaching Newsletter 8(2)
The latest edition of the High Performance Coaching Newsletter is dedicated entirely to the topic of understanding how tennis technique relates to injury and injury prevention. The feature article and photo series deal with how different aspects of technique can contribute to injuries in professional, junior level and even recreational tennis players. Additionally, the USTA's strength and conditioning staff provides exercises and suggestions for preventing five of the more common injuries seen in tennis today. These strength and conditioning plans are also outlined in greater detail in the links below.

Prevention of elbow and shoulder injuries
Remember, all of the links in the kinetic chain must work together properly to prevent injury - especially injuries to the smaller muscles/muscle groups in the body. Learn how you can strengthen the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and forearm to help prevent upper body injuries.

Prevention of hip injuries
The USTA Sport Science staff has put together information on ways to use strength and conditioning exercises to help prevent hip injuries in tennis. Access and download exercises that can help build strength and improve flexibility in the leg, hip and core musculature.

Prevention of abdominal and shoulder injuries
Strength and coordination are important for executing any tennis stroke properly and efficiently. Learn from the USTA Sport Science staff about how you can improve core strength and use the entire kinetic chain to develop the power behind your shots. Access and download strength and flexibility exercises that can help prevent injuries in the tennis player's core and shoulder.

Prevention of knee injuries
Protect the knees by developing lower body strength and improving flexibility throughout the lower limbs. Access strength and flexibility exercises that can help prevent injuries in the legs.

Prevention of wrist injuries in tennis
Learn from the USTA Sport Science staff about ways you can help prevent wrist injuries by building strength and improving flexibility. Access and download exercises that can help prevent wrist injuries before they can happen.

White paper on technique, technology and injuries in tennis
Download a white paper produced by the USTA Sport Science Committee on the relation between Technique, Technology and Injuries in Tennis. This paper is meant to highlight the essential pieces of information coaches and players should know about how technique and technology in tennis equipment can either help to prevent injuries (ideally) or contribute to injuries. Each "chapter" of this white paper ends with a "Coaching Application" segment that boils the information down into the most useful "nuggets."

Additional articles and resources on technique
Access articles written by the USTA Sport Science staff, Sport Science Committee members, and other professionals on biomechanics and technique.

Additional articles and resources on injury prevention
Access articles and resources on tennis injuries and injury prevention, including a link to download the High Performance Profile - a series of tests used to identify weak links in the kinetic chain. Learn how you can prevent injuries before they occur.

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