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 Texas Tennis Matters- CTDW Inclusive and Inspiring

Denise Castelli at the US Open
Denise Castelli
DennisRalstonDennis Ralston

In keeping with a recent marketing/membership theme of "Texas Tennis Matters," USTA Texas emphasized diversity and inclusion when presenting its Community Tennis Development Workshop this fall. Representatives from varied CTAs around the Section were treated to special sessions and exciting speakers to assist them in planning their 2012 programs to include more and different populations.

Committee Chairs, Carlos Turic (Wheelchair) and Henry Cox (Adaptive Tennis), joined forces to give a session on providing programs for those with physical and challenging disabilities. Special guest speakers included Denise Castelli, an amputee who earned a spot as a ball girl at the 2011 US Open, and Dennis Ralston, a former Wimbledon champion and Davis Cup member and captain, who continues to teach tennis despite having lost a leg similarly to Denise. Their inspirational and moving talks on overcoming adversity resulted in the highest ratings on the post-meeting survey. Mr. Ralston, in fact, received the only standing ovation in the long history of the conference. Denise expressed the philosophy of both of them when she said her goal in life now was to change the way the world views disabilities.
USTA Texas hopes that its CTAs will adapt the wealth of material presented at the Workshop to use tennis to make a difference in the lives of the disabled, returning military, as well as the many diverse and minority populations throughout its Section. In Texas, it matters that tennis is for everyone!





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