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USTA League November Captain of the Month: Frank Cosky

November 1, 2012 02:48 PM
Frank Cosky (far right) with his men's 4.0 Adult team.
Frank Cosky, 48, of Palmyra, N.J., has been a USTA League Captain for over ten years and is currently the captain of a men’s 4.0 Adult, a team he first started building years ago, and a Mixed 8.0 team and has also been captain of a 9.0 mixed team in the past. His 4.0 Adult team made its first trip to the USTA League National Championships a few weeks ago and his 8.0 team is heading to the National Championships this year as well. An attorney, Cosky began playing tennis in high school and despite some arthritis in his knees, plays tennis multiple times a week and is extremely proud of all his teams.
For his efforts, he has been named the USTA League Captain of the Month for November.
USTA.com: How did you first get involved with USTA Leagues?
Frank Cosky: I found them through Anne Maxwell, she was a league coordinator and she asked if I wanted to captain, over ten years ago. That year she didn’t play on my team. She stayed with me ever since, following year on the team. Many years ago, I was working at some of the clubs, Mt. Laurel Racquet Club in Mt. Laurel, N.J., was probably the closest one to me at the time. They said they had a few things going on, there were some leagues and programs that they had so I got involved with USTA Leagues., I hadn’t been familiar with them before. There was much more flexibility with league play. I got involved and the first team I was on, we didn’t do so well but it was still fun. Anne then asked me if I would like to captain. We put together a team, she helped me find players at first and then I found my own through the years and expanded my tennis contacts.
My men’s 4.0 team I am especially proud of. It is a home roots team of guys I played with locally and over the years evolved. It is interesting having won districts, people then start coming to you, saying ‘I want to be on your team, you’ve done well.’ We’ve put together a really good team. One of my players recently relocated from Delaware area, started playing 3.5 in singles. His record looked good and turned out to be a phenomenal doubles player for us. He is a big reason we have done so well.
USTA.com: How did you start playing tennis? Why do you love playing?
Frank Cosky: I grew up in Palmyra, it is a small town. In high school I started playing. Pretty much everyone made the team and a lot of us didn’t know what we were doing at first. Some didn’t understand doubles and it took me awhile to learn that. A good friend I worked with over the years, he has played a lot of tennis. He told me in order to play on A teams, you have to know how to play doubles, and the strategy. He really helped me develop a doubles game and progressed from there. Subsequently I have had issues with my knees and some arthritis so I couldn’t play as much as I wanted.
I know I have to have my knees replaced but I play as much as I possibly can. I don’t move as well as I like but I play as much as I like. This time of year it slows down a little (playing time), definitely in summer I play about 3-5 times a week.
USTA.com: How exciting was it to make the National Championships?
Frank Cosky: We’re having a great year on the men’s 4.0 Adult; we went to Nationals this year for the first time. I always believed we had a talented group of men, I think this year it was our turn. What happened last year, we got to districts and one of my better singles player was unavailable on Friday and we had to go with someone else, we lost that one match that cost us but we were lucky enough to take districts and sectionals.
Unfortunately this year I did not get to go with my team to Nationals. I had booked a cruise and didn’t realize there was a conflict. I thought if I kept the weekend open, we wouldn’t have gotten to Nationals. But the team had a great time. We wound up losing in a tiebreaker to the team that won it all (Mid-Atlantic). They were in our bracket and that was our first match out.
Now we’re going to Mixed Nationals in a few weeks, this is will be the first time for me going to Nationals.
USTA.com: What has this year been like?
Frank Cosky: I just want to give all the credit to the teams because they made all this possible. I feel fortunate to be picked as Captain of the Month but it is really a team effort. I can’t praise them highly enough. We had no attitudes on both teams, all willing to work together for the benefit of the teams. It has been an amazing journey this year. It has been a fun time that I have spent with the USTA but it has been particularly meaningful, we know it might never happen again (going to Nationals) so we want to enjoy it while it’s here.
USTA.com: Who is your favorite tennis player?
Frank Cosky: Chris Evert, she despised losing more than she enjoyed winning.
USTA.com: What is your favorite surface to play on?
Frank Cosky: Hard court.
USTA.com: What kind of racquet do you use?
Frank Cosky: Volkl.
USTA.com: What is your favorite tennis tournament and why?
Frank Cosky: Wimbledon, it is so steeped in history.
USTA.com: What is the best part of your tennis game?

Frank Cosky: Net play.
USTA.com: If you could choose any doubles partner, who would it be?
Frank Cosky: John McEnroe.
USTA.com: Why do you enjoy being a captain?
Frank Cosky: I enjoy bringing people together who enjoy the sport of tennis.
USTA.com: What is the best aspect of playing USTA League tennis?
Frank Cosky: I love the friendly competition and friendships made.
USTA.com: If you could attend one Grand Slam tournament, what would it be?
Frank Cosky: Wimbledon, it is one of the first tournaments I ever saw on TV.


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