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3.5 Adult National Championships Latest News and Photos

USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln
3.5 Adult National Championships
Tucson, AZ
Oct. 7 - 10

Scores and Results: Men - click here Women - click here
Photo Gallery - click here

Sunday, October 10
by Grant Chambers

Championship Results:

Men's Final:
Middle States d. Pacific Northwest 4-1
Women's Final: Caribbean d. Midwest 3-2
Men's 3rd/4th Playoff: Intermountain d. Northern 3-2
Women's 3rd/4th Playoff: Eastern d. Florida 4-1

1st place Middle States Men

Photo Order: (Left to Right) Gary Mao, Jerzy Slabinski, Jonathan Bagby, Tom Buker (co-captain), Jean Seurin, Brian Abercrombie, John Chester (co-captain), Kevin Koch, Brian Damiani, Pete “Big Daddy” Leszczuk

Team Captain Tom Buker stated, "This was a great experience to get to Sunday. We fought hard. It's hard to believe we really won!"

Play Video - Middle States men get a wet suprise!

3.5 Adult Men's Champions get the suprise cool down!© Cynthia Lum

1st place Caribbean Women

Photo Order: (Left to Right): David Morales, Lourna Sullivan, Leslie Dominguez, Ada Soto, Luz Oliveras, Idamys Soto, Aidamari Disdier, Carmen Nater, Dora Ramirez, Elsa Ozuna (captain), Ilka Zayas

Team Captain Elsa Ozuna stated, "We had a great time and are very excited to win. We'll be back next year!"

Play Video - Caribbean Women's team winning chant!

10:00am -
The semi-final round's are complete as follows:
Middle States d. Northern, 4-1
Pacific Northwest d. Intermountain, 5-0
Caribbean d. Florida, 3-2
Midwest d. Eastern, 4-1

8:00am - It's "Championship Hardware Sunday"! The following eight teams have battled their way into the semi-final round of the 2004 USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championships.

Men's Semifinal

USTA Northern vs USTA Middle States
USTA Pacific Northwest vs USTA Intermountain

Women's Semifinal
USTA Midwest vs USTA Eastern
USTA Caribbean vs USTA Florida

Championship Sunday

Saturday, October 9
by Grant Chambers

After a perfect day of Friday tennis, day 2 is off to a quick start. Today, the hopes and dreams of four men's and four women's teams will be carried one step further as Sunday's semi-final match-ups are determined.
Day two is under way!

Hawaii 3.5 Women's Team


The Hawaii women have named their team "Onipa'a". In english, the term means "Stand Firm". Thev're had to stand firm or onipa'a all year long to make it to this year's National Championships!
Fun Facts:
This team has a variety of characters including surfers and night-clubbers!
They too, like to shop, shop, shop!
In their hometown of Honolulu, they frequently play tennis at beachside.

"Official Profile" - Sam Fields

Sam Fields, Umpire
If you've ever been to a USA League Tennis National Championship event in Tucson, you've probably met Sam Fields. Sam began playing tennis in his 30's and continues to play 3 or 4 times per week. After retiring in 1984 from a 30-year career in the US Air Force as a Full Colonel, Sam dove into being an umpire. His first assignment was as a linesman for a men's satelite event in
Sam Fields Administers Coin Toss
Hawaii, where he was living at the time. In 1989, a few years later, Sam moved to Tucson, Arizona where he continues to reside. Mr. Fields has twice been the President of the Southern Arizona Tennis Association and is currently the Chairman of the USTA Southwest Section Adult Senior Competitive Committee. After 21 years as an umpire, Sam has been there and done that!
Play Video - A message from Sam Fields.

Quick Interviews:

Play Video - A message about USA League Play Video - Herman Vernell, member of
Tennis from Anne Flint, Tournament Director. the USTA Intermountain 3.5 Men's
team, asked what he likes most
about USA League Tennis.
Ann Flint - Tournament Director

Herman Vernell - Intermediate Mountain

Midwest Men - "Practice Makes Perfect!"

Midwest 3.5 Men's Team
For the Midwest Men's 3.5 team, their biggest strength is that they hate to lose. And, anyone who know anything about winning knows that if you don't practice, you don't win. Well, this year's Midwest Section men from North Olmstead, Ohio have certainly covered that base. In fact, at sectionals and now at nationals, you can find these men waking at 5:30am just to "volley-volley" in their hotel rooms! "These guys practive in the street, in their hotels, even in the ice and snow," stated team captain William Zakowski. He went on to say, "Whatever it takes to win!"

Birthday Celebration - Goldstein Turns 58!
USTA Mid Atlantic team member Marty Goldstein celebrated his 58th birthday today by playing in the USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championships.
Marty Goldstein, Mid Atlantic Team© Cynthia Lum

Good Swag....and Good Tennis Too!
The Middle States Women from Mr. Laurel, NJ aren't here just to win. They want to look good also! And look good they do. Wearing
Middle States Women
one of the most vibrant and coordinated team outfits this weekend, these women are on a double mission. After two rounds, they're still in the hunt with a 1-1 record. In addition, they have presented each of their opponent teams with magnificant "goodie bags" filled with pretzels, cards, tennis balls, paper tennis racket fans and more!

Lastly, they would like to pay special attention and thanks to their team sponsors: Everyone's Racquet, Comcast, Hamkond's, Atlantic City Tropicana, USTA Middle States Section, The Strober-Haddonfield Group, Inc., and Haddonfield Lumber Company.

Fun Facts:
The team goes to the US Open every year!
They attend yearly tennis camps.
Pre and post season parties are a must!

Friday, October 8
by Grant Chambers

The 2004 USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championships is underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona! This weekend's event is being held at the infamous Randolph Tennis Center, one of the nations most recognized public tennis facilities and home of the USA League Tennis National Championship events for more than 24 years.
Day 1 is underway!

Play-N-Shop.....A Winning Combination!
Caribbean 3.5 Women's Team

The 3.5 Women's team representing the USTA Caribbean Section have "been here and done that." Just two years ago, a majority of the players on this team were on the 2002 National Championship 3.0 Women's team. Only two years later, they're back in the hunt, this time at the 3.5 level. When asked what they like to do in Tucson while not playing tennis, the unanimous response was, "Shop, Shop, Shop!"

Diverse Team

The Northern California Women's team is truley international with players from seven different countries represented. Five of the players are from the 3.0 team that won the National Championship last year!

Northern California Women's 3.5 Team© Cynthia Lum

Southern California 3.5 Men's Team

From Destiny to Dynasty?
The 3.5 Men's team from Southern California might say that their team is "destiny". Althought they call Cerritos, California their home, the entire team is made up of Philipino nationals, which all came from different Philipino islands! After a 2-0 start this weekend, the team may just be on their way to the beginnings of a dynasty! Captain Romulo Macaraig has been a captain of a USA League Tennis team for more than 15 years now. When asked about his team, he said, "We're a team from different backgrounds and Philipino cultures, but we get along great and play well as a team. This is a committed team!" The team would like to especially thank the Early Riser Club and the Cerritos Park East Club from Cerritos, California for their supporting this team.

Southern California Men's 3.5 Captain Romulo Macaraig with Co-Captain Sanny Angcaco

Just Hang'in Out

One of the "relaxing" things players can do while not playing tennis this weekend is...........play table tennis! Pictured here, in front of Randolph Tennis Center, Gary He and Michael Tempou from the USTA Eastern Section Men's team duke it out on the small court.

Eastern Men Gary He (left) and Michael Tempou (right) battle it out on the small court!

"Tennis Twins"© Cynthia Lum

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