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4.5 Adult National Championships Latest News and Photos

USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln
4.5 Adult National Championships
Tucson, AZ
Oct. 14 - 17

Scores and Results: Men - click here Women - click here
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Sunday, October 17
by Grant Chambers

Final Results:
1st Place: USTA Northern California
2nd Place: USTA Southern
3rd Place: USTA Southwest
4th Place: USTA New England

1st Place: USTA Northern California
2nd Place: USTA Middle States
3rd Place: USTA Southern
4th Place: USTA Texas

1st Place - Northern California 4.5 Men

Photo Order: Front Row (Left to Right): Luis Dos Reis, Steven Fabela, Patrick Bates, William Wu (captain), Pedr Nemecek, Nipp Fiefia, David Halleck, Ian Vasquez, John Maka : Back Row (Left to Right): Michael Velasco, Dan Hernandez, Richard Ess, Richard Lobo, Barney Barnato, Richard Rolandson
Captain Quote: William Wu stated, "We had a great team this year. This is something that we will never, ever forget. We look forward to many more competitions!"

Play Video - Watch and listen to the Northern California Men's Championships Howelllllll!

1st Place - Northern California 4.5 Women

(Left to Right): Lori MacPherson, Tina Romeka, Andrea Eisinger, Gabriella Clifton, Aldrete Palma, Lauren Haase, Julie Forrest, Stephanie Lichtenegger (captain), Christy Patton Taylor, Shelly Scott-Stillman

Captain Quote: Stephanie Lichtenegger stated, "This is a team that really enjoys playing. They're hard working, great competitors and we had a lot of fun here at nationals."

Play Video - Watch and listen to the Northern California Women's Championship Cheer!

3 Strikes and You're NOT Out

A Life of Victories...On and Off the Court

Jackie Igoe prepares for a return© Cynthia Lum

Jackie Igoe started playing tennis at the age of 10. At Monument Mountain Regional High School, in Great Burrington, Mass., she played on the boys team. Jackie would go on to play college tennis at Trinity College in Washington D.C. With more than 15 years of tennis under her belt and many matches won, at the age of 25 Jackie would face her toughest opponent yet in being diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer. Strike 1. With optimism and great strength, Jackie began treatment. Only one year later, having made great progress, Jackie would be dealt her second strike. The cancer had spread into her lungs. Through years of surgery, treatment, tears and small progressive victories, Jackie beat the odds and rid herself of the cancer.

After years of recovered health, just seven years ago, Jackie would be dealt strike 3. Diagnosed with breast cancer this time, she found herself again having to beat the odds. And again, that's just what she did. In fact, Jackie kept playing tennis right through the storm, having to move "down" to the 4.0 level for a brief period of time. "Staying active with tennis helped me cope with cancer," she says. "You can get pre-occupied with illness and not feeling well and tennis helps you keep a healthy focus."

This year, Jackie won her two matches at sectionals and the match she played here at Nationals. Her team, the USTA Mid Atlantic 4.5 Women, would come up only one match short of making it to final Sunday. They ended up with an overall 2-1 record, something to
Jackie Igoe strikes a return© Cynthia Lum

be very proud of.

Jackie holds a Master of Social Work Degree and works as a teacher and in an intensive care unit. She went on to say, "I hope that if someone with cancer reads this, they will be heartened because there is hope. And anyone who knows a cancer survivor will know that cancer is just an illness.....and that their love support and respect means the world to that survivor."

As she continues to forge ahead in life as an inspiration to us all, we look forward to many more years of great tennis and sustained health for Jackie.

Mother / Daughter Combo

(Left to Right) Pam and Brandy Steinhauser
USTA Midwest mother/daughter team members Pam and Brandy Steinhauser are having a blast at nationals. They both started playing tennis at the same time. Pam was 28 and Brandy was only 3! Pam is now a teaching pro and coach of Poland High School in Ohio. Brandy is a sales executive for Pitney Bowes in Columbus, OH. In 1999, The Steinhauser family was chosen as the Tennis Family of the Year for the USTA Midwest Section.

Play Video - Watch and listen to a quick introduction from Pam and Brandy.

Saturday, October 16
by Grant Chambers

Day two of the 4.5 National Championships is underway at Randolph Tennis Center. Another day of sunshine and mid-80's temperatures are upon us for another great day of championship play!
Day 2 is under way!

Mid Atlantic Men Bring Jazzy Support!
One of the reasons the Mid Atlantic 4.5 men's team from Alexandria, VA made it to this year's National Championships is because of their great family and friend fan support! Shown here, Sylvia Okala (pink glasses), Rachel Do and "BaBu" are among this teams supporters. Rachel's father, Thazh Do, is the co-captain of the team. In the spirit of Haloween, "Babu" is sporting orange toenails and an orange hankerchief!

Play Video - Watch and listen to a brief introduction from Sylvia and "BaBu"!

"Jenny's Ya-Ya's" Play in Honor of Late Team Captain Jenny Andsell

Jenny Andsell was born in Shanghai, China on December 19th, 1949. At the age of 19 years, she moved to the U.S. She would go on to serve a 20-year career as a U.S. Public Health Service Officer-in-Charge at the Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, Washington. Jenny was a part of an avid tennis family. Three years ago, taking on the role of team captain, Jenny organized a 4.5 team consisting of her best of friends. They're goal was to make it all the way to the USA League Tennis National Championships. Sadly, on November 7th, 2003, Jenny would lose a courageous 2-year battle with breast cancer. She was known by many as a woman of
Team uniform - in memory of Jenny
courage, enthusiasm and fighting spirit. In fact, in the year 2002, Jenny won the Adult 45's draw of the Washington State Women's Tennis Championships. And, just three months before her passing, she won gold medals in tennis and table tennis at the Washington State Senior Games.

Jenny is survived by her mother Shang-Shue Chu, her husband Peter, brother Kwan, and three nieces Stephanie, Theresa and Valerie. Jenny's is also survived by a spirit that continues to play a role and positive influence in the lives of many that she touched.

Jenny's Ya Ya's - USTA Pacific Northwest 4.5 Women
This is especially true for her team. Playing with the undying passion, team spirit and love that Jenny instilled in them, the "Ya-Ya's" have made it all the way to this year's 4.5 Adult National Championships. Teammate Jacqueline Annette stated, "Jenny was a real competitor and had a great passion for the game. She had a real fighting spirit."

Win or lose, for ever and ever, her team will be greatful for the time they had with Jenny. And win or lose, great memories and the living spirit of Jenny will always be with them.

New England Women and Boston Red Sox
The New England women's 4.5 team may be down 0-2 (like the Boston Red Sox), but they're still fighting and most importantly having a blast here at the National Championships!
New England Womens Team

Fun Facts:
- The love "team dinners"
- A whopping 10 supporters have traveled to the event with them
- They're all die-hard Patriot and Red Sox fans
- They sit FRONT ROW at the US Open every year

Play Video - Hear the New England Team Cheer!
Play Video - Hear another New England Cheer from Kim, Nancy and Jamie!

Friday, October 15
by Grant Chambers

Day 1 of the USA League Tennis 4.5 Adult National Championships is underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Clear skies and temperatures in the mid-to-hi 80's have given us a stage for a weekend of championship tennis.
Day 1 is underway at the 4.5 Adult National Championships!

Father-Son-Duo Nigel and Murray Lilley

New Zealand Father Son Doubles Duo
The 4.5 men's team from Florida may possess the only Father-Son duo at this year's 4.5 Adult National Championship. Father and son duo Murray and Nigel Lilley are playing #2 doubles for Florida this weekend. In their first round against the USTA Intermountain team, they pulled out a 6-3, 6-4 victory. Nigel, age 24, took up tennis, for a second time, about two years ago. He attended Florida Atlantic University on a swimming scholarship. Murray, age 57, is originally from New Zealand.
Play Video - Listen to Murray and Nigel talk about the National Championships....in their New Zealand accent!

Behind the Lense...

An interview with Cynthia Lum, AKA "Photo Babe".......Official USA League Tennis National Championships Photographer, ATP Tour Photographer, Olympic Tennis Photographer and more.
Cynthia Lum

Quick Profile:

- Official Photographer of the USA League Tennis National Championships events - 15 years
- ATP Tour Photographer - covers all Grand Slam events, Masters Series events and others
- Lives in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles.......like just a few feet from the beach!
- Is also a photographer for the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals)

Play Video - a quick message from the Photo Babe herself!

On any given day at a USA League Tennis National Championships, you'll see Official USA League Tennis National Championships Photographer Cynthia Lum snapp'in away. She just can't stop! In fact, on any given day, Cynthia will take 1,000 pictures! Cynthia has been capturing memorable moments at USA League Tennis National Championships for more than 15 years now. During a rare break in her schedule, we caught up with her to gain a little insight into her world of professional tennis photography...

Q: How many events do you cover in any given year?
CL: In any given year, i'll travel around 22 weeks out of the year. My second home is on a United Airlines plane :-)

Q: How/when did you become interested in photography?
CL: I was in school, a student at the Art Institute in Chicago. I thought i'd become a journalist so I was studying journalism. One day, someone put a camera in my hand and I fell in love.
Cynthia Lum in action...

Q: How did you become interested in tennis photography?
CL: I was dating a teaching pro. I had a small class assignment and I chose tennis as my subject. The rest is history!

Q: What do you like most about the sport of tennis and your role as a photographer?
CL: The thing I like most about tennis is the internationality of the sport. Traveling around the works, I have been able to experience many different cultures and have made friends all over the world. We are all citizens of this world. Tennis has given me a great opportunity to experience it in its entirety.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment(s) in your career as a professional photographer?
CL: The first pro player I ever shot was Pete Sampras. Years later, I was also photographing his retirement ceremony in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open. There was an incredible moment that came over me when I realized that I will never see this man compete again. My camera held still for a while...it was a sad moment.

Cynthia also spoke with passion about her last two years serving as the Official Photographer of the Mercedez-Benz Cup in Los Angeles, CA. For two years now, Cynthia has opened up a beneficiary photography gallery where attendants can view and purchase a variety of photographs of professional tennis players. All of her proceeds have gone toward sending Los Angeles area underprivileged kids to tennis camps. She stated, "All of this money goes toward sending kids to tennis camps that would never have the opportunity otherwise." In 2003, she raised $5,000 and was able to send 6 kids to a full tennis camp. This year, she raised $6,000 and was able to send 7 kids to a full tennis camp.

Re-captured and Back in Action!

Robert McAdoo - Southern Men's 4.5 team
As a young boy, 6 years old to be exact, Robert McAdoo started playing tennis. As a student at Ramapo High School in New Jersey, Robert was an All-State tennis player. He went on to play two years of Division II college tennis, then another two years at UNC Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina. As many of us do, we finish school, start working, start families and hang up the 'ole tennis racket. From the age of 22-26, Mr. McAdoo didn't play much tennis. But with a severe kick-start in becoming the Assistant Tennis Coach for his alma mater, UNC Asheville, Robert has been re-captured and is in full swing! Roberts team is 1-1 after day one, and still in contention for the National Championship. Robert played two singles matches today winning both to the tune of 6-1, 6-0 and 6-3, 7-5.
Play Video - Watch and listen to a quick introduction from Robert himself!

Hawaii Women Always Have Fun!
Hawaii Women catch a wave in Tucson!
The teams from Hawaii alway arrive at the National Championships with the Aloha! spirit in hand. This year's women't 4.5 team is no exception. Kathy Vicoloff, team captain, stated, "We're extremely excited to be here in Tucson for the National Championships. This is a great group of girls that lend each other positive support and energy." You can see their energy in this photograph as they simulate a "surfing" stance on the hard courts at Randolph Tennis Center.

Fun Facts:
This year's women's team includes a mother-daughter duo (Katrina and Marie Holmberg)
They come from the beautiful island of Maui
Many of their team members have been to nationals before
They like Tucson and they like to S-H-O-P!

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