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3.0 Adult National Championships Latest News and Photos

USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln
3.0 Adult National Championships
Tucson, AZ
Oct. 21 - 24

Scores and Results:Men - click here Women - click here
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Sunday, October 24
by Grant Chambers

Final Results:

Men's Final: Texas d. Northern California, 5-0
Men's 3rd/4th Playoff: Southern d. Caribbean, 3-2

Women's Final: Northern California d. Intermountain, 3-2
Women's 3rd/4th Playoff: Pacific Northwest d. Missouri Valley, 3-2

1st Place - 3.0 Texas Men© Cynthia Lum

Photo Order: Front Row (Left to Right): Dennis Rosini, Jeffrey Bender, Mark Myers, Robert Bender, Ryan Coleman; Back Row (Left to Right): Todd Frost, Pat Roberts, Matt Wixon, Kristopher Endress

Captain Quote: Robert Bender stated, “This was a fantastic win. We got a lot of breaks along the way. We’re a close group and we fought hard. It was a pleasure to play with my son Jeffrey.”

Play Video - Watch and listen to the Texas men's championship yell!

1st Place - 3.0 Northern California Women© Cynthia Lum

Front Row (Left to Right): Lisa Saporito, Karen Treppa, Lyne Meiers, Pamela Maloney, Kathy Williams, Caryl Kohler, Beverly Britton, Patti Baggett, Leslie Marr, Laurie Lenhart, Kristina Karr

Captain Quote: Caryl Kohler stated, "We've been the underdog all along...at our local level, at sectionals and here at the National Championships. We never gave up and came out on top! We're the Boston Red Sox of tennis!"

Play Video - Watch and listen to the Northern California women's team championship cheer!

Scenes from day 3

Shelly Kosiak & Northern Women's Team Send Love and Support to Don Kosiak
Shelley Kosiak surrounded by Northern 3.0 Women's team members
Shelly Kosiak, member of the Northern Women's 3.0 team, had to say good-bye to her husband, Don Kosiak, recently as he was called to duty in Iraq. Don is an Emergency Medicine Psycian in Sioux Falls, North Dakota. He is serving for three months at a Battalian Aid Station where he is in charge of eight other medics. Shelley and her entire team are very proud of Don and would like to send him this special message - Play Video Message

Creative Southwest Women!

Before this weekend's National Championship event, the Southwest Section 3.0 women's team from Albuquerque, New Mexico, had
Southwest Women's team sporting their jazzy homemade shoes© Cynthia Lum
a team party where they enjoyed wine beverages and constructed some jazzy team flip-flops with fun bandanas attached! Each team member has a nickname written on the back of the shoe, for example: "Captain Sherry" - Sherry Gehrman, "The Net!" - Stephanie Eker. "This was a great team bonding experience," stated Stephanie.

George Person Contemplates Retirement; Currently Plays on 6 Different Tennis Teams!

George Person, member of the Mid Atlantic 3.0 Men's team, is 63 years old and currently plays on a whopping six different tennis teams! Playing on three USTA mixed doubles teams, two USTA 3.0 men's teams (different cities) and a 3.0 World Team Tennis
George Person
team, George Person is a busy man. He announced, yesterday, that he may retire from playing adult tennis in order to scale back and focus on his mixed doubles and senior teams next year.

Mr. Person has been playing tennis for about 20 years now. He didn't begin playing until he was 42 years old. He recalls, "I was at a family reunion where a cousin of mine introduced me to the sport of tennis. It looked easy, but before I knew it, I was hitting balls over the fence!" George would eventually sign up for tennis lessons at a nearby recreation center, and the rest is history!

In what is potentially his last USTA adult tennis match, George posted a 7-5, 6-3 victory playing with doubles partner Mark Nitsche against the #2 Florida Men's 3.0 doubles team. Their team just missed making it to Championship Sunday in this weekends National Championships with a final 2-1 team record.

Play Video - Watch and listen to a brief message from George himself!

Supporting the Cause
Julian and Gloria Axelrod
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Scenes from Day 2

Saturday, October 23
by Grant Chambers

Day 2 is underway at the 2004 USA League Tennis Adult 3.0 National Championships in Sunny Tucson, Arizona.

True Luv is Victorious
Osvaldo Sanchez, of the Caribbean Mens 3.0 team, is a man of his word. Before their Sectional Championships, he made a promise to his girlfriend, Yanice Pagan, that if the team won and advanced to the National Championships in Tucson, Arizona, they would extend th

Wedding Promise
eir trip to Las Vegas where they would get married. They were victorious. On Monday, Osvaldo and Yanice will travel to Las Vegas along with nine of the Caribbean team members. The group will be in Las Vegas Monday through Friday, then will be heading back to Puerto Rico to celebrate their victories and wedding with family and friends alike. Other stops along the way include a tour of The Grand Canyon and enjoying a concert by Elton John.

Playing for Sue
For the Southern California 3.0 women's team, this year's trip to the National Championships has been dedicated to team co-captain Sue Friedman. Just last week, Sue was diagnosed with colon cancer. She would be hospitalized immediately and her trip to

Southern California 3.0 Women wearing Army green in support of co-captain Sue Friedman© Cynthia Lum
Nationals was cancelled. After a successful surgery, Sue has begun her treatments. In recognition and support of Sue, the team is wearing their favorite color, Army green (see picture). Co-captain Cindy Gruberger stated, "Sue always thinks of others. Even when we've called her at the hospital to check in, she is only interested in hearing about the team and our trip here to Nationals. She has a big heart and we know she will be ok."

Play Video - Watch and listen to a quick message to Sue, from her Southern California 3.0 women's team

Work Hard, Play Harder
Keli Iwahiro, member of the 3.0 Hawaii "Lady Rocketeers" team, might be one of the busiest people you will ever meet. As a young
Keri Iwahiro
woman, Keri lives in Oahu, HI, and is attending Kapiolani Community College to become a nurse, is a volunteer at a local hospital (Leahi Hospital), works in the campus Single Parents/Displaced Homemakers Program, is a proud mother of Lance (9) and Toby (5), and also plays a lot of tennis!

Two years ago, Keri placed her son Lance into a junior beginner tennis program. In doing so, she would befriend a mother of another child in the program. Keri was encouraged to join a USTA adult beginner clinic. After a very quick start, Keri would be asked to play on a USTA 2.5 Adult league team. Just one year and seven months after her first tennis lesson, she is competing in this year's 3.0 Adult National Championship!

First and foremost, Keri is extremely greatful to many people for helping her in cope, excel and achieve in many different areas of life. She stated, "I would like to express gratitude to my parents, my Grandmother Frances Takayama, my coach Rusty Dyer, and especially to my team for accepting me and taking me in as graciously as they have. I am truely blessed and thankful." She went on to say, "I am addicted to tennis. It is necessary for me....as a relief from other stresses. It refuels me." Team captain Kiyomi Smothermon said, "It is wonderful and overwhelming being here. Keri is an inspiration to us all. She is always quiet, but steady....in life and on the court."

Keri with Grandmother
Keri's grandmother (pictured) and son (Lance) are here with the team this weekend. Frances, 88 years old, is this team's biggest supporter. She was born and raised in Oahu and is a fluent speaker of English and Japanese language. She stated, "It is so nice to be able to come here with the team!"

Play Video - A quick and cheerful introduction from Keri herself!

Friday, October 22
by Grant Chambers

The sunrise in Tucson, AZ had a different look today as the 3.0 Adult National Championships began! Bathed in a tennis sunshine, this weekend promises to be a wealth of Championship tennis!
It's National Championship weekend in Tucson, AZ!

Love Is In the Air!

Lew Buckman and Claudia Anderson
Lew Buckman is a member of the USTA Eastern 3.0 Men's team competing at the National Championships this weekend. Sure, he's interested in the tennis, but more importantly, he and his new bride, Claudia Anderson, are here celebrating their extensive honeymoon! After being married on May 22, 2004, Lew and Claudia have been traveling the country in celebration and to meet each other's families. They've been to Texas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Main and after this weekend's National Championships will be traveling to San Francisco, as a part of their extended honeymoon and to meet members of Lew's extended family.
Between them, they have five daughters, seven grandchildren.....and a whopping five cats! They call Eastberne, NY home.
Play Video - Listen to a brief message from Lew and Claudia!

Florida 3.0 Men's Team Recalls a Season of Hurricanes

Unless you weren't born yet, or were on one of those modern commercial trips to the moon, you know that the state of Florida was capsized by a whopping four hurricanes earlier this year. What you may not know is that the USTA Florida Sectional Championships were scheduled and re-scheduled for three different weekends, but were never completed due to these hurricanes. The solution: For the first time in history, all Florida Sectional Champions were derived through a lottery system hat drawing! The Florida Section 3.0
Florida Men's team sporting their "Hurricane Flag Flavored" team uniforms
Men's team from Tallahassee was chosen are here competing at this weekend's 3.0 National Championships. Recalling one of their Florida Sectional Championship attempts, they had to drive through hurricane Bonnie, then a tropical depression, on their way to the event. Hoping for the best, the tournament began. They had played only 1/2 of one set before the tournament was called due to Hurricane Charley making landfall. The Championships, being held in Daytona, Florida, were in the direct path of Charley's eye. With no time to evacuate the city, they were forced to ride out the storm in their hotel rooms. Well, they actually had to spend the night in the hallway of the hotel as Charley swept through the area, devastating windows, trees and other structures. Recalling the scene, team member Mark Simples stated "the storm blew the windows out of my new Honda Civic and caused over $9,000 in damage!"

In remembrance and in the spirit of team, they have created very unique team uniforms. Pictured here, you'll see two black and red tennis rackets with red squares in their center. When a strong storm is approaching land, one red flag may be placed as a sign of caution. When a hurricane strength storm is approaching land, two red flags are posted.

Holding their own, the Florida men are 1-1 after today's National Championship play.
Play Video - A quick message from team captain George Dalton

Sweet 16!
Catherine Krecke and Kristin Pearson, who's parents play for the USTA Northern 3.0 Women's team, are celebrating more than just
Catherine (left) and Kristin Celebrate Their 16th Birthday's This Weekend!
a vacation in Tucson, AZ. They're both celebrating their 16th birthday this weekend! Catherine and Kristin have know each other for 1/2 of their life, or since they were 8 years old. They are both in their sophomore year at Lourdes High School in Rochester, Minnesota, and play tennis 5-6 days per week. When asked what they like most about the sport of tennis, Catherine said, "It's challenging. A lot of our friends play so we're able to hang out together and play tennis," while Kristin stated, "Tennis also creates a sense of individual accomplishment." Other than tennis, Catherine likes to play the obo while Kristin plays a lot of basketball!

Kristin, Teri, Catherine and Susan
Catherine's mother, Susan Krecke, is the captain of the Northern Women's 3.0 team. She stated, "It's great having the girls here at Naitonals. Every team should bring two 16 year old's to the event! They cheer us on, help us with small things such as getting food, candy bars, etc. They're great girls!" Kristin's mother is team member Teri Pearson. After day 1, the team is 1-1 and still in the hunt for a National Championship!

Hawaii Strikes Again!

Up-close view of Hawaii "gift" beads which they gave to the Northern 3.0 Men in their first round
t the National Championships, you'll often find teams giving their opponents a welcome gift. While it is not required, you'll almost always find the Hawaii team giving their opponents gifts. Pictured here are several members and supporters of the USTA Northern California Men's 3.0 team from Sunnyvale, California. In their first round against the USTA Hawaii Men's 3.0 team, they were given large beaded necklaces (pictured). Dan Levasseur stated, "they were very nice in giving us these beaded necklaces." The Northern California men would go on to defeat Hawaii 4-1.

Pictured below (left to right): Pawan Singh, Dan Levasseur, Huong Grey, Bhaskar Thiagarajan, Jean Heinz

Northern Men's team members and supporters with their Hawaiian beads

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