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4.0 Adult - Latest News and Photos

by Grant Chambers

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Sunday, October 30
Congratulations to the following winning teams for their perseverance, determination and great play!

Men's Final
Southern - Baton Rouge, Louis. d. Hawaii - Honolulu, HI, 5-0
Women's Final

Middle States - Mechanicsburg, Penn. d. Eastern - Rye, NY, 4-1
Men's 3rd/4th Playoff
Missouri Valley - St. Louis, MO d. Texas - San Antonio, Tex., 4-1
Women's 3rd/4th Playoff
Intermountain - Englewood, Col. d. Pacific Northwest - Salem, OR, 4-1

1st Place - 4.0 Adult Men - Southern
Front row (left to right): Derek Stafford, Clay Berthelot, David Hopkins, Glenn Johnson (Captain), Daniel Lavie, Eddie Lejeune
Back row (left to right): David Deichmann, Ricky Gautreau, Bubby Fischer, Johnny Lopoo, James Geisler, Martin Forrest

1st Place - 4.0 Adult Women - Middle States
Front row (left to right): Kim Zeigler, Joy Graeff, Dawn Toutkalkjian, Susan Rider, Beverly Maynard, Cindy Wilfong (Captain), Barbara Adams
Back row (left to right): Karen Burleson, Christy Lilli, Sara Marian Seibert, Laurel Smith, Lorie Walker, Diane Easley

2nd Place - 4.0 Adult Men - Hawaii
Front row (left to right): Eric Yoshiki, Wendell Chang, Stromberg Gaditano, Lloyd Yamada (with baby Jazlyn), Bert Kubota, Benny Toledo (Captain)(with son Ethan)
Back row (left to right): Yoshifumi Manabe, Aaron Sato, Arthur Phanphengdy, Reuben Badayos, Jarand Iwase

2nd Place - 4.0 Adult Women - Eastern
Front row (left to right): Carol Chirico, Lynne McTague, Gwynne Grimes, Martha McDade (Captain), Mary Bouton, Margarita Urbanczyk
Back row (left to right): Sonnet McKinnon, Maria Paris, Sandra Pratt, Christie Manning

3rd Place - 4.0 Adult Men - Missouri Valley
Front row (left to right): Larry White, Eric Schrumpf, Kirk Schaaf, Andrew Forinash, Richard Papanek (co-Captain)
Middle row (left to right): Miguel Lewis, John Kinsella, Richard McWard (co-Captain), Gary Volk, Steven Falk, Albert Baetz, Brad Tinnon
Back row (left to right): James Lich, David Klein, John Shaw, Stephen Robertson, Robert Huson

3rd Place - 4.0 Adult Women - Intermountain
Front row (left to right): Sheila Robbins (Captain), Judy Kennelley, Loralee Bullen, Kim Kesner, Gwen Fornia, Cheryl Sontheimer
Back row (left to right): Joanna Goldin, Whitney Terch, Lisa Oxford

4th Place - 4.0 Adult Men - Texas
Front row (left to right): Jim Augustine, Mitchell Brown, Richard Darner (Captain), Robert Wood, Ruben Ibarra, Craig Pair, Rick Gabel
Back row (left to right): Gene Nagy, Edgar Evans, Robert Wertz, Joseph Johann, Ted Roan, Darrell Clifton

JoAnn Dean (center) with husband Robin Dean (right) and team Captain Laurie Swarer (left)
Contest Winners Pick 4.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships!
In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of USA League Tennis, the USTA Missouri Valley Section sponsored a League Growth Contest. The official contest winner and his/her team captain were to be awarded a trip to the USA League Tennis National Championships of their choice. To be eligible for the contest, you had to be a new Mixed Doubles or Super Senior League player registering after the date of February 28th.

JoAnn Dean, from Tulsa, OK, was the lucky winner this year, and chose this weekend's event. Joining her first USTA team, JoAnn along with her husband, Robin Dean, played on a 6.0 Mixed Doubles team out of Tulsa. Their team captain is Laurie Swarer. The team plays out of LaFortune Tennis Center, "Home of the $5 Drill", in Tulsa. "We've had a great time here and have seen a whole lot of tennis," stated JoAnn. As a relatively new tennis player, JoAnn and her husband Robin are having a ball playing together. JoAnn mentioned, "We thoroughly enjoy tennis, and the fact that we can do it together"


Saturday Night Fever!
If you've ever been to a league sectional or national event, you know what Saturday night means.....Party! Players, friends, family and supporters gathered last night at the DoubleTree Ballroom for the 4.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships party! A good time was had by all. A special thank you to HEAD/Penn Racket Sports for providing a ton of prizes (bags, fleece blankets, hats....) for the party! They have been a sponsor of USA League Tennis for 18 years.


Saturday, October 29
Day 2 of the 2005 4.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships is underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona! The cheers, tears, hoots and hollers are growing as teams inch their way closer to Championship Sunday. Only four men's and four women's teams will be left standing after today. Be sure to keep up with the action by using the "Results" links above!

Jeff and Baby Rowa "Big Forehand" Brack
After the courts cleared yesterday evening, Jeff Brack, Assistant Director of Tennis for Randolph Tennis Center, and his young daughter Rowa, were able to get some hitting time in. How young were you when you first stepped onto the court?!

Jeff Brack, Assistant Director of Tennis for Randolph Tennis Center, with daughter Rowa

The Real Survivors
Linda Warner (Captain) and Vicki Rogers, team members of the Adult 4.0 women's team from Austin, Texas, are thrilled to be here competing at the National Championships. For these two in particular, this experience and their level of appreciation is a little bit different than most. Back in 1999, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through a rigorous and long treatment, Linda fought the battle of her life, and won. It was then that she named her team (then a 3.5 team), "The Survivors". Six years later, she is the captain of the this year's Adult 4.0 women's team competing here at Nationals.

Just three weeks after their Sectional Championships victory earlier this year, team member Vicki Rogers was mentioning to another teammate in somewhat of a passive manner that she had a "lump." Her friend, who's husband is a doctor, urged her to get tested immediately. The tests were positive, and Vicki begun the battle of her life against breast cancer. Her Chemotherapy treatment will consist of 8 treatments total, of which 2 she has already undergone. Vicki will have her surgery in mid-January, 2006.

Going into the National Championships, Vicki worked with her doctor to schedule her treatments so that she could compete this weekend. True to her fighting spirit, Vicki is having an amazing weekend. She has played in two doubles matches, winning each in a 3rd set tiebreaker and helping her team remain in contention for a spot in Sunday's elusive final 4. This afternoon, Vicki and Linda teamed up against the Northern Section women's team from Minneapolis Minnesota. After dropping the first set, they came storming back to win the second 6-4. Both Linda and Vicki played each tiebreaker with poise and confidence winning convincingly 10-4.

Vicki commented about her team, "God put me with these people for a reason. They have saved my life."

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more information, visit http://www.nbcam.org/ .

Husband and Wife Both Competiting at Nationals!

Denise Loveless-Forrest
Denise and Martin Forrest have achieved a rare feat in the tennis world. They have both earned their way into this year's 4.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships!

Denise's team, the Louisiana Bocage Bombshells from Baton Rouge, LA, took two weeks to win their Sectional Championships in Charleston, SC. Due to rain, the event was postponed. Two weeks later, they were able to complete their final found match in New Orleans (before Hurricane Katrina), against a team from Mississippi. The Louisiana Bocage Bombshells won the match 4-1 in late October this year.

Martin Forrest

Martin's team, the Baton Rouge Lucky Bounce from Baton Rouge, LA, was also competing at the Sectional Championships in Charleston, SC. After a six hour rain delay, they were fortunate enough to finish off their opponents with a 3-2 victory.

"Bocage Bombshells" team name was created by Denise's daughter, Jamie Loveless-Eversole, last year when the team was competing at Sectionals in Columbia, SC. Jamie, who was in the U.S. Air Force based at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC had recently returned home to the U.S. from a tour in Kyrgyzstan in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Knowing that her mother's team did not have a team name, she decided to surprise Denise. She showed up at the Sectional event in Columbia, SC with purple and gold ribbons inscribed with "Bocage Bombshells" for each member of the team. Everyone tied them to their bags and still have them to this day. Jamie came up with the name to honor all of the men and women in the military who are a part of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and to motivate the team to fight just a little bit harder.

Bocage Bombshells Bag Tags

(left to right) Denise Loveless-Forrest, Martin Forrest and Jamie Loveless-Eversole
Martin is also a member of the Southern Section Men's 4.0 Senior team that advance to Nationals, played in Palm Springs on October 7-9. He has been playing tennis for 35 years and also competed in the 1998 National Championships at the 4.0 Adult level. Denise Loveless-Forrest is a converted professional racquetball player and has been involved in tennis for many years. Denise is also a USTA official working at many junior, adult and pro tournaments around the South. In addition to their successful League Tennis play, Denise and Martin were ranked #1 in the Southern Section in the 45 Mixed Doubles division for 2004 and are currently ranked #2 in 2005.

Ron "Maynard" Lieder with a recent charicature drawing
Cartoonist Loves People's Stories
Ron "Maynard" Lieder loves producing cartoons and caricature drawings for a variety of people. For 31 years, Ron served in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army, retiring just recently in 2003. Throughout his service, he always found time and situations that allowed for his caricature drawings to bring light, laughs and smiles to others. Whether it was for the kids on "Family Day", for soldier magazines, such as "The Desert Rag" during Desert Storm, or other, Ron always enjoyed it. He stated, "just like tennis, I do it because I enjoy it." Along with his caricature drawings, he'll often include quotes and stories, which he says, "is the best part about it. I love people's stories!"

Ron is here cheering on the 4.0 men's team from Hudson, Wisconsin, representing the USTA Northern Section. The team includes several members who, along with Ron, were on a team that made it to nationals last year. After last year's event, the team had to split up and Ron's team didn't make it back this year.

Randolph Tennis Center - A Southwest Tennis Staple, and Then Some
Randolph Tennis Center is the most active tennis facility in the Southwest. It has been a part of USA League Tennis from the beginning, dating back 25 years to the first National Championships. Beyond this program, Randolph Tennis Center continues to thrive by pushing the boundaries and edges of our sport, continuously seeking for more and improved ways to attain and retain tennis players of all levels, both adult and junior. Their Adult and Junior Competitive Path programming, co-created by Jim Reffkin and Jeff Brack, virtually allows for any player, young or old, to identify their competitive level, what programs and tournaments are available to them at that level, then how to start participating. Their programming continues to gain worldwide recognition and adoption.

Jim Reffkin, USPTA Master Pro, has been, among many other things, the Director of Tennis at Randolph Tennis Center for the past 30 years! Visit Randolph Tennis Center online.
(left to right) Jim Reffkin, Lou Reffkin, Chacho Romero and David Blackwell


Friday, October 28
Day 1 of the 2005 4.0 Adult USA League Tennis Championships is underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona! Well, it's actually not so sunny as a cloud cover has rolled in from the Northwest to help cool things down into the high 70's, but poses no threat of rain. Some 17 women's and 17 men's 4.0 teams, representing each of the 17 USTA Sections across the United States are competing today in order to win the rights of being called the best 4.0 Adult team in the country!

Truly a Rare Feat That's Sure to Make You Jealous!

There are three women on this year's Adult 4.0 team representing the Northern California Section that have accomplished what is truly a rare, and potentially un-heard-of feat. Turn back the clock a whole three years, and Tula Kraiser (team captain), Cherisse Thomas and Teresa Truong had just begun playing tennis. In their first year of tennis, they formed a 3.0 women's team. Well guess what? They made it to Nationals....and they WON! That's a truly rare feat that IS sure to make you jealous, but that's not what we're talking about here. Tula, Cherisse and Teresa went on to form a 3.5 team the very next year that also made it all the way to the National Championships! And we're not done yet. The very next year, these women formed an Adult 4.0 women's team, and lo-and-behold, guess what?......they're here competing at this year's 4.0 Adult Nationals Championships and possess a 1-1 record heading into Saturday's action!

Congratulation ladies. You are obviously "naturals" and i'm sure you've worked extremely hard over the past three years as well. We're glad to have you here and good luck!
Cherisse Thomas (left), Tula Kraiser (middle - Team Captain), and Teresa Truong (right), showing you what they've accomplished in just three shor years! (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 - see article)

Down, But Not Out...

Anne Thomas is a non-playing captain for the Mid Atlantic 4.0 Adult women's team from Richmond, Virginia, but not by choice. Playing in a USTA 8.0 Mixed Doubles League match back in February, Anne injured her right hamstring. It wasn't the type of tear that puts you out, but the kind that just hangs around and bothers you. Favoring her right leg, she began to put great strain on her left

Anne Thomas, Captain of the Mid Atlantic 4.0 women's team from Richmond, Virg
leg. This would lead to her injuring her left hamstring, just weeks later.

With the Adult league season due to start in April, Anne was out of play. But, as Captain of her team, Anne remained IN! In fact, Anne now will tell you that because she couldn't play, she was able to focus more on her Captain position. "This is a tough job," she said. Anne went on to say, "Between line-ups, practicing, scouting and more, this takes a lot of time and focus."

Anne's efforts as Captain combined with a great group of people and tennis players has landed these ladies a spot at the National Championships. When asked what the magic formula has been, Anne said, "You have to balance winning with equitable playtime for the players. We have a great mix of girls with team spirit and outstanding camaraderie."

Anne was able to return to tennis just three weeks ago, but cannot compete at the National Championships. Because she was unable to play any prior matches, she is ineligible as a player. Welcome back to the courts Anne...and best of luck!

Dennis Leggoe with statue of Michael Landon at Randolph Tennis Center
Dennis Leggoe and Michael Landon - They've both Grazed the Grounds of Randolph Tennis Center
and don't miss Part 2! - Dennis Becomes a Successful Satellite Cell Phone Captain
Behind the stadium court at Randolph Tennis Center stands a bust statue of Michael Landon. It struck a cord with Dennis Leggoe, team member and co-captain of the Adult men's 4.0 team from Haddon Township, N.J. Dennis graduated from Collingswood High School in N.J. in 1970, where 16 years earlier, Michael Landon did as well. "Michael Landon was an all-state javelin thrower and is in the Collingswood H.S. Hall of Fame," recalls Dennis.

Why is there a statue of Michael Landon here at Randolph Tennis Center? From 1981 through 1995, Randolph was home to The Celebrity Tennis Classic, an event started by famed Connie Stevens, followed by Michael Landon hosting the event from 1982-1991, Beau Bridges in 1993 and Rick Springfield in 1994-1995.

Dennis Leggoe has had an incredible year of tennis. He is the captain or co-captain of teams that have made it to the National Championships this year. This weekend, he's here as co-captain of the 4.0 Adult men's team. The weekend of October 7-9, he was torn between two teams and two cities as the Middle States 4.5
Dennis Leggoe re-inacts how he became a successful satellite cellphone captain on one sweet October weekend
Adult mens' team was playing in Tucson, of which he is the co-captain, and his 4.0 Senior men's team, of which he is the Captain, was playing in Palm Springs. Since Dennis' wife was also competing in Tucson on the 4.5 Adult women's team from Middle States, Dennis chose to go to Tucson. But get this!.....he captained the 4.0 Senior team by phone! His days were filled with multiple phone calls to talk strategy, motivate, etc. Now, it gets even better......his 4.0 Senior team WON!

Thanks for all of your hard work Dennis. It's tough enough to captain one team, let alone be involved with THREE!

It's All In the Name - ACES N' Beer
Team logo for Team CAC (Chesterfield Athletic Club) - ACES N' BEER

This year's 4.0 Adult men's team representing the USTA Missouri Valley Section have a unique name that signifies a unique approach to the game of tennis. ACES N' Beer have a winning formula that's taken them all the way to Nationals, and to a 2-0 record after day 1! You go out on the court, have fun, hit as many ACES as you can, win, then grab a beer and relax. "Beer is Australian training food. It keeps us in good shape!," the team concluded.

Sounds pretty simple huh? Well, the truth is, they've been together as a team for four years now. In those four years, they've worked hard and have finally earned their spot at the National Championships. And it doesn't look like they're satisfied with just being here! Going into Saturday's action, ACES N' Beer are the favorites to advance out of their division into one of Sunday's four elusive spots.

A few of the team members from Team CAC - ACES N' BEER prepare for their 2nd round match

Injury Prone Friday
John Valencia, owner of Tucson based ValMed Sports Healthcare, has had a busy morning. One first degree ankle sprain, a torn meniscus, a torn hamstring, cramping, blisters and a nose bleed were among this mornings treatments. ValMed Sports Healthcare has been here at all 5 USA League Tennis National Championship events this year, and have been the official on-site trainers for the past 7 years.
John Valencia helps a player this morning

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