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3.0 Adult - Latest News and Photos

by: Grant Chambers

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Sunday, September 25

Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Washington Teams Conquer 3.0 Adult National Championships!
Both the men's and women's team from Seattle, Washington took home the elusive 3.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championship title today at Randolph Tennis Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Men's Final: Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Wash. d. Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico 3-2
Women's Final: Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Wash. d. Mid Atlantic - Ashburn, Virg. 3-2
Men's 3rd/4th Playoff:
Intermountain - Salt Lake City, Utah d. Southern - Lexington, SC 4-1
Women's 3rd/4th Playoff:
Middle States - Fort Washington, Penn. d. Northern California - Sunnyvale, Calif 3-2

First Place - Pacific Northwest - Seattle Washington 3.0 Men
Front row (left to right): Joe Shao (Asst. Coach), Adam Rogers (Captain), Roger Mark (Head Coach), David Johnson (Co-captain), Roger Yamaguchi (General Manager)
Middle row (left to right): Daniel Stewart, Kyle Loring, Ken Hsu, Steve Thompson, Radha Kotamarti, Josh Berger
Back row (left to right): Sachin Goregaoker, Scott Hendrickson, Kevin Rosenfield, Donald Junt and Eric Nelson

First Place - Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Washington 3.0 Women
Front row (left to right): Robin Trucksess, Susan Tribolini, Carolyn Gladwell, Terry Armstrong (Captain), Catherine Green, Pamela Potter, Barty Nicholson, Debra White
Back row (left to right): Lisa Debiec, Dayna Rene Eberhardt, Scott Daniel (Coach)

2nd Place - Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico 3.0 Men
Front row (left to right): Jorge Anglero, Fernando Del Valle Medina, Raul Castro (Captain), Jesus Rodriguez-Alvarez, Agustin Gonzalez-Cuadrado
Back row (left to right): Orlando Garcia, Javier Martinez, Miguel Bachetti, Ricardo Betancourt Melendez

2nd Place - Mid Atlantic - Ashburn, Virg. 3.0 Women
Front row (left to right): Terry Cocozza, Joan Shergalis, Kecia Brown (Captain), Martha Cokenias, Meta Van Taunay, Karen Knecht
Back row (left to right): Barbara Nealis, Linda Boesche, Karla Zedan, Janice Morgan, Louise Conover

3rd Place - Intermountain - Salt Lake City 3.0 Men
Front row (left to right): Randy Curry, Keith Jeppson, Joel Paulsen, John Lin, Jim Colunga, Larry Richie
Back row (left to right): Zach Hatch, Tyler Haggin, John Whitehead, Brad Flitton, Joel Hoffman

3rd Place - Middle States - Fort Washington, Penn 3.0 Women
Front row nealing (left to right): Cindy Reedy, Kathy Paciello
Front row (left to right): Nancy Moses, Carrie Paston, Gail Mayers, Rande Blank, Terese Zatcoff, Tracie Holmes (Captain)
Back row (left to right): Angels Badosa, Nancy Binder Tornetta, Karen Douglass

4th Place - Southern - Lexington, SC 3.0 Men
Front row (left to right): Robert Silva, Brian Mervak, Larry Guster (captain), Troy Martin, Landis Sandel, Jeffrey Platenberg
Back row (left to right): William Rice, Gary Raymond, Jeff Salters, Gregg Burrer, Joshua Crane

4th Place - Northern California - Sunnyvale, Calif. 3.0 Women
Front row (left to right): Donna Wheatley, Mae Lee, Brenda Klinger, Maureen Sredl, Crystal Gocka (Captain), Julie Blaha, Tomomi Inoue, Karen Wai-Ming Ng
Back row (left to right): Shirley Keegan, Ute Albert, Chikako Shimazaki, Vi Truong, Sherleen Ong

Men's semi-final
Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico d. Intermountain - Salt Lake City, Utah 3-2
Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Wash. d. Southern - Lexington, SC 5-0

Women's semi-final
Mid Atlantic - Ashburn, Virg. d. Middle States - Fort Washington, Penn. 3-2
Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Wash. d. Northern California - Sunnyvale, Calif. 3-2


Saturday, September 24
Day 2 is underway at the USA League Tennis National Championships in Tucson, Arizona. Day 1 temperatures reached over 100 degrees, and are forcasted to reach the same heights today. Cheers and tears are beginning to flow in more abundance as teams compete for a spot in Sunday's final 4.

Colorful Texas Men's 3.0 team ads "The Hurricane Team" to team name

Texas Men's team shirt - a coincidental tie dye design resembles Hurricane Rita that has affected their team and so many others in Texas and Louisiana
This year's 3.0 men's team feels lucky to be competing at this year's National Championships. Three of their team members were not able to make the trip to Tucson as they were stranded in Houston, Texas, trying to get back home to Jacksonville, Texas as Hurricane Rita continued its trek toward the Gulf Coast. Four other team members ended up having to drive all day and all night, 16 hours in all, to make it to Tucson. They arrived in Tucson at 2am, just hours before their Friday morning start time. All things considered, this team is still one of the brightest, most colorful teams at the event! You can see that their unique tie dyed uniforms are like no other, and can be seen from miles away! From head to toe, a local outfit, Tie Dye T's , helped put this fashion ensemble together. And to finish it off, team captain Burt "Rainbow Man" Gabbert constructed their Texas banner. In an errie coincidence, the tie dye pattern closely resembles that of a hurricane. For this reason, and because they are from Texas, they are known this weekend as the Tye Dye Team and The Hurricane Team.
The Texas 3.0 Men's team and supporters show their spirit and colors!

Texas "rainbow" shoes part of their Tie Dye Team outfits
This team calls the Jacksonville High School tennis courts their home court. They have a team age span from 27 - 69 years old. Six players from this team are also on a 3.0 Senior team that also won the Texas Senior Sectional Championships and will be traveling to Palm Springs for the National Championship tournament on October 28-30. And even more impressive, six players from their senior 3.0 team are playing in the Texas Section Super Senior Sectional Championships in just a few weeks!

Team captain, Burt Gabbert stated, "this has been an incredible journey. We're a small town of 16,000 that beat all of the big Texas teams. Our hats are off to the four men that made a 16 hour journey to be with us this weekend. We're having a lot of fun!"

Former Taiwan Davis Cup player and coach of 3.0 Intermountain Men's team, John Lin, talks about 5 hr 55 min. match in early 70's

John Lin, coach of this year's 3.0 men's team from Salt Lake City, Utah, has a rich history of tennis. We asked him about one

John Lin, Coach of the 3.0 Intermountain Men's team played foe the Taiwan Davis Cup team

legendary match in particular. In 1972, the Taiwan Davis Cup team squared off against the Phillippine Davis Cup team in Manila, Philippines. John doesn't remember the name of the person he played, but he sure remembers the score. In a 5 hr 55 min. battle, John prevailed 36-34 in the fith set. The match was played before the tie-breaker format was introduced to the sport. In all, the match score was 6-8, 12-10, 12-14, 16-14, 36-34, played on a clay court...and John won! That same year, John qualified for the French Open where he lost in the first round. John moved to the United States in 1978 where he worked as an assistant coach at Texas Christian University along with legendary Head Coach Tut Bartzen. From 1982-1984, he coached the Taiwan Davis Cup Team. In between, John has held a variety of coaching positions around the country and is currently a USPTA & USPTR Certified Teaching Pro at the Salt Lake Swim & Tennis Club in Salt Lake City. What John enjoys most about his profession is the opportunity to bring new players into the game.

The 3.0 Intermountain Men's Team is undefeated this weekend (3-0) and will be competing for the championship on Sunday!

Game, Set, Match!

Shown in the below photo, the Southern Women's 3.0 doubles team Karen Oliver and Lauren Bailey celebrate a win today that put their team in a 2-2 match tie with the 3.0 Florida Section Women's team. Southern would go on to win the match 3-2, putting them in a tie for first place with the Mid-Atlantic 3.0 Women's team in Flight II. With both teams posting a 2-1 team match record, it came down to individual matches won. Mid-Atlantic held the edge with 9 wins compared to 8 for Southern and earned a spot in tomorrow's semi-final round.

Southern Women's 3.0 doubles team Karen Oliver and Lauren Bailey celebrate a win!

"We're not that good, we just WIN!"

This is the motto of this year's Northern California Men's Team from San Mateo, California. Nobody expected this team to make it all the way to the National Championship, let alone be 2-0 after the first day and well in the hunt for the Championship. At their district and sectional championship events, they beat three teams that were undefeated for the entire season and they are competing with several first-time USA League Tennis participants. With today's loss, this "not that good" team, was just one match short of a stereotypical cinderella story. The team's captain, Janice Coakley, stated, "we didn't expect to be here. This has been the ride of our lives! We'll be back next year!"

The team would like to thank Rod Saludo, the head pro at their club, the Peninsula Golf & Country Club, for his support over the past year. A special thank you also goes to Dawn Bjorkman for putting together the team uniforms.

Northern California Men's 3.0 team with supporters


Friday, September 23
The 2005 3.0 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships is underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona! After winning their local, district and sectional competitions to advance to the National Championships, these teams are now playing for the title of number one 3.0 Adult USA League Tennis team in the country. Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees today.

Randy Curry - "Tennis is a huge part of my life."

Randy Curry strokes a half-volley in a 2nd round match against New England

Randy Curry is a member of the 3.0 Intermountain Men's Team from Salt Lake City, Utah competing at this year's National Championships. At the age of 19, Randy was in a car accident that disabled the use of his legs. Up to that point, he had participated in a variety of sports including baseball, basketball and tennis. Since his accident, it has been the sport of tennis that Randy likes to focus his energy on. In fact, Randy finished the 2000 season as the nation's 3rd ranked player in the men's "b"

Randy Curry serves it up
division! That year, he took 2nd place at the U.S. Open. Randy stated, "Tennis is a huge part of my life, and my wife's life. We are tennis fanatics. We plan our vacations around tennis!"

Playing doubles today, Randy was the only person in a wheelchair on the court. The rule states that a wheelchair player is allowed 2 bounces. "Playing with able-bodied participants is different. The ball almost NEVER bounces twice. The game is usually a lot faster and you have less time to react. When playing against another wheelchair player, the ball stays lower and bounces twice more often," he stated.

As a professional, Randy works for Goldman & Sachs as a manager of a client reporting team.

Congratulations to your and your team on a great year Randy! We look forward to seeing you here at nationals again in the future!

Pacific Northwest Women Tell Their Secret...

The Pacific Northwest 3.0 Women's team is having a blast at this year's National Championships. Along with a first round 5-0 win and still being in the hunt for the championship crown, you'll find these women laughing, smiling and laughing some more! Right now, things are on a roll for these women who appear to have everything in line, the perfect scientific blend, including good looks and very fashion rich team uniforms, that only comes along every now and again. Team member Carolyn Gladwell, Social Chairperson of the team, found it hard to give in and tell the secret of how they do it, but after begging and pleading, we finally got her to unveil. The answer was quite simple, and quite human, "We're all friends who like to celebrate life and smile!" It also helps that they have been very focused and confident along the way. In fact, before their sectional championship event began, they had already booked a hotel for nationals! When asked how they were going to prepare for tomorrow's matches, Carolyn said, "we'll have two practices tonight, and no alcohol until our champaign on Sunday!"

Pacific Northwest Women's 3.0 Team "40-Love" with Coach Scott Daniel

Alan Brust - A Passionate and Helpful Combination of Work and Play

Alan Brust is a member of this years USTA Eastern Section's 3.0 Men's team competing at the National Championships in Tucson, AZ. Professionally, Alan is a Quality Assurance Manager for GE (General Electric) Research in Niskayunn, NY. He has been with the company for

Alan Brust - Eastern 3.0 Men's Team

20 years and currently helps to research and build digital breast cancer detectors for the GE Healthcare department. Like many people, Alan played tennis as a junior, but was forced to let the sport go as the demands of putting himself through college took over. Crediting World Team Tennis and USTA programs for bringing him back into the game in the early 90's, Alan resumed play in his mid-30's and now plays a consistent 3 times per week. He has found a particular interest in playing mixed doubles, where the opportunity to meet and talk with women is abundant. Alan enjoys the interaction of being able to talk to women about breast cancer and the technologies that are in place or being developed to help with testing and detection. Alan stated, "many women fear testing and certainly being called back for a second test." He went on to say, "I enjoy being able to instill confidence in women by educating about the fact that newer digital technologies are able to perform less painful tests, while producing quicker and more accurate results. Through our technologies, we're able to achieve earlier diagnosis and quicker, more precise treatments."

For more information about GE Global Research and their technologies visit www.research.ge.com or www.hersource.com .
To locate the Digital Mammography System nearest you visit http://www.gehealthcare.com/usen/xr/mammo/products/seno2000d.html .

A Little Bit of Louisianna LOV'IN!

At the National Championships, it is customary for teams to exchange gifts. This year, the 3.0 women's team from Monroe, Louisiana are giving their opponents a little bit of Louisiana! Seen in this picture is their warm and heartfelt bag of goodies that includes the following items:

Louisianna gift bags given to opponents

- Cajun Spices from "Duck Commander"
- Marty Gras beads
- Tabasco sauce
- Bracelet
- a "little book of hugs for Mom" book
...and information about how you can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina

Shown in this picture is team captain Chrys Howard with her husband John Howard and daughter Ashley Moore. Fortunately, they live in the northern part of Louisiana and did not receive any damage from the hurricane. As so many people have, they too have pledged to do their part in helping the victims. They currently have evacuees staying in their home and they have been a great part of their churches effort in helping to raise over $2,000,000 and counting.

(left to right)- Ashley Moore, John Howard, Chrys Howard

In addition, Chrys and daughter Ashley are best-selling authors. Chrys has written 6 "Inspirational Hug Series" books and Ashley has written one, "Hugs to Brighten Your Day." They have sold over 500,000 copies of their books! If that's not enough, they also own Howard Publishing Company and Chrys and John are the proud grandparents of 10!

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