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4.5 Senior - Latest News and Photos


4.5 Final Results

Southern California and Pacific Northwest Grab National Titles

The weather was perfect and the competition was great.  Congratulations to our two new 4.5 senior national champions.  On the women's side, the Southern California team from San Diego was determined to 'take it all' this weekend and they accomplished this feat.  Several members of the team also competed a couple weeks ago in the 4.5 adult national championship in which they sported a third place finish.

In the men's field, the Pacific Northwest team won the national title by narrowly defeating their opponent from Midwest with a 2-1 score.

The women from Eastern have also had a great couple weeks.  They finished second in this weekend's national championship, and several members of their team were part of the 4.5 adult national championship team from a couple weeks ago in Tucson.

Following are photos of the first thru fourth place teams as well as human interest news from several teams who competed in this 4.5 senior championship.

4.5 Senior Pacific Northwest
4.5 Senior Southern Cal.

Men's 4.5 Senior
Champion: Pacific Northwest - Seattle, Wa.
2nd place: Midwest - Cleveland, Ohio
3rd place: Southern California - San Gabriel, Ca.
4th place: Northern - St. Paul/Minneapolis, Mn.

Women's 4.5 Senior
Champion: Southern California - San Diego, Ca.
2nd place: Eastern - Westchester County, NY
3rd place: Texas - Houston, Tx.
4th place: Northern California - Berkeley, Ca.


Semifinals and Final Results

Men's Finals
Seattle, Wa., def. Cleveland, Ohio, 2-1

Women's Finals
San Diego, Ca., def. Westchester County, NY, 3-0

Men's Semifinals
Seattle, Wa., def. San Gabriel, Ca., 2-1
Cleveland, Ohio, def. Twin Cities, Mn., 2-1
3rd/4th place match:
San Gabriel, Ca., def. Twin Cities, Mn., 2-1

Women's Semifinals
Westerchester County, NY, def. Houston, Tx., 2-1
San Diego, Ca., def. Berkeley, Ca., 2-1
3rd/4th place match:
Houston, Tx., def. Berkeley, Ca., 3-0

4.5 Senior Midwest
4.5 Senior Eastern



4.5 Senior Southern Cal.
4.5 Senior Texas



4.5 Senior Northern
4.5 Senior Northern Cal.



Day 2 News and Photos
Qualifying for Not One, Not Two, But Three National Championships

It's difficult to reach one USA League Tennis National championship, but how about finding yourself as a member of three different national league teams in one year?  Roz King, member of the Southern California women's team, has landed in such an exciting position.  

4.5 Senior teammates

King is a member of the 4.5 adult team which competed two weeks ago, is playing this weekend as her 4.5 senior team qualified, and will stay in Palm Springs another few days to compete in the 9.0 Super Senior event.  "We plan to take everything and win the national title", she remarked.

In addition to being a part of three teams which advanced to a national league championship in the same year, King's successful year doesn't stop there.  A nationally ranked player, King won gold and silver tennis balls earlier this year from competing in USTA National Tournaments. 

King's triumphs at USTA National Tournaments have now extended to her other teammates.  Ginni Blanchard, member of both the 4.5 adult and 4.5 senior teams, won her first bronze ball at a USTA tournament this year.  "I had goosebumps for days because it was such a thrill for me."

Best of luck to the Southern California women the rest of this championship weekend.

Team's Cheerleader is former Professional Player

4.5 Senior sisters

Christine Spencer, a member of the women's Mid-Atlantic team competing this weekend, used to be a cheerleader for her older sister, Peggy Michaels, when Michaels competed on the professional tour.  Now, Michaels is returning the favor this weekend and cheering her younger sister on to victory this weekend.

Michaels' victories while on the professional tour included doubles titles at Wimbledon and the Australian Open with partner Evonne Goolagong.  Today, Michaels is Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Sales for the Indian Wells tournament in Southern California.  So, when younger sister Spencer advanced to the national championships this year, Michaels decided to serve as the team's cheerleader and provide a few playing tips to the team members along the way.

Team Mascots

A couple of team mascots spotted this weekend include a 'flying frog' for the Texas women and 'Ollie the cat' on behalf of the Intermountain men.  The Texas mascot propelled the women to a 2-0 start on Friday.  The little glass frog is strategically placed on the tennis court on the side of the court where the Texas team members are serving and returning for good luck.  Ollie made the trek to Palm Springs, and is a mainstay with the Intermountain cheering section for each match.  He lays down right outside the courts and appears to be watching the matches. 



4.5 Senior Championships Underway - News and Photos

The 2005 4.5 Senior USA League Tennis National Championships started early this morning admist sunny skies and few clouds.  Temperatures reached the mid-80s today, and near 90 degree conditions with plenty of sunshine is expected on Saturday and Sunday.  Check out a few photos and newsworthy clips about the teams competing this weekend. 

Day 1 News and Photos
Players Competing in Second National Championship This Year

For most players, having the opportunity to play in one USA League Tennis National Championship is an exciting opportunity.  This year's 4.5 Senior event finds approximately 12 women and two men who previously competed in the 4.5 Adult USA League Tennis National Championships a few weeks ago.  Check back on this website page over the weekend as we chat with one or two of them about their experiences.


The Mighty Stallions

The New England men's team proudly sported their official team shirts today which read "With a name like 'The Stallions' we'd better be good"!  The team name was born in 2001 on the team's first visit to the USA League Tennis National Championships.

4.5 Senior stallion men

Although there have been a few new members joining the team and a couple who have departed over five years, about half of the 'herd' has remained intact.  Vying for their first national championship title in 2003, the team finished a respectable 3rd place.  Perhaps this is the year in which 'The Stallions' will capture that elusive first national championship.

An important part of their determination to win stems from Henry Tiberio, who at 83 years young, is a mentor to many of the team members.  Tiberio is instrumental in the local league program in the Boston area.  A ranked tennis player for nearly 60 years and currently the No. 1 ranked 80 and over player in New England, he's the inspiration behind this team.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

4.5 Senior SW women


This picture deserves our 'Team Photo of the Day' award. 

The Southwest women are very serious on the court, but they also know how to have a bit of fun. 

This shot shows their laid back and non-competitive demeanor. 





What's In a Name?

As most people know, the New England area is often known for lobster.  The New England women's team decided to put a small twist on this and name themselves the Lob Stars.  Well, the team name came to life this morning as the team members used a few lobs to their advantage in their morning match victory.

Another team which sports a team name are the Hawaii women.  This team from the Honolulu area are know as the 'Hot Flashes'.        


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