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3.0 Senior - Latest News and Photos


By Nick Mazzella

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October 30, 2005

Final Results

USA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s 3.0 Senior National Standings

Champion: Southern – Goldsboro, North Carolina

2nd place: Pacific Northwest – Oswego, Oregon

3rd place: Mid Atlantic – Midlothian, Virginia

4th place: Southwest – El Paso, Texas

USA LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s 3.0 Senior National Standings

Champion: Pacific Northwest – Wenatchee, Washington

2nd place: Northern – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

3rd place: Southern – Rogers, Arkansas

4th place: Middle States – Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Women's 3.0 Senior National Champions from Goldsboro, North Carolina representing the Southern Section© Betsy Bender/Cynthia Lum Photo

Women's National Champions from Goldsboro, North Carolina: Sally Worrell, Gloria Keesee, Bonnie Hunter, Sharon Crawford (captain), Beth Kannan, Sharon La Fevers, Betsy Harrold, Holly Steed

Men's 3.0 Senior National Champions from Wenatchee, Washington representing the Pacific Northwest Section© Betsy Bender/Cynthia Lum Photo

Men’s National Champions from Wenatchee, Washington: Larry Barclay, Brian Richardson, Bob Shepard, John Raymond, David Jaquish, Dan Gaab, Larry Woodward. (Brian Gundersen not pictured)

Women's 3.0 Senior Finalists from Oswego, Oregon representing the Pacific Northwest Section© Betsy Bender/Cynthia Lum Photo

Women’s Finalists from Oswego, Oregon:

Front Row: Fran Hepp, Madeline Shotwell, Julie Bevan (captain), Kathy Siebers, Nancy Kratochvil

Back Row: Brenda Bonnell, Sarah Bradley, Carolyn Wiecks, Sue Benowicz, Kate Howells


Men's 3.0 Senior Finalists from Eden Prairie, Minnesota representing the Northern Section© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

Men’s Finalists from Eden Prairie, Minnesota:

Front Row: Dean Schumann, Joseph Wright, Ken Weller (captain), Frank Fallon, Steve Nielsen

Back Row: Sid Wilkening, Thomas Gmitro, Mike Boyles, Jim Vardaman, Steve Wright


USA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s 3.0 Senior National Standings

Champion: Southern – Goldsboro, North Carolina

2nd place: Pacific Northwest – Oswego, Oregon

3rd place: Mid Atlantic – Midlothian, Virginia

4th place: Southwest – El Paso, Texas

USA LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s 3.0 Senior National Standings

Champion: Pacific Northwest – Wenatchee, Washington

2nd place: Northern – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

3rd place: Southern – Rogers, Arkansas

4th place: Middle States – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 29

Even the Scottish and the Pirates got along during Saturday night's dinner© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo
We all know the best grapes come from the Pacific Northwest© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

Happy Halloween

The ghouls, the ghosts, the pirates, and even the grapes all gathered together on Saturday night for the much-anticipated Halloween Party. Great food, lively dancing, and a slideshow with pictures from the weekend were some of the highlights of the night. We would also like to thank our eighteen-year sponsors at Head/Penn Racquet Sports for donating racquet bags, hats, fleece blankets, and backpacks for the party’s giveaway raffle.  We wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween. 



SoCal's Witchy Women smiling for the camera at Saturday's Halloween Party© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

Florida Flamingos

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor hurricane can stop us;" this is the motto that the Women from Florida have lived by this past week. Because of no electricity in their hurricane hit area, the Florida Flamingos needed to rent a car, drive from Ft. Myers to Tampa, and then fly out from Tampa to Los Angeles. The team’s number one doubles player, Shara Strack, recently needed knee surgery, and amazingly, with the help of intense rehab, will be able to play in this team’s first National Championships. Unfortunately, teammate Anja Perry could not join her team in Palm Springs this weekend. A sixteen-year breast cancer survivor, Anja’s cancer has recurred, and her teammates will be playing their hearts out for their beloved friend.  

Neither rain, nor snow, nor hurrican can stop these Flamingos© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photos

"Tennis Saved My Life"

Seven years ago, tennis was the last thing on Intermountain team member Bob Sunde’s mind. Suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, Bob’s doctor told him he could no longer play racquetball and would not be able to play similar sports such as tennis. This comment inspired Bob immensely, who had never even played competitive tennis. With this new motivation came the development of new medications that have allowed Bob to get out of the wheelchair and onto the court. Bob had his hip replaced for the second time three months before sectionals, and with the help of his teammates, still managed to get to the National Championships. Team Captain Leroy Beeby decided to pair Bob with Jerry Geiszler, the quickest member on the squad. This unique doubles team plays Bob near the net, while Jerry plays back and runs down balls. Bob credits tennis with saving his life, and his story is no doubt an inspiration to many.

Bob Sunde, far left, loving and life and happy to be here with his teammates © Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

The World is My Lobster

Moose Heads and Lobster Tails© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Phtoa

The New England Men’s Team from Brunswick will be playing without teammate and Maine lobsterman Skip Purinton this weekend.  Although Skip couldn’t make it to Palm Springs, he refused to let his fellow teammates depart for the desert without his help. The team decided to hold a National Championships raffle/auction, raising $1,200; the most popular items were two packages of ten lobsters that Skip had plucked from the ocean earlier that week. Needless to say, Skip’s teammates wish he could have made it this weekend as they enjoy the warm sun; a nice retreat from the snow back home.

"Mood Swings"

Despite their name, The Mood Swings always seem to be smiling© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

One year after being knocked out in sectionals, the Middle States Women from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, comically named the "Mood Swings," are here in Palm Springs playing in the Senior National Championships. Remarkably, they also played in this year’s Adult National Championships. Unfortuantely, like the men from Maine, these women are missing a valuable team member and beloved friend. Lancaster Team Captain Pam Wallace could not attend this weekend’s championships because of a fear of flying.

The Lancaster Men Playing Tough Tennis© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo
Being a schoolteacher, Pam did not have enough time to take the four-day train ride because of her great commitment to her students. Despite missing their team captain, the Mood Swings have plenty of support; friends from back East as well as friends living in California are here cheering on their team, not to mention the Middle States Men, who also reside in Lancaster.

The Texas Tie-Dyes and the Power of Pickle Juice

With personalities even more colorful than their tie-dyed shirts, the Texas Men’s Team is ecstatic to be in Palm Springs this weekend. Winning the 3.0 Men’s Texas Triple Crown, this team from Jacksonville has qualified for this year’s Adult, Senior, and Super Senior National Championships. Earlier in the month, while preparing to depart for the 3.0 Adult National Championships in Tucson, their flight was canceled due to threatening Hurricane Rita. The team was forced to pack their cars, drive sixteen hours from Jacksonville to Tucson, and play early Friday morning after arriving at 2:00 a.m. Needless to say, travel was much kinder to this team this weekend. Former NFL player and Texas team member Ed Marcontell informed me of a secret to Jacksonville’s incredible success. According to Ed, the only truly effective way to combat heat cramps is to drink pickle juice. As strange as this may seem at first, Ed does have some support for his strange and dill antidote. One of his close friends, who researched Ed’s secret and found no validity to it, refused to believe in this remedy. Yet, two hours before a tennis match, Ed’s buddy found himself suffering from cramps severe enough to send him to the hospital. When told by doctors that inserting an iv would keep him in a hospital for four hours, Ed’s friend was forced to consider a different option if he wanted to play in his match. Ed pulled out his trusty can of dill pickle juice and handed it to his cramping friend, who skeptically drank it, left the hospital, and to no surprise to Ed, won his match.

No cramping for these guys© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo


Friday, October 28

Competition for Chicago

Bruce Unterman, team captain of the Midwest Men from Bloomington, Illinois, was tired of sitting at home while team’s from Illinois’ larger city, Chicago, seemed to always move on towards regionals.

Each team has displayed great sportsmanship this weekend© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo
With encouragement from USTA’s regional directors, who inspired clubs to get captains and form more teams, Bruce is no longer sitting at home. This year, Bloomington sent eleven teams to regionals, eight teams to sectionals, and three teams to nationals, by far the most their club has ever sent. Bruce credits club pro Matt Runyan for helping his team make it to their first National Championship and also recognizes the USTA for putting on this entertaining tournament. "It’s a neat thing to be here and play tennis with others that love the game as much as we do. All teams have displayed good sportsmanship and maturity, and I couldn’t imagine having more fun."

Tough Break

Missouri Valley’s Women from St. Louis are forced to overcome a few obstacles this weekend, but who said winning a National Championship would ever come easily. Because of an emergency, teammate Joan Graviss was forced to go home, but she will still be wearing her team shirt this weekend and his here in spirit. Furthermore, already one member short, while going through a security checkpoint at a St. Louis airport, Alicia Gerss was accidentally pushed in the back while grabbing her luggage. As a result, her finger was awkwardly forced onto her baggage, breaking her finger. Fortunately for opposing teams, this weekend in Palm Springs has brought cooler, though still warm, 85 degree weather; the St. Louis women came in prepared for a hotter weekend, training all summer in over 100 degree heat.

The Missouri Valley Women are anxious to show what they can do on the court© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo

Leading the Boys to Victory

Gaye Hirata played in the 3.5 National Championships here in Palm Springs last year, but this weekend she is here playing a different role. A former women’s coach, Gaye decided to change it up this year and coach her husband’s team from Oahu, Hawaii. By rousing a team, which never used to practice, and getting them on the courts more frequently, this men’s team now finds themselves searching for a national title. Gaye also pointed out that this is a "family team." Her husband, Vern Hirata, Vern’s brother, Alvin, and Gaye’s brother are all vital members of this team’s nucleus.

The Hawaiian Men having a good time with Coach Gaye© Betsy Bender/ Cynthia Lum Photo
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