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2006 2.5 Adult League National Championship News

by Nick Mazzella

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USTA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s 2.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Midwest – Indianapolis, Indiana
2nd place: Pacific Northwest – Bellevue, Washington
3rd place: Southern – Birmingham, Alabama
4th place: Northern California – Diablo, California

USTA LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s 2.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Caribbean – Ponce, Puerto Rico
2nd place: Intermountain – Salt Lake City, Utah
3rd place: Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii    
4th place: Mid-Atlantic – Silver Spring, Maryland  


Women's Champion: Midwest – Indianapolis, Indiana 

Left to Right: Front: Coach Prem Gupta, Sarah Marriott, Stephanie Valentine Hastings, Gloria Dorson, Dana Duncan.  Back: Nicole Rudolph, Beth Miller, Kathleen Suzann Moreillon, Lauren Flanagan, Karen Lewis.  Not Shown: Barbara Simpson and Cynthia Harris


Men's Champion: Caribbean – Ponce, Puerto Rico 

Andy Rodriguez, Francisco Torres, Mauricio Guerra, Daniel Franco, Efrain Daleccio, Roberto Figueroa, Jorge Ivan Madera, Jose Martinez, Orlando Torres, Edgardo Collazo.  Not Shown: Manuel Rodriguez and Axel Mysholowsky.

Women's 2nd place: Pacific Northwest – Bellevue, Washington 

Front: Yukie Kato, Chika Hashimoto, Mayumi Taniguchi, Leslee Ikuko Kay, Susan Nanette McGinnis.  Back: Coach Jason Chapman, Leslie Bouton, Kathy Marie Trisler, Yuka Kimura.  Not Shown: Catherine Keating, Karen Rosengren, Sachiko Sasaki, and Laura Ann Long


Men's 2nd place: Intermountain – Salt Lake City, Utah

Anthony Godfrey, Roger Rougelot, Bryan Gyllenskog, Matt Longson, Beat Koszinowski, Scott Schwendiman.  Not Shown: Allan Sitton, Wayne Sorensen, Tony Workman, Robert Brasher, Timothy Rideout. 


Women's 3rd place: Southern – Birmingham, Alabama

Lori Kerley, Shannon Houser, Kimberly Kugler, Ouida Carol Hickey, Cherice Kellye, Katie Prodoehl.  Not Shown: Meghan Carey Henig, Layne Lavett, and Becky Carey Hollingsworth


Women's 4th place: Northern California – Diablo, California

Front: Sadaf Eckermann, Kristin Furlong, Marti Greene, Benita Halliday Smiley, Karen Morris, Vanessa Sturla, Heather Dean Schulte.  Back Row: Carla Quinn, Jennifer Lynne Schreiber, Stevie Sturla, Lisa Bakos, Jodie Dowling.  Not Shown: Michele Stedman and Sue Turley


Men's 4th place: Mid-Atlantic – Silver Spring, Maryland  

Nirmal Patel, Bob Gimpel, Philip Morgan, Johannes Allender, Aaron Philbert.  Not Shown: David Lesnoy and Robert Wuhrman



Women’s Finals
Indianapolis, Indiana defeated Bellevue, Washington, 2-1

Men’s Finals
Ponce, Puerto Rico defeated Salt Lake City, Utah, 3-0

Women’s Semifinals
Indianapolis, Indiana defeated Birmingham, Alabama, 2-1
Bellevue, Washington defeated Diablo, California, 2-1
3rd place match:
Birmingham, Alabama defeated Diablo, California, 3-0

Men’s Semifinals
Salt Lake City, Utah defeated Silver Spring, Maryland, 2-1
Ponce, Puerto Rico defeated Honolulu, Hawaii, 3-0
3rd place match:
Honolulu, Hawaii defeated Silver Spring, Maryland 2-1

The Chrysler Test Drive
The USTA is very happy to have both Chrysler and Penn sponsoring this year’s National Championships.  This weekend, all players who test-drove a brand new Chrysler were entered into a drawing to win premium Head packages worth over $500.  The prize packages included a Head racquet, Head wristbands, a Head bag, and a Head briefcase.  Free gifts for driving a cool car…Sign Me Up!

Missouri Valley Captain Bobby Rosenburger Test-Drives a Chrysler 300© Tammye Canada Photo


Saturday, October 7

What a beautiful afternoon for our second day of tennis.  After yesterday’s bouts with strong and troublesome winds, today the air is calm and the temperature is in the mid 80s.

Kendrick the Guide Dog© Tammye Canada Photo
Puppy In Training

This beautiful mixed breed puppy seems to be enjoying the weekend just as much as his puppy raisers.  Judy and Bill Kerler take Kendrick, ½ lab ½ poodle, everywhere they go, including this weekend’s trip across the country to watch their daughter Robyn represent the Mid Atlantic Women.  Kendrick is no ordinary dog; he is actually a puppy in training for Guide Dogs of America.  With the sweet disposition of a lab, and the non-allergenic coat of a poodle, this mixed breed puppy seems poised to be a great guide in the future.


Turning Her Life Around
Two years ago, Carol Hickey could hardly do anything but walk.  Hindered by weight problems, Carol decided that she needed to change her lifestyle and take back her life.  After a 25-year tennis layoff, Carol began to eat healthier, join the local YMCA, and get back on the tennis court.  Two years later, Carol has dropped 95 pounds and is now playing in a USTA National Championship.  Another trick to shedding some pounds was picking up step aerobics; in fact, Carol is now an aerobics instructor back home.  Truly an amazing and inspiring story, Carol insists, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”  All of Carol’s Southern Section teammates are so proud of her, and they love having her here in Palm Springs.

Carol Hickey and the Gals From Birmingham© Tammye Canada Photo

                                                                                    The Legend of Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan Getting it Done for the Mid Atlantic Men© Tammye Canada Photo
Phil Morgan feels no butterflies in his stomach this weekend.  With 16 National Championship Tournaments under his belt, Phil is used to being in the spotlight.  During one stretch, Phil captained 12 teams a year for 15 years straight!  In 1999, Phil served as captain in 4 National Championships, the 3.5 seniors, the 3.5 adults, the 3.0 seniors, and the 3.0 adults.  Mother nature has caused Phil to cut down on his tennis a bit recently, but that hasn’t stopped him from still making it to the 2.5 National Championships for the third year straight.  Keep it up Phil!


A Fascinating Foursome
You may not know Gloria Dorson by name, but if you are a fan of television and movies, then chances are you have seen Gloria before.  With rolls in hit movies such as Total Recall and Hoosiers, and appearances in television sitcoms including Murphy Brown, Home Improvement, and the Golden Girls, Gloria has entertained millions of people across the world.  As much as Gloria enjoys doing movies, actually prefers acting in theater.

Left to Right: Beth Miller, Scot Johnson, Gloria Dorson, Stephanie Hastings© Tammye Canada Photo
Gloria had a big roll in the performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” playing Anne’s mother.  Gloria’s Midwest teammate Stephanie Hastings also has an interesting background.  Stephanie used to be a racecar driver at the US Auto Club.  While Stephanie no longer races, she didn’t completely get out of the racing business.  She is currently a racetrack announcer at Indiana’s Gas City.  A third teammate, Beth Miller is here after having just one year experience in competitive tennis.  Crazy enough, her boyfriend, Scot Johnson, who picked up a racquet for the first time a year ago, is also here playing for the Midwest men.   




Friday, October 6

A Windy Kick Off in Palm Springs
Here’s a site you normally wouldn’t see in Palm Springs.  Puerto Rican team captain Andy Rodriguez was found rubbing his hands together to stay warm this morning while cheering on his fellow teammates.  “It’s cold here in Palm Springs,” stated Andy.  “It’s a lot warmer back home.”  Andy’s Caribbean Men’s team from Ponce, Puerto Rico is used to mid 90-degree weather.  If Andy was here in Palm Spring three weeks ago, he would have been playing in triple digit heat; but it is considerably cooler today, with strong winds that every team will have to fight through.  Andy is the one responsible for scouting and fielding the Caribbean team, which has been playing together since last February.  Rodriguez was found playing in the 2.5 National Championships 6 years ago, and will also be in Hawaii in a couple of weeks, playing with his 4.0 friends starting October 27. 

                                                                                    Hangin’ With Celebrities

The Women From Charlottesville are Ready to Go After Training with Rock Stars Back Home. © Tammye Canada Photo

There’s no question that teams are presented with some pros and cons to consider when facing up against the Mid Atlantic Women from Charlottesville, Virginia.  While they know they will be faced with a formidable and difficult opponent, at least opposing teams can be rest assured that regardless of the outcome of their match, they will receive a cool souvenir in the gift exchange.  Before each match, the Mid Atlantic Women hand out Boyd Tinsley long sleeved tennis shirts and visors to their opponents.  Who’s Brad Tinsley?  Why he’s only the violinist for The Dave Matthews Band, one of the most popular bands of the 90s.  Tinsley, a Charlottesville native, along with Matthews, frequently visits the Boar’s Head Sports Club in Charlottesville; the same club that these Mid Atlantic Women hail from.     



The Quick Learning Hawaiians 
For years, Butch Ayau has been playing tennis with his wife in the beautiful and exclusive community of Kalawahine, located in Honolulu.  What makes Kalawahine intimate is that the neighborhood consists of 81 single-family homes; uniquely, each family must be at least 50% Hawaiian to live there.  A few months ago, Butch, who attended two national championships last year, decided to invite over some of his Kalawahine friends for a friendly game of tennis.  Although they were new to the sport, Butch saw the incredible potential that his neighbors possessed.  After a few weeks, all of Butch’s friends fell in love with the game.  Not only did they decide to form an all-Hawaiian native team with Butch, but each member also went out and bought the finest tennis shoes and the best racquets.  Teammate Garret Kam purchased uniforms for the team and Butch’s daughter, Keawe, became the team’s hitting coach.  Furthermore, teammates Mason Kam and Keola Akana can be seen showcasing their Hawaiian spirit on stage as semi-pro guitar and ukulele players.

The Hawaiian Women Flashing the Aloha Sign with the Native Hawaiian Men.© Tammye Canada Photo


While the Hawaiian Men are all of Hawaiian descent, the Hawaiian Women have no Hawaiian natives on their team.  Amazingly they have players from Italy, the Philippines, Japan, England, and the United States.  This team has no coach, no uniforms, and little playing experience, but that hasn’t sopped them from making it all the way to the National Championships here in Palm Springs.             

Never Underestimate the Value of a Great Coach
The Northern Women’s team from Minnesota has only been playing together for four months, but that didn’t stop Coach Alvin Hines from getting them to their first National Championships here in Palm Springs.  The chemistry that these women have together is extremely unique; none of the players knew each other until coach Alvin convinced them to join up this June.  It seems only fitting that their club name back home is the Moore Lake Lifetime Club, as team member Barbara Piotrowski describes this weekend as the “chance of a lifetime.”  Barbara, along with her teammates and coach, had to take time off of work to make it here this weekend, revealing her commitment to the sport and her love of the game.  “I love tennis, and what’s great about it is that this is a sport I can play until I’m ninety years old.”  Coach Hines also has a great passion for this sport, as well as proven past success.  This is his fourth women’s team that has made it to the National Championships; two of his teams made it in 2000 and another team played in the National Championships in Tucson last year.  Despite all of his accomplishments, Coach Alvin insists that it is not all about winning.  What Alvin loves is the fact that the USTA allows different people, who all have different careers, to get together and become a family.  Hines especially respects and appreciates the 2.5 level.  “The 2.5 level is so important because that is where it all starts.  You have to appreciate the beginner level because they grow the game, and they have no place to go but up.”

Coach Alvin Hines Enjoying the Sun with the Northern Women© Tammye Canada Photo


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