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2006 3.0 Adult League National Championship News

by:  Grant Chambers

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Sunday, October 1
The 2006 USTA League Tennis National Championships has concluded.  Congratulations to the following winning teams for their great determination and perseverance!

1st Place Men – USTA Midwest Section

Front row (left to right): Eric Pepa, Ryan Babiar, David Fishman (captain), Rich Lenz, Jeffrey McGinn
Back row (left to right): Michael Dunphy, Grant Rudolph, Craig Zeigler, Andreas Roer, Jeffrey Heydt

1st Place Women – USTA Intermountain Section

Front row (left to right): Tanis Andrus, Molly Spencer, Tanya Conrad, Janei’a Nielsen Sperry, Jennifer Wells (captain), Teresa Harris, Shannon Larsen Mangum, Christine Holland, Ann Cardullo
Back row (left to right): Kamryn Rose, Karyn Later, Rob Sperry (coach), Carla Meine, Michelle Cochran

2nd Place Men – USTA Caribbean Section

Front row (left to right): Jorge Gonzalez Santos, David Joel Cortez, Raul Acosta, Jose Mendoza, Alexander Fred (captain), Javier Cid, Jose Armando Mercado
Back row (left to right): Ivan Alvarez, Edwin Gonzalez, Eduardo Delgado, Fabian Kroselj

2nd Place Women – USTA Pacific Northwest Section

Front row (left to right): Ann Woodmansee, Loyce Adams, Colleen Williams, Sara Addicott, Kay Almer, Karen Appel, Sonja Pemberton, Adrienne Deinst (captain), Roger Mark (coach)
Back row (left to right): Molly Pavia (coach), Anne Greenbaum, Bonnie-Lynn Robertson, Pamela Pinney, Christine Roehnelt, Shino Hyde

3rd Place Men – USTA Mid Atlantic Section

Front row (left to right): James Dorf, John Spaide, Jami Reyes, Kevin Louis Colabucci, Richard Thornton, Jeffery Bishoff, Jon Smith (captain)
Back row (left to right): Alan Donaldson, Charles Baxley, Scott Thomas Rapson, Robert Collins, Todd Levy, John Erickson, Ed Kraft

3rd Place Women – USTA Caribbean Section

(left to right): Luz Moralez, Hilda Marrero, Elizabeth Yolanda Rivera-Vega, Mely Rosa Morales, Lynnette Medina, Elly Morales (captain), Alma Espinet, Jacqueline Robles, Carmen Liz, Madeline Davila, Jane Nardone

4th Place Men – USTA Northern California Section

Front row (left to right):  Charles Rivera, Benjamin Chao Wong, Monty Mun (captain), Clifton Pang, Kyle Jones, Lee Wei, Eric Chua, Kevin Chen, Xin Yao

4th Place Women – USTA Eastern Section

(left to right): Charlie Chait, Kate Jennings (captain), Janice Israel, Judith Keller, Katie Magill, Randi Ann Coppola, Jennifer Holmes, Sarah Bonay, Emily Gilman, Lorna Gager, Carmen Pasquin


Men’s Final
USTA Midwest Section - Hanover Park, ILL. def.  USTA Caribbean Section - San Juan, Puerto Rico, 3-2

Women's Final
USTA Intermountain Section - Salt Lake City, Utah def. USTA Pacific Northwest Section - Seattle, Wash, 5-0

Men's 3rd/4th Playoff
USTA Mid Atlantic Section - Columbia, MD def. USTA Northern California Section - Union City, Calif. 4-1

Women's 3rd/4th Playoff
USTA Caribbean Section - San Juan, Puerto Rico def. USTA Eastern Section - Westchester, NY, 3-2

Men's Semifinal
USTA Caribbean Section - San Juan, Puerto Rico def. USTA Northern California Section - Union City, Calif. 4-1
USTA Midwest Section - Hanover Park, ILL. def. USTA Mid Atlantic Section - Columbia, MD, 3-2

Women's Semifinal
USTA Intermountain Section - Salt Lake City, Utah def. USTA Caribbean Section - San Juan, Puerto Rico, 4-1
USTA Pacific Northwest Section - Seattle, Wash. def. USTA Eastern Section - Westchester, NY, 5-0

Saturday Night Player Party Fun for All
Over 375 players and supporters attended Saturday night's Player Party, held at the Doubletree Hotel.  HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports, now in their 19th year as a USTA League Tennis sponsor, provided a whole slate of prizes for the event!  Once again, DJ Warren B kept the house dancing until the early hours of Sunday morning.


Saturday PM Update

Semifinal Matches Set!
The following teams have emerged as winners of their respective flights and will compete in tomorrow morning's semifinal round in hopes of advancing to the final national championship round, to be played at 10am.

Women's Semifinal Matches
Intermountain - Salt Lake City, Utah VS Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Eastern - Westchester, NY VS Pacific NW - Seattle, Wash.

Men's Semifinal Matches
Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico VS Northern Cal. - Union City, Calif.
Mid-Atlantic - Columbia, MD VS Midwest - Hanover Park, Ill.

Both the men's and women's team from the Caribbean Section have great reason to celebrate as they have both advanced to Sunday's final round!© Cynthia Lum


Saturday, September 30

Day 2 of the 2006 USTA League Tennis 3.0 Adult National Championships is underway in Tucson, Arizona.  With temperatures expected to reach the upper 90's, we're in for another day of hot tennis action.  Today's action will conclude with 4 men's and 4 women's teams advancing to Sunday's championship round.  Stay tuned for more news and photos and be sure to use the above links to stay up with the latest results.

Two Separate Deserts, Two Separate Missions, Working Together

Robert “Dusty” Dawson, member of the Pacific Northwest Adult 3.0 men’s team from Puyallup, Wash., has a different appreciation for this weekends national championship event than most.  Earlier this year, he was told that he would be deployed to Iraq.  He was given the choice to go in July or October.  Knowing that the national championships were in September, Robert chose the deployment date of October.  From that day forward, he and his team had one common goal – make it to nationals.  Team Captain Kurt Lauderman stated, “this means so much to Dusty, and to our entire team.”

Robert attributes much of his tennis success to his experience gained in the ARMY.  For 15 years, Robert was an infantry soldier.  For the past several years, he has worked as an information technology specialist and operations manager in a command center helping control troops and push out orders.  “What I’ve learned in the ARMY is that we all have to work together.  We all have our own inner discipline, but it is teamwork that will make us succeed,” stated Robert.

Next Thursday, October 5th, he will be traveling to Kuwait, Iraq, then south to Camp Arifjan to resume his duty.  There is a tennis court on site which he plans to use….heavily.  In five years, Robert will retire from the Army.  His goal:  to play one full year on the pro tennis circuit.

Congratulations to you and your team for making it all the way to the national championships, and thank you for your service!

Yoga Meets Tennis

The Adult 3.0 women’s team, The Rising Stars, from Rye, NY may have the secret weapon they need to take home this year’s national championship.  Jessica Hinkle, supporter and sister of team member Ellen Stern, leads a brief yoga exercise before each match in an effort to relieve anxiety, remove environmental factors, and bring the body back to a focused and centered state.  “It helps each player gain control of themselves,” stated Jessica.  She went on to say, “it’s a very quick way to center the body, relieve anxiety, breath properly, all things that contribute to the mental and psychological aspect of tennis.”

So far, The Rising Stars are 2-0 this weekend.


Friendship – Just One of the Benefits of Tennis

Don Rodgers, captain of the Eastern 3.0 men’s team, attributes his team’s success to the strong bond of friendship they have formed.  “We’ve all become best friends,” stated Don.  He went on to say, “Our team was formed on friendship.  We don’t have a coach.  It’s been a journey of helping each other, working together, and winning through our great bond of friendship.”

As a symbol of their appreciation and friendship, the entire team signed Don’s sectional championship t-shirt.  He carries it here at nationals as a memento, one that he intends to frame after the season concludes.  The team plays at the Rockville Racquet Club in Rockville Center, NY.


Pretty in Pink!

The 3.0 Adult women's team from Hawaii is sport'in one of this weekend's cutest outfits!

© Cynthis Lum

Midwest Women Jump for Joy!

© Cynthis Lum

Players Win Big with Chrysler Test Drive Program

Players, fans and event spectators are enjoying test driveing several of Chrysler's new automobiles, including the new 300, PT Cruiser, Aspen and more.  Just for taking a test drive, you are entered into a drawing, to be held at Saturday night's player party where you can win tennis gear valued at more than $500!  In addition, you receive a free USTA hat or visor.   Chrysler is the presenting sponsor of the USTA League tennis program.



Friday, September 29

The 2006 USTA League Tennis 3.0 Adult National Championships are underway in sunny Tucson, Arizona.  Some 34 men's and women's teams representing each of the 17 USTA Sections from around the country are vying for a chance to be crowned national champions.  Keep checking back for more news and photos throughout the event!

In a League of His Own...

Jon Zonin, member of the Middle States Adult Men’s 3.0 team from Johnstown, Penn., was truck'in along in life as normal.  Well, that is, if you consider the norm as being regularly active in motorcross racing, USTA tennis, racketball and ice hockey as well as running two seperate businesses.  Early this year, Jon had an accident on his motorcycle that resulted in a concussion.  While at the hospital, a CT scan was administered in which fairly normal results were expected.  The results came back, and to the surprise of John and everyone he knew, a sizable tumor had been located in the back of his head.  Further, if untreated, this tumor could take Jon's life within the next 18-24 months. 

Jon would have his first of 4 surgeries in January of 2006.  Over the course of the next 4 months, Jon would endure 3 more surgeries to the back of his head.  Jon stated, "for one 4-6 week period, there was a hole in the back of my head while I was waiting for a carbon fiber plate to be installed."

Throughout this whole process, Jon couldn’t ride his motorcycle or play hockey, but he did keep his tennis game up, playing as regularly as he could!  Just eight months after his diagnosis, Jon is feeling good.  “I only get a headache every now and then.  But these are because new bone is forming in the back of my head, which is fusing together with my carbon fiber plate,” stated Jon. 

When you meet Jon, or you see him out playing tennis, you’d never guess what he has had to endure over the last eight months.  Congratulations Jon, to your health and to your continued success on the tennis court.

Middle States Adult 3.0 Men's team member Jon Zonin (middle) with team co-captains Tony Kingera (left) and David Kmetz (right)











Texas Women Spice it Up!

The 3.0 Adult Women’s Team from Kingwood, Texas is definitely in the running for the “spicy’est team” award!

© Cynthia Lum

They Never Gave Up

One year ago, the Adult 3.0 Women’s team from Naperville, Illinois missed going to the national championships by one tie-breaker.  In this year’s state championships, they were sure they had missed out on a trip to nationals for a second straight year.  Thinking that they had already “lost”, doubles team Julie Reimers and Kellie Pirkie played one last match, just for the pride and joy of it.  They won the match.

“We thought we were done,” stated team captain Julie Reimers.  As it turned out, another team was inadvertently playing in the wrong event.  With that team’s disqualification, the team from Naperville was back in the running.  After the results were tallied, it turned out that the final doubles match victory clinched the tournament for them!

With a new found confidence and determination, they would go on to win all four team matches at their sectional championships, three of which they won 5-0!  “We’re happy to be here as friends on and off the court,” stated Reimers.   She went on to say, “we’re going to take it all in, win or lose.”

Age Not a Factor

This year’s Adult 3.0 Men’s team representing the USTA Eastern Section has a bone to pick.  Throughout their road to the national championships, they have routinely played against players who could easily be their children.  The team, comprised of players from Five Towns, Merrick, Long Beach and Malverne New York, estimate the average age of each person to be 50 .

Proving that experience matters most, the Eastern men’s team roared to an undefeated regular local season, then steamed through their regional and sectional championship competitions earning their coveted spot in the 2006 USTA League Tennis Adult 3.0 National Championships.

After round one, the Eastern men’s team is 1-0.

Although their average age is 50 , the Eastern 3.0 Adult Men's Team is comprised of players aging from 23 to 63. Pictured above, from youngest (front row left) to oldest (back row right)


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