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2006 4.5 Adult League National Championship News



                                   USTA LEAGUE TENNIS 4.5 ADULT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                 Hilton Wailoloa Village, Kona Hawaii, OCTOBER 13, 2006, Final Result


USTA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s 4.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Pacific Northwest – Vancouver, Washington
2nd place: Florida - Orlando, Florida
3rd place: Southern California - Santa Barbara, California
4th place: New England

USTA LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s 2.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Texas – San Antonio, Texas
2nd place: Florida – Gainsville, Florida
3rd place: Middle States –   Reading, Pennsylvania 
4th place: Southern – Atlanta, Georgia 


 Champions PNW 

USTA 4.5 National League Champions PNW

Left to Right, Maureen Harwood, Chiho Cronk, Satomi Tsumura, Michele Rudi, Chris Barksdale, Jennifer Bard, Kelly Sharkey, Jacqueline McWilliams, Wakana, Turner

Finalist Florida

USTA National League Championship Champions PNW© Cynthia Lum

Left to Right, Sue Rasmussen, Tammy Florin, Claudette Laliberte, Stacey Williams, Susanne Rucker, Hoku Purcell, Terri Thomspon, Chris Bartos, Kathy Foulk, Allegra Campo

 3rd Place Southern California 

USTA National League Championship 3rd Place Southern California

Left to Right ,Jan Trotter, Elizabeth Winterhalter, Kendyll McManigal, Megan Cotich, Gayle Lofthus, Jill Roberts, Kimberley Denig, Chin, Julie Amble, Sue Maloney


Fourth Place, New England 

No Photo Available


  Champions Texas

USTA 4.5 National League Champions Texas© Cynthia Lum

Left to Right, Trent Broach, Alann Torres, Daniel Cambon, Andre DeLeon, Alex DeLeon, Jorge Vazquez, Davender Toor

Finalists Florida

USTA National League Championship Finalist Florida© Cynthia Lum

Left to Right, Terrance Herr, Jacob Birk, David Staal, Bill Kinser, Gilles Maillart, tony Giannoni, Shane Tyree


 3rd Place Middle States


USTA National League Championship Middle States 3rd Place© Cynthia Lum

Left to Right

Steve Ostroff, Chris Hilemas, Steve Schultz, Don Hutchison, Shawn Jones, Jim Burmester, Paul McDanough, Andy Herron, John Aybar, Doug White, Jeremy Speicher, John Fotopoulos

 4th Place Southern

USTA National League Championship Southern 4th Place© Cynthia Lum

Left to Right, Richard Lunney, Galen Johnson, David Kusiel, Jeff Crowder, Huntley Gordon, Chad Harris, Lucas Costa, Dan Harrington, Jeff Jones, Hammond Reynolds, Mark O'Vrien, Travis Johnson, Bill Chocallo

                                                                        by Cynthia Lum 

Kona Rocks


7:07 AM.  I'm just getting ready to go to the courts when I feel the floor start to move, then glasses from the mini bar started flying across the dressing area, and crashing on the opposite wall.    I grab my mobile phone and room key, and head out the door.The corridors are open air with a garden atrium area separating two buildings. 

Jeanne Lucido, National League Coordinator© Cynthia Lum
Across from me on the opposite corridor, I see National League CoordinatorJeanneLucido looking like a deer in the headlights. I shout, "Jeanne, go downstairs" and head for the stairwell

 There are a group of non English speaking Japanese tourists trying to take the elevator, and I motion them to take the stairs.  They don't want to, because all the power is out and it is pitch dark in the stair well.  I grab a heavy ashtray and prop the door open, then run down to the next landing and to the same.  When I reach the ground level, I see the Caribbean girls in their tennis print pajamas, and people in various states of dress, running everywhere, total panic and chaos.  


Tournament Director, Diane Ansay© Cynthia Lum
 When I finally made it to the Tennis Courts our Tournament Director, Diane Ansay, had everything under control and people were settling down.  This woman is the calm in the eye of the storm.  Once she knew that the staff and players were all safe, she proceeded to get play underway and finish the tournament.  The comment on everyone's lips was, "Thank god for Diane."

This was the beginning of a day everyone will remember.  A day when people stepped up and took care of business through a terrible ordeal. 

 Quotes from players

"This has been the most eventful event I've ever been too" Paula Cioffi, New England.
"This maybe was the defining moment of the trip"  Tricia Ward, Midwest
"I'm really scared" Jose Alonso, Caribbean
"Had I run on the tennis courts as fast as I ran out of my hotel room during the earthquake, I might have won my match.  No lazy footwork when your life is in danger!! Karen Gill, Captain, Eastern
"I need a new pair of shorts! Shane Tyree, Florida
"I was warming up and when I missed my volley, I knew something was wrong." Tony Giannoni, FloridaAnd from Mark O'Brien of Southern, on the first day of the tournament, " the only thing that will keep us from winning this is an earthquake" The Southern team came in fourth.  


                                                    4.5 National League Championships in Kona Hawaii

4.5 Adult League Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii© Cynthia Lum

Swaying Palms,  Black Sand beachs, Pounding Surf,  Exotic Birds,  Rain Forest, and.... Great Tennis.  The 4.5 Adults travel to Kona  for the first USTA National League Championshps to be played  on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Korean Cowboys in Kona© Cynthia Lum

     Korean Cowgirls in Kona

Houston is a long way from Korea, but after moving to Houston from their navive Korea, Soyoun Youn and Sook Hall met and  became friends through their mutual love of tennis.   The two players met when each of them was looking for a partner to play in the Korean American Olympics.  This is an event played every two years at a different location in the US.  The girls won the Gold Medal the first year they played together, in 2002, and the Silver in the last Olympics in 2004.  They are now hoping to add a USTA National League Championship title to their trophy collenction.

The HeroScott Engstrom is a hero to his Nor Cal teamates.

Scott Engstrom of Nor Cal is a hero to his teamates© Cynthia Lum
   In a tight match during sectionals,  up a set, and in the first game of the second set, Scott went for an overhead,  came down hard, and injured his Achilles.  They had to retire that match, and ended up being tied for first.  The finally won and qualified for Nationals by the one set that Scott won before being injured.   Scott said,  " If I had been injured 5 minites earlier, we wouldn't be here".  Even though he will be sidelined, "The Hero" came along to support his team and cheer them on.
 " It's nerve wracking to watch them play, I'm used to being out there, but I wouldn't have missed this."


David and Walter Basten from Lynchburg VA enjoy the Big Island of Hawaii at the USTA National League Championships© Cynthia Lum
 The Dirty BastensBrothers David and Walter Basten chose the name "Dirty Bastens" for their team " because we're just a bunch of small town guys, playing against the big city boys".  This Mid-Atlantic team hails from Lynchburg VA, and they are all enjoying the chance to play and visit the beautiful Island of Hawaii.  The brothers have been playing tennis together since they were youngsters, are best friends, and say they never argue when they are playing doubles together. 





Nashville Girls Go Native The Southern girls from Nashville have adopted the Aloha style, and in case you wondered, guys,  a flower on   the left means, I'm taken, and on the right mean I'm single

Nashville Womens Team in Hawaii© Cynthia Lum







 A Family AffairThe Southern Section Men's team from Atlanta, turned their opportunity to travel to Hawaii for the 4.5 Nationals, into a family affair. Captain, Captain, Jeff Crowder states, "We all brought our wives and children, and we're having the time of our lives. We've gone on a Helicopter Tour, Volcano Tour, a one day trip to Oahu, and last night we went to a Luau

Southern Men's Team makes a family affair out of trip to Hawaii© Cynthia Lum
 The team had to play a total of twenty matches to make it here, winning their division, then playing in State Finals, and getting a wild card into the Sectionals.  They ended up beating the team that had defeated them at State to finally win Sectionals.   












The Midwest Women in Hawaii© Cynthia Lum

A Pyramid of Fun

Need help with spelling or math?  There are five elementary teachers on the Midwest Women's team.  Two of the women were doubles partners on their college team at University of Wisconsin, and have stuck together ever since.  The team has been together for eight years, and plays together on and off the court.  They actually came in second at Sectionals, but the winning team couldn't come, so they gladly took the opportunity to compete in Hawaii.  Needing to raise money to make the trip they got a local bar and grill to help them with a fund raiser.  They invited all their friends and family to eat, drink and party with them, and the restaurants gave 40% of what they took in from the evening to the team. 




Happy Birthday Omy! Captian of the Caribbean mens team, Omy Olmo from Caguas, Puerto Rico  celebrates his birthdays at the 4.5 Nationals in Kona Hawaii. 

Milton "Omy" Olma© Cynthia Lum

   Island Hopping Mens team from Caribbean cool off in the pool at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Kona Hawai 

Caribbean 4.5 Mens Team© Cynthia Lum












Swiming with the Dolphins

Laura Otto, Midwest Section, Milwaukee, Wisconsin© Cynthia Lum
 Laura Otto,  finds a new playmate in Kona Hawaii.  Swiming with the Dolphins at the Hilton Wailoloa was one of the highlights of her trip to the Nationals. 





















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