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2006 7.0 & 9.0 Super Senior National Championship News & Photos

2006 7.0 & 9.0 Super Senior National Championship

Daily News

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Congratulations to Our 2006 Super Senior National Champions!!!

Middle States - Front Row: Irma DeMarzo, Anita Brennan, Betty Biddar, Lorraine Mack, Sue Ammerman Connie Andreach Back Row: Edith Louise Crum and Betty Helfrich

Nor Cal - Front Row: Norimi Yamaya, Satomi Muramatsu, Roberta Garrow, May Matsuzaki, Fei-Mei Chou, Daisy Nunn Back Row: Ann Nyser, Maureen Mikami and Sylvia Gong


Southern Cal - Front Row: Doug Klick, Frank Seaberg, Lauren Sanders, Joe Sappia Back Row: Bill Heck, Dick Stratten, Jim Fall, Cam Jones and Jim Robbins

Southern - Front Row: Art Loeben, Ernie Myers, Tom Clancy, Tom Werner Back Row: Peter Parrott, George Spears, Bill Cale, Scott Bernsten, Dwight Hunting and Frank Meade

Southern Cal - Claudia Giacomini, Norma Veal, Arianne Koven, Andi Polisky, Nancy Beaty, Katie Koontz and Cheryl Smith

Southern - Katherine Shelburne, Carmina Diaz, Emily Styers, Saundra Denny, Sharon Greene, Marla Figard, Julie Vaglienti and Caroline Kenning


Southern Cal - Front Row: George Sarantos, Dean Corley, Hight Redmond, Hirsch Hershman Back Row: Tony Pausz, Stan Wilkins, Michael Stewart, Thomas Nemeskeri-Kiss and David Lee

Pacific NW - John Popplewell, Verne Ball, George Kraft, Mike Naumes, Rocky Phelps, Ron MacMillan and John Keyes

Super Seniors Put On Their Dancin' Shoes

Super Senior Nationals Charleston - Player Party

Just as matches were coming off the court Saturday evening, players were over 400 players and supporters were arriving to dance the night away.  All cleaned up and in their best party attire, teams enjoyed great southern BBQ from Sticky Fingers Restaurant.   DJ Joe Gunter from Carolina Tune Spinner played everything from beach music to the electric slide on the back deck of Family Circle Tennis Center.  There was never an empty spot on the dance floor. 

Competition for the door prizes was tough.  Items were donated by USTA, USTA Southern and Family Circle Tennis Center.  In true southern style prizes were given away in a couple of unique ways.  First we had a raffle for everything from racquet bags to coolers.  Our second method was a bit more risky, something we call Musical Beach Balls.  A ton of beach balls were launched into the crowd; players who ended up with a beach ball when the music stopped became part of the competition.  Each time the music stopped a beach ball was removed, the number of players remained and the fight to get to a beach ball was even more intense.  Finally we ended the night with a good old fashion dance competition.  Our tournament staff judged everyones moves and handed out prizes accordingly.

The weather was perfect and these Super Seniors came ready to party.  DJ Gunter had people dancing well into the night! 



Saturday, April 28, 2007

We are finishing up Day 2 here at the 2006 7.0 & 9.0 Super Senior National Championship.  The competition is fierce and teams are really feeling the pressure.  The consensus is that Charleston, SC is a wonderful town for this event and players are enjoying the sights as much as the tennis.  Check out today's news and photos below.


Walter Wong's Hawaiian Team Goes the Distance

Super Senior Nationals Charleston - Team Hawaii

The 2006 Super Senior Nationals did not get off to the best start for Team Hawaii.  Travelling the furthest of all teams competiting, they ran into a few problems before finally settling into the competition.  They are working with a 6 hour time change, playing on a new surface and to top it off two team members got stuck in Chicago and were forced to default their first match.  

Captain Wong did a little scrambling and switched around the lineup to accomadate for their absence.  After a disappointing loss, the team was happy to get all their players here on Friday evening.  The great thing about Walter Wong is his attitude and ability to stay positive despite the setbacks.  He does wish it was a little bit hotter, it would give them a slight advantage over teams not used to playing in the heat.

The team is truly enjoying their time in Charleston.  In fact, a couple of his guys flew over weeks ago and made the trip into a vacation visiting sites across the lower 48 states.  For most of the players this is the furthest trip they've ever made to play tennis and they don't regret it!  To offset some of the cost, the team has a sponsor Cataracts & Vision Center of Hawaii.  Their sponsor provides free lessons, team shirts and travel stipeneds to help them get to the Nationals.

Wong says as soon as they get used to the slower timing and their minds off the footwork on on ball placement, the other teams won't know what hit them!  Wong has been a USTA League Captain for over 15 years.  This team has been together since 1999, their roster here in Charleston includes 4 of the original team members.   Good Luck Hawaii, thank you so much for coming!!!  


 Photogenic Teams of the Day!

Today it was all about the Caribbean!  Both teams showed their spirit and exceptional attitudes on and off the court.  They are definitley a favorite for many players and fans!

Women's 7.0 - Caribbean
Men's 7.0 - Caribbean


The Men and Women Behind the Fence

With the spotlight focused on our amazing players this week, we sometimes forget the people on the sidelines that play a major role in getting them here.  Ellie, Sue, Jolene, Trudy, Lynn and Dawn hold the Men's 7.0 team from USTA Southwest together.  They make sure they arrive with wallets and watches, plenty of rest and even that they eat properly. 

As tennis players themselves, these women know what it takes to be ready for the toughest competition of the year.  Here in Charleston the men are facing all kinds of challenges.  They do not have clay courts in their town, getting used to the slower conditions has taken a couple of days.  They also came from the mountains of northern Arizona where they are 5200 feet above sea level.  Being literally at sea level has also been an adjustment.  According to these women, the most important thing they can do for their team is to just be there supporting them on the sidelines.  They are having a great time so far and we wish them good luck!

Super Senior Nationals Charleston - Tennis Spouses


Family Circle Tennis Center Staff Prepare for Super Seniors

Super Senior Nationals Charleston - Tennis Center Staff


The past month here at Family Circle Tennis Center has been jam packed with events including the WTA Family Circle Cup held just two weeks ago at the center.  Director of Tennis, Rob Eppeshiemer and his staff have been working around the clock to overcome the many unexpected challenges along the way.

You may have seen it on TV during the finals, but the same Noreaster that flooded much of the northeast brought gail force winds through Charleston and much of the south on April 15th.  Family Circle and many neighbooring facilities lost almost all of the clay on courts, many fences and any other objects not tied to the ground.  In preparation for this event, Family Cirlce Tennis Center brought in 20 TONS of clay last week and completely re-covered the courts for our players. 

Staff members, Kyle Owens and Liz Steiner said that the whole staff really pulled together and got everything done.  It was Kyle's job to carry thirty-six 80 pound bags of clay to each of the courts.  He mentioned that his arms have never been as sore as they were after that job.  It truly took their last bit of energy, but the players really appreciate the terrific court conditions and the work put in to put on a superb event!




Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 1 of the 2006 7.0 & 9.0 Super Senior National Championship at Family Circle Tennis Center in Charleston, SC is underway!  We could not have asked for better weather as the sun is shining and temperatures are expected to stay in the 80's.  Be sure to keep up with all of today's news and photos below.

Super Senior Nationals Charleston Opening Day

Team Florida Brings Everything But The Kitchen Sink

The 7.0 Women from Bradington, FL has more support here in Charleston than any other team.  This is the team's first National Championship and not only did all 16 team members attend, but the team brought 18 more supporters to total 34 people!!!  

Captain Natalie Smith said, "The team has been to 6 Sectional Championships and this is the first time we've made Nationals.  We've had a lot of fun and gained some great experience at those Sectionals but we are very excited to be here."  Smith started the team over 10 years ago with just 3 players after a team of men from their club made it to the Super Senior Sectionals.  Today the ladies won all 3 courts in their first match looking great in red and white.

Team Florida

With all this support, the team needed somewhere big to stay.  They found a house on the Isle of Palms (about 10 minutes from the tennis center) that sleeps 30 people.  One of the best aspects of USTA League Tennis is the team comraderie and this team is not only playing together, their are 18 of them STAYING TOGETHER!  They arrived in town on Wednesday and have been enjoying all that Historic Charleston has to offer; from carraige tours to the fantastic restaurants this team really knows how to do it up right.

Super Seniors: Been Around the Block

We've all heard how tennis is the sport for a lifetime.  Being in Charleston at these Championships gives you a true appreciation for the fitness level and ability of Super Senior players.  What you may not realize is just how many National Championship vetrans we have in our midst. 

Dick Straten, a 7.0 player from Southern California is playing in his first Super Senior National here in Charleston.  But Straten is no stranger to Nationals.  This is his 9th National Championship going back to the 2nd EVER USTA League National Championship held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.  He has played in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Tucson a couple of times each.  If you asked Straten which Championship is his favorite, he'll say Charleston of course!!!

Super Senior Nationals Charleston 7.0 Southern Cal


Photogenic Teams of the Day!!!

Photogenic Team of the Day
Photogenic Team of the Day

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