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3.0 Senior National Championships Fact Sheets



3.0 Senior Men      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Middle States 350788432 Hershey Recreation
  Caribbean 059789411 Senior Men's 3.0-J. Campos
  Intermountain 2574128873 Merritt
  Midwest 8553115556 Bane(IRC-D)-3.0 SM CIN-Indy
  Hawaii 200388809 Kahului Diehards Tu
II Missouri Valley 4048106260 SMITH/LF
  Eastern 1004122117 Schlottner
  Southern 703794415 Franco's - Wood
  Pacific Northwest 600285058 MAC-Lilly
III Southern California 6517131256 SCTA 3.0 M - Claremont 1
  New England 4508121288 Rally Point/Amaral
  Mid-Atlantic 3029131109 1-Underdogs
  Florida 151889838 Longshoreman
IV Southwest 759481670 GS30M(TW)
  Northern 5551123426 Northern-Boyum, Harold
  Northern California 5083115851 Vintage HS SM3.0A
  Texas 8096124759 Texas
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      



3.0 Senior Women      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Northern 5551127444 Northern-Vermilyea-white Bear Wonders
  Northern California 5083121722 Villages GCC SW3.0A
  Intermountain 257192104 So. Nevada 3.0 W
  Eastern 1001104758 Ryanski
  Middle States 350889029 Westend survivors
II Southwest 759481675 GS30F(EPTC)
  Southern California 6517131270 SCTA 3.0W - The Golden Girls
  New England 450385080 Aging Racquets; Purdy
  Pacific Northwest 600597316 TCCC-Simmelink
III Midwest 8566108442 Sheline-IND-NWO
  Caribbean 059789430 Senior Women 3.0-Arminda
  Southern 7037106657 Linder SR's. 3.0 W
  Mid-Atlantic 3029123003 Riverside
IV Hawaii 2004107552 MD High Five
  Florida 151497344 Karen Kilday
  Missouri Valley 4049120906 STL-albrecht
  Texas 8096102020 Texas
First Place Winner      
Second Place Winner      
Third Place Winner      
Fourth Place Winner      


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3.0 Senior National Championships Flights

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