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5.0 Adult National Championships Flights



5.0 Adult Men      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Texas 8096112025 Creel 5.0
  Northern 5551116813 Pratt-Baseline Tennis Center
  Southern California 6517111768 West End Racquet Club
  Mid-Atlantic 2003105928 Maui Five-O
II Southwest 7592109975 SA50M - TCC
  Middle States 350688687 Anderton
  New England 4502115405 Weymouth; Howard
  Intermountain 2577126942 Snowbird/CRC
III Pacific Northwest 600296936 WHRC-McElravey
  Midwest 8564113265 Springside
  Caribbean 059789446 5.0 Men-Plinio Alfaro
  Florida 150399284 Jax Golf & CC
IV Missouri Valley 4048106221 Warner-Hale/PH
  Eastern 1005107599 Southern/College Racquet
  Southern 70381011068 Chamblee, Luke
  Northern California 5083119289 Gold River RC M5.0B
1st Place Winner New England    
2nd Place Winner Caribbean    
3rd Place Winner Southern California    
4th Place Winner Missouri Valley    



USA League Tennis
5.0 Adult National Championships Flights


5.0 Adult Women      
Flight Section Team Number Team Name
I Southern 7033104958 AR-Texarkana-Tarwater, Ann
  Midwest 8557111010 SC West Bloom- Alonso SEM50W
  New England 4502115569 TBA:Simpson
  Southern California 6517111579 Beverly Hills C.C.
  Northern 5551117516 Jones-spit
II Texas 8096105432 Oak Creek/Halpern
  Southwest 7592117385 SA50F-Himmel
  Eastern 1002115735 Team 1 - Baldwin
  Pacific Northwest 600299908 ACB-Blessing
  Florida 1518123884 Pelican marsh
III Intermountain 2574114004 Wood
  Northern California 5083120290 Walnut Creek W5.0A
  Middle States 3509119084 PATD
  Missouri Valley 4043121650 Lagerstrom Nicole
  Mid-Atlantic 3029114208 Robious-Robinson
1st Place Winner Southern    
2nd Place Winner Midwest    
3rd Place Winner Northern California    
4th Place Winner Eastern    
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