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Latest News from 3.5 Adult National Championship

Latest News from the 2003 USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championships presented by Lincoln
by: Grant Chambers

Sunday, October 5, 2003

USA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s 3.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Mid-AtlanticVirginia Beach, Va.
2nd place:
Northern CaliforniaWalnut Creek, Calif.
3rd place:
New EnglandRhode Island:
4th place: Southwest –
El Paso, Texas

LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s 3.5 Adult National Standings
Champion: Mid-Atlantic – Annapolis, Md.
2nd place:
Northern CaliforniaSanta Clara, Calif.
3rd place: Southern –
Marietta, Ga.
4th place:


Mid Atlantic 3.5 Men



Mid Atlantic 3.5 Men


Semifinal and Final results
Women’s Finals
Virginia Beach, Va., def. Walnut Creek, Calif., 4-1

Men’s Finals
Annapolis, Md., def. Santa Clara, Calif., 3-2

Women’s Semifinals
Virginia Beach, Va., def. Rhode Island, 4-1
Walnut Creek, Calif. def. El Paso
, Tx., 3-2
3rd place match:
Rhode Island, def. El Paso
, Texas, 4-1

Men’s Semifinals
Annapolis, Md., def. Honolulu, 3-2
Santa Clara, Calif., def. Marietta, Ga.
, 3-2
3rd place match:
Marietta, Ga., def. Honolulu
, 3-2

More news from the weekend...

Jeanne Lucido

Jeanne Lucido (above), USA League Tennis Coordinator, named player of the month at 3.5 National Championships in Tucson, Ariz.


USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championship staff (above) sending Sharon Gault, former committee chairman good wishes in dealing with health issues.

Pacific Northwest Women

Surf’s Up in Tucson

The Pacific Northwest 3.5 women’s team found time for a fun picture. Shown in this image, they are sarcastically "surfing" on their captain. Why is it sarcastic? Well, Tucson may just be one of the driest places on earth!

Texas Women's Husbands Hold Down the Homefront
Hard to Leave Home for
Texas Women


This year’s 3.5 women’s team from Austin, Texas had a "small" hurdle to jump in order to travel to the national championships. These women have a combined 30 children, all under the age of ten! But ya’ll, that wasn’t enough to stop’em. The team was formed only 2 ½ years ago, carries a team name "Aces Wild" and the team motto/song "Right Here, Right Now."

Tokyo in Tucson?

All Japanese Team from Midwest

The women’s team from representing the USTA Midwest Section at this year’s 3.5 National Championships are ALL Japanese!

Saturday, October 4, 2003

Monica 2

Day two of the 2003 USA League Tennis Adult 3.5 National Championships was full of drama as teams battled for Sunday's semifinal spots in the draw. Bright sunshine and cooler temperatures were once again prevalent.

Tournament Director Monica Haller-Bradley says "things are running smooth." Shown here, she wears floral lai which the Hawaii Pacific team brought from Hawaii to present as gifts to staff.

Florida captain, whose team has an international cast of lplayers, proudly displays flag of her birthplace, Peru.

Tennis…the International Sport

The sport of tennis is a universal sport played all around the world. Every day, people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and nationalities participate in the great sport of tennis.

This year’s 3.5 women’s team from the USA Tennis Florida Section is a great example of this as they have players of Korean, Russian, French, Dominican, Peruvian, Paraguayan, Brazilian and American nationalities.

Engagement on the Line for Hawaii Captain

Captian Gaye Fujimoto from Hawaii-Pacific awaits her fate

Number one captain Gaye Fujimoto from Hawaii-Pacific, awaiting her fate as she watches her teams matches, made a bet with Trisha Inafuku that if they won she would get married.

Tisha Inafuku from Hawaii-Pacific makes a big bet!


"The" Proposal

Is it Just That Time of the Year?

Mike Miller, team member of the USTA Southern California Section 3.5 men’s team from
Los Angeles, had a little more on his mind than tennis as he and his girlfriend Sophia boarded their flight. While in the air, and on their way to this year’s national championships, Mike proposed to Sophia….who obviously said yes!


Southern California Women

Southern Cal. Seniors Take Charge!

This year’s 3.5 Women’s team from Fountain Valley, Calif., representing the USTA Southern California Section are on a dual mission. In the present, they’re here to win this years Adult 3.5 National Championships, but in the near future, 10 of their 13 players will be competing for the Senior 3.5 National Championships title. "We’re having a great time and look to profit from out experience here at the adult nationals," stated team captain Sheree Manly. One

Don Anderson Stands Tall
of their secrets to success is having a traveling masseuse, Kris Cox, to tend to their soreness after long and grueling days on the court.


"Athletic" to Say the Least…

Don Anderson has been an avid tennis player for the past 20 years of his life. As a team member of this year’s national championship contending 3.5 men’s team from St. Paul, Minn., he’s obviously an athlete. That may be the understatement of the hour! Don also played professional basketball along with Wilt Chamberlain and Dick Stockton. And if that’s not enough, Mr. Anderson also played professional baseball for the New York Mets!


Players and supporters anxiously await their 8:00AM matches
Friday, October 3, 2003

The 2003 USA League Tennis 3.5 Adult National Championships began play today under gorgeous skies in Tucson, Ariz. This year’s event is being held at Randolph Park Tennis Center, on of the nations premiere public tennis facilities and recipient of the 1993 USTA Outstanding Tennis Facility award. With some 34 teams in competition representing each of the 17 USTA Sections, a diverse and delightful group of competitors and friends have come to Tucson for an event full of fun, competition, camaraderie and more.

Lou Giglio is happy to be here in more ways than one

Tennis Helps Heart Attack Recovery

Lou Giglio of the 3.5 men’s team from the USA Tennis New England Section is very proud to be at this year’s National Championships for more reasons than one. After suffering a heart attack approximately 1 ½ years ago, Lou questioned if he may ever live a healthy and normal life again, let alone play tennis again. A long 1 ½ years later, Lou is fired up to be a part of this years New England sectional 3.5 men’s champions now contending for the national title. "Both physically and mentally, tennis has helped me to recover. This is my passion and what I look forward to every day."

Lou has been playing tennis with this same group of gentlemen for over nine years now. He has come to love and cherish their time on the court together. As a recent retiree as Director of Sales for Delta Airlines, Lou made the choice to move to Hudson, Fla. He will sorely miss playing weekly tennis with his teammates, but looks forward to continuing tennis and his involvement in USA League Tennis.

Tattooed "Winning Whites" Ready for Battle

Dubbed back home as the "Winning Whites", the 3.5 Middle States women have their sights

Winning Whites

set on a national championship and a weekend of fun! Possibly looking to intimidate their opponents, the "Winning Whites" woke up this morning to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger", they’re team song, and decided to put tattoos around their biceps. But instead of going for the fierce and common Pamela Anderson barbed-wire design, they opted for a row of tennis rackets instead. Although temporary and maybe not so fierce, the tattoos are certainly fun!

As much fun as they are already having, these ladies are also here to win. They are armed with experience as players Mona Jaffe (three times) and Theresa Greed (two times) have been to nationals before, teammates Linda Raftery and Fran Lieb are on an 8-match win streak and coach Mike Kremeans has their strategy in line.

Ted Watrous with documentation of his USTA membership #806

USTA Membership for $2.12 Per Year?

It’s true. Ted Watrous, team member of the USTA Florida Section 3.5 men’s team has been a lifetime member of the USTA for a good 47 years! In fact, his membership number is #806. (Take a look at your number and you’re bound to have a few more digits than that!) At the age of 17, Ted’s father, Win Watrous who was on the board of directors for the Florida Lawn Tennis Association at the time, bought him a lifetime USTA membership for $100. Ted would play for years before putting the game aside to focus on work. After a 20 year break from the game, Ted’s back, better than ever and ready for this year’s national championships. "My four goals in returning to tennis are simple. 1) to keep in shape physically 2) to meet people and make new friends 3) I love the competitive spirit and 4) to have fun!," stated Mr. Watrous.

As two more very interesting points, Ted is the proud owner of a 40-acre coconut palm plantation in Florida. His father, Win, invented the first rotary lawnmower and would eventually sell out to Toro.

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