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Latest News from the 3.5 Senior National Championship

USA League Tennis 3.5 Senior National Championships

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USA LEAGUE TENNIS Women’s Final 3.5 Senior National Standings

Southern California – Fountain Valley, Calif.

2nd place: Southern – Ridgeland, Miss.

3rd place: Southwest – Tucson, Ariz.

4th place: Northern California – Fresno, Calif.

USA LEAGUE TENNIS Men’s Final 3.5 Senior National Standings

Champion: Mid-Atlantic – Virginia Beach, Va.

2nd place: Missouri Valley – Topeka, Kan.

3rd place: Southwest – Sun Lakes, Ariz.

4th place: Eastern - Albany, N.Y.

03 3.5 Senior So.Cal.

03 3.5 Senior Mid-Atlantic

Women’s Finals

Fountain Valley, Calif., def. Ridgeland, Miss., 2-1

Men’s Finals

Virginia Beach, Va., def. Topeka, Kan., 3-0

Women’s Semifinals

Ridgeland, Miss., def. Tucson, Ariz., 2-1

Fountain Valley, Calif., def. Fresno, Calif., 3-0

3rd place match:

Tucson, Ariz., def. Fresno, Calif., 2-1

Men’s Semifinals

Topeka, Kan., def. Albany, N.Y., 2-1

Virginia Beach, Va., def. Sun Lakes, Ariz., 3-0

3rd place match:

Sun Lakes, Ariz., def. Albany, N.Y., 2-1

News and Notes from October 18 - Day 2

Aloha to Scottsdale

03 Senior Hawaii

The Hawaii women took the team photo of the tournament! They decided to celebrate their culture by wearing some beautiful grass skirts. The team members also demonstrated a little of the Hawaii dancing.

Mid-Atlantic Captain Still Loves the Thrill of Competing at Nationals

Team captain Mike Aschkenas has been participating in the USA League Tennis program since it started in the 1980s. Although this isn't his first national championship appearance, it is the first time many of his players have competed at this level. Aschkenas' team is a mixture of players from numerous adult teams in the Virginia Beach area. "I may have been to the national championships before, but it is still a great experience and thrill," stated Aschkenas. "It is such a treat to be able to win with many new players, and bring them out here to a national championship for the first time."

Excuses Used by Tennis Players?

03 Senior Florida

Have you ever used an excuse to describe a performance on the tennis court? Well, the Florida men have just about any tennis excuse imaginable this weekend. They are actually wearing t-shirts with 'tennis excuses' on them.

Team Name of the Day

The Eastern women are also known as 'Belles of the Ball'. According to team captain Laurie Savage, the team name might not be the most creative, but the message behind it is clear. "Regardless whether we win or lose, our team motto is to have fun," stated Savage. They sure are having a ball at their first national championship appearance.

03 3.5 Senior Caribbean

Seniors Party in Scottsdale

The seniors competing at the 3.5 USA League Tennis National Championships had no problem having some fun off the tennis court. Check out these pictures from the player banquet on Saturday evening.

03 3.5 party

News and Notes from October 17 - Day 1

Looking for a Few Good Men to Play

3.5 Senior Caribbean

The Caribbean men's team found out just three weeks ago they were invited to compete at the national championships. With only four men here to compete, they need to win two-out-of-three doubles matches against each opponent in order to win. The sectional championship team from Caribbean wasn't able to make the trip to Scottsdale, and the second place team who competed at sectionals also couldn't attend. So, when captain Carlos Garcia got the call, he started contacting his team. Unfortunately, most of his teammates already made plans for this weekend since they didn't win their sectional tournament. So far, the team of four is undefeated.

Bee Alert - Tournament Staff to the Rescue

The weather was perfect for the start of the 3.5 Senior National Championships this morning. With sunny skies and no wind what could possibly happen to delay a match? Well, on Court 6 one of the players came over and reported being stung by a bee. The wonderful tournament staff went over to take a look, and found a bee hive. Unfortunately, a call was place into the resort's maintenance staff, but was going to take awhile for anyone to get the situation under control. So, leave it to the clever tournament staff - Bob Greene from New England bought some repellant and took action himself to get rid of the problem.

Player Traveling a Lot of Miles this Weekend to Compete and Celebrate a Birth

Missouri Valley women's player Linda Blackledge is already becoming used to the drive between Scottsdale and San Diego. Her daughter went into labor on Thursday and she drove to San Diego for the birth of her first grandchild. However, on early Friday her daughter still wasn't quite ready to deliver, so Blackledge drove to Scottsdale for her scheduled match. Afterwards, she headed back to San Diego and hopefully made it in time to welcome her new grandchild into the world.

Captain's Love for Tennis Spans Three Decades at National Championships

03 Senior Southern

The USA League Tennis National Championships started in the 1980's, and Bill Boswell, the Southern men's captain, has found himself at one national championship during each decade of its existence. This is Boswell's third trip to a national championship, and hopefully, the third time is a charm. "I'm really fortunate to be back at a national championship event, and seem to make it about every 10 years," stated Boswell. "I served on the USA League Tennis Committee several years ago, and there have been quite a few changes. I love this game."

Undefeated Teams of the Day

The first day of competition has come to an end, and there are a few teams still undefeated: Southern women, Northern California women, Northern California men, Missouri Valley men, Caribbean men, Southwest women, Southern California women, Pacific Northwest women, Southwest men, Eastern men and Mid-Atlantic men.

Injuries and Maturity with Age Carry Southwest Women

The Southwest women from Tucson have only been together a year, but they have already advanced to the national championships. In this morning's match, spunky 71-year-old Alice Guy helped the team to victory with her doubles play. Another team member who competed during the regular league season and sectionals broke her jaw last week while competing in the sport we all love - tennis. A freak accident has left her unable to compete, but she wasn't about to let it stop her from cheering her teammates on to victory.

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