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May 25, 2008 12:08 PM


COMMITTEE Adult/Senior Competition____________

CHAIRMAN John T. Donelan____________________

DATE/LOCATION Sunday, September 5, 2004/New York, New York

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

· A motion was made and passed unanimously to allow the PPR Subcommittee to modify the existing PPR System without vote of the full Committee on certain items, for example, the PPR Points Tables, compass draws, and consolation events.

· A motion was made and passed unanimously to withdraw Call Item #8 from the Semi-Annual Call on September 10, 2004.

· A motion was made by Jim Nelson and passed to change the following Category I Tournament sites: the Men’s 35 Indoors from Overland Park Recreation Center, Overland Park, Kansas to the Worldgate Club, Long Island, New York; the Men’s 40 Indoors from Oxford Athletic Club, Monroeville, Pennsylvania to Park City, Utah and the Men’s 55 Clay from Knoxville, Tennessee to the Atlanta Athletic Club, Atlanta, Georgia.

· A motion was also made by Jim Nelson to allow the Racquet Club of Irvine to retain its sanction to hold the Category I Men’s 65 & 70 hard courts. A competing bid had been made by Steve Solomon to hold the event in Palm Springs, California.

· A motion was made and passed unanimously to eliminate the preliminary rankings step in the annual ranking process. This modification will be presented to the USTA Board for its approval at the October 2004 meeting so that this change can be implemented immediately. This Committee will submit a Call item on the 2005 Annual Meeting Call to affirm the Board’s anticipated agreement to this change. This change is necessary to ensure that the 2004 adult/senior rankings can be finalized for inclusion in the 2005 USTA Yearbook.

· A motion was made and passed unanimously to defer the Committee’s vote on the Category II Tournament Schedule until recommendations can be made by the Category II Sub-Committee. It is expected that recommendations will be received on or before September 20, 2004 and a final vote taken by the full Committee on or before September 30, 2004.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

· The Committee has decided to emphasize the use of the current Tournament Evaluation Form by tournament players as a means to review whether tournaments are run properly. The current form will be modified to include the USTA office fax number and e-mail address. The form will also be published online.

· Margaret Anderson asked if a primer had been prepared for use by Category II Tournament applicants. Although the primer had been written, it had not been published on the Adult Senior webpage. Staff advised that this primer would be published promptly.

· The Adult/ Senior web site needs improvement. The Chairman appointed a small task force consisting of Steve Solomon, Carolyn Nichols, and Theresa Bowen to confer and bring suggested changes to the USTA Advance Media Group. Alan Messer from the Middle States has developed a web site which will be used as a guide in the development of a more user friendly site.

· The Chairman gave a short update on the Senior National Champions Project. He advised that he would be meeting with Arlan Kantarian at the U.S. Open to discuss the availability of courts at the U.S. Open for this event. The Chairman will provide a written update to the full committee on this meeting in September.

Other Items of Significance

· Gold Slam Awards. The Chairman presented Gold Slam Awards to the following individuals: Men’s 30 Singles-Andy Lake; Men’s 60 Doubles-James Parker/Ken Robinson; Men’s 75 Doubles-Jason Morton; Women’s 70 Doubles- Mary Boswell; Women’s 75 Doubles-June Dickey/Elaine Mason; Women’s 80 Singles- Betty Eisenstein; Women’s 85 Singles -Dorothy Cheney; and Women’s 85 Doubles-Jean Harris/Dorothy Cheney.

· The Chairman presented Larry Huebner with an award to recognize his extraordinary achievement in winning three (3) National Senior/Family Championships in 2003 with three (3) different children.

· Play is up 4% with nearly 60 Category I Events as yet unplayed. Many elite players are playing on multiple surfaces because of the impact of the new Points Per Round System.

· Finally, the Chairman thanked all Committee members for their hard work over the past two (2) years in helping to create and implement the Points Per Round System. Special recognition went to Ben Ball for his work as Ranking Sub-Chair and Committee Vice-Chairs, Patricia Graham, Jim Nelson and Steve Solomon were also recognized. Finally, the Points Per Round System Sub-Committee, consisting of Patricia Graham, Jim Nelson, Paul Settles, Carolyn Nichols as Members and Peter Bronson, Larry Turville and Joe Grover, as Advisors were also thanked for their substantial contributions.

Prepared by

John T. Donelan, Chairman__________



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