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2005 Adult/Senior Competition Committee Annual Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2008 12:08 PM


COMMITTEE Adult/Senior Competition Committee

CHAIRMAN John T. Donelan

DATE Monday, March 21, 2005 and Tuesday, March 22, 2005

LOCATION La Quinta, California

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

  • Margaret Anderson made a motion to amend the name of the annual Final Ranking List to Final Standing List which was seconded by Nancy Reed. After discussion, when it became clear that such a motion would require the substitution of a head-to-head based ranking list for the Final Ranking List, the second was withdrawn and the motion was tabled by the Movant.
  • Dina Ingersole made a motion to have a head-to-head list based on Category I and Category II tournament results provided to Circuit Chairs to assist in Category I tournament seeding. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • Carolyn Nichols and Dina Ingersole jointly made a motion to have the Points Per Round Ranking System amended to decrease the number of tournaments to be counted for ranking from six (6) to four (4) tournaments for women only, with two Category I tournaments to be counted. After lengthy discussion, it was decided that the Chairman would appoint a Points Per Round Ranking Sub-Committee to review the amendment and make recommendations to the full Committee for vote by June 1, 2005, so that any modifications to the Points Per Round Ranking System could be placed on the Semi Annual Call in New York for implementation on January 1, 2006.
  • The Chairman appointed a Points Per Round Ranking Sub-Committee, compromised of Dina Ingersole, Patricia Graham, Jim Nelson, Paul Settles and John Donelan as Chairman. The Sub-Committee met between the Ranking Meeting and the Sanctions and Schedules Meeting and voted to recommend to the full Committee that the Points Per Round Ranking System be modified to decrease the number of tournaments to be counted for ranking from six (6) to four (4) tournaments for women only, with no limitations on Category I or Category II tournaments to be counted. The Sub-Committee further recommended that sectional championships be limited to two (2) per section for men and woman. A motion was made and seconded to adopt this recommendation and it passed unanimously.
  • Steve Solomon made a motion to amend existing USTA Regulations to include a Husband and Wife Doubles event, combined ages 100 and 125 for grass and hard court surfaces as a Gold Ball event for 2006. This motion also provided that the one (1) year probationary period as a pilot would be waived and the new division would have Gold Ball status immediately. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

  • A rolling ranking standing list for the last twelve (12) months will be published on the Adult/Senior Competition Committee website.
  • The Chairman will draft two (2) proposed amendments to the USTA Regulations for placement on the September Call, the first proposing a change to the Points Per Round Ranking System, the second, the institution of Husband and Wife Doubles combined ages 100 and 125 Category I events.

More Decisions made in Primary Rationale

  • The Committee jointly agreed to have a head-to-head ranking list prepared and sent to Circuit Chairs only, for use in Category I and Category II Tournament seeding.

Other Items of Significance

  • The Chairman recognized the following Gold Slam Winners: Val Wilder; Richard Doss; Dorothy Mathiessen; Katie Koontz; Norma Veal; Louise Owen; Louise Russ, Betty Eisenstein; and Dodo Cheney.
  • The Chairman recognized Bill Kellogg for winning the prestigious Seniors’ Service Award.
  • The Chairman recognized Bill Tully for his annual donation to the Gold Slam Winners’ Fund.
  • The Chairman pointed out that the number of ranking appeals for 2004 were at an all time low of eleven (11). Ten (10) appeals were handled administratively and were made due to incomplete data. The final appeal was denied because the player sought to be placed on an “insufficient data” ranking list which no longer exists.
  • Chairman Roy Van Brunt of the USTA Tennis Rules Committee made a presentation to the Adult/Senior Committee comparing the ITF Rules & Regulations with those of the USTA.
  • The Chairman announced the composition of the Category II Tournament Sub-Committee as follows: Margie Cooper, Chair; with Peter Bronson; Steve Fiske; Patricia Graham; and Jim Nelson as members. This Committee has the important task of recommending to the full Committee at the Semi-Annual Meeting whether existing Category II Tournaments should be maintained on the Category II Schedule and also recommends tournaments to be included.
  • The Chairman announced the appointment of a Diversity Sub-Committee composed of the following individuals: Dee Williams-Horne; Greg Wong; Kathy Langer; Allan Dunbar; and Nancy Reed.



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