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2006 Semi Annual Meeting Summary Minutes Adult Senior Competition

May 25, 2008 12:08 PM



Adult/Senior Competition


John T. Donelan


Sunday, September 3, 2006 Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York

Committee Members In Attendance:

Margaret Anderson, Peter Bronson, Dan Casey, Margaret Cooper, Jacque Croft, John T. Donelan, Allen Dunbar, Stephen Fiske, Patricia Graham, Jeffrey Gray, Stephen Hayden, Dina Ingersole, Kathy Langer, John Lewis, James Nelson, Carolyn Nichols, Nancy Reed, Paul Settles, Steve Solomon, Gregory Wong. David Schobel-Staff Committee Member, and Theresa Bowen-Staff Liaison; Excused- Norman Fitz; Absent- Dee Williams-Horne, Advisors- John Powless and Mary Wilson.

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

· A motion was made and passed to approve the 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes.

· A motion was made and passed to have a letter encouraging players from diverse backgrounds in each National TD’s packet. - Staff will draft the letter.

· A motion was made and passed to recommend that each committee member bring a player from a diverse background to a Category I USTA National Championship.

· A motion was made and denied for use of a mandatory first day or modified consolation draw in Category I USTA National Championships.

· A motion was made and passed for the simultaneous creation of singles and doubles draws for Category I USTA National Championships.

· A motion was made and denied for the assessment of a financial penalty against Category I USTA National Tournament Directors for their failure to follow certain tournament requirements.

· A motion was made and denied that a player receive a minimum of 100 points to be eligible for a USTA national ranking.

· A motion was made and approved to adopt Category II recommendations from the Category II subcommittee. New applications. National Public Parks and Pacific Coast were also granted Cat II designation Asfora and South Dakota were denied designation.

· A motion was made and passed to revise the Category II application.

  • The Committee Chair appointed Steve Hayden and Nancy Reed to comprise an Intersectional Subcommittee.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

· Kathy Langer, Diversity Sub-Committee Chair gave her report. The report made several recommendations.

o Recommended that the ATA website have a link to USTA National Schedule.

o Recommendation to Karlyn Lothery, Chief Diversity Officer to include senior players in her diversity reports.

· Mailing policy regarding the mailing of National Ranking Certificates. David Schobel will explore options to the present practice to send ranking certificates in individual envelopes.

· Within 60 days, staff shall provide Category II Award options for 2007 to the Committee.

· Steve Solomon suggested modification to TDM terminology and he is to-identify the list which is to be presented at the Annual Meeting and education to tournament directors’ at 2007 workshop.

· Use of a Match Tiebreak in place of a third set for Women’s 85 & 90-will be considered and educated at the 2007 Tournament Directors’ Workshop.

· Recommendation of USTA National Men’s 35 Indoor to be removed from World Gym Facility-alternative bids are pending, A review of the Men’s 60 tournament schedule will be made due to proximity of tournament dates on the current schedule

· Category II Tournament Sub-Committee Report & Recommendations for 2007 Category II Tournament Schedule:

o Belle Haven tournament-Pending review.

o Cat II subcommittee will discuss how the existing two cat II tournament events will be designated in 2007 after consolation officials a recommendation to the full committee will be made for a vote.

o A motion was made and passed to table PNW tournament application.

· Staff will advise full committee with in 30 days if funding will be made for Intersectional Team Doubles.

· Committee consideration of USTA National Husband-Wife Combined Age of 100 & 120 Mixed Doubles Hard Court Championships’ Bids will be considered by full committee on the Oct Committee conference call.

Other Items of Significance

· Gold Slam Awards. The chairman presented Gold Slam Certificates to the following individuals: Men’s 45 Doubles-Mike Fedderly; Men’s 70 Singles-Gordon Davis; Men’s 70 Doubles-Leonard Lindborg/James Nelson; Women’s 70 Singles & Doubles-Dorothy Matthiessen; Women’s 80 Singles-Betty Eisenstein; and recognized Women’s 85 Doubles-Dodo Cheney, who was not present.

· David Schobel announced the 2007 National Tournament Directors’ Workshop will be held at the DFW Hyatt February 9-11, 2007.

· David Schobel announced the hiring of Geoffrey Norton as Adult Senior Competition/Technical Manager.

· A proposal to limit daily matches for players age 65 and older was discussed and it was determined this proposal follows the ITF regulation of 2 matches a day.

· The concept of women playing in men’s events was then discussed with no motions made.

Prepared by

John T. Donelan/David E. Schobel/ Theresa Bowen



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