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2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2008 12:08 PM



La Quinta, CA


April 14, 2003

· An introduction was made by John T. Donelan, Chairman

· Roll Call. The Chairman called the roll. The following members were present: John Donelan, James Nelson, Patricia Graham, Steve Solomon, Margaret Anderson, Roy Barth, Ben T. Ball, Don Cleveland, Jacque Croft, Norman Fitz, Eddie Gonzales, Jeff Gray, Ollie Gresham, Dina Ingersole Carolyn Nichols, Nancy Reed, Joseph Thompson, Leslie Vanardo, William White, and Mary Wilson. John Powless, Paul Settles and Alberto Monagas were not present and their absence was excused.

· The Chairman noted the passing of Barbara Williams and Nehemiah Johnson. Both were leaders and pioneers in our game and each will be sorely missed.

· Joe Rasgado was then recognized for his contributions to the Adult/Senior Competition Committee over the last four years. The Committee will provided Joe with a memento for his hard work.

· Art Russo – Seniors’ Service Award winner. Art was presented this award in commemoration of his contributions in improving Senior tennis, bringing new participants into the game, and having a significant impact in his community. Art is responsible for running the Florida Senior Grand Prix for the past five years. Players from all over the world play in this Grand Prix.

· The Chairman announced the 2002 Gold Slam Winners – Wesley Cash, Elaine Mason, June Dickey, Dodo Cheney, Gene Harris and Bob Sherman.

· USTA budget – The Chairman noted that we have been responsible in the use of our funds and the Committee is in good shape in 2003. Committee members should consider if additional funding is necessary for 2004 events.

· Sponsorship subcommittee. A discussion was held to determine the means by which a tournament director might obtain sponsorship. The consensus of the Committee was that sponsorship should come from the work of USTA staff rather than committee members.

o Circuit Chairs. The Chairman then announced that the circuit chair approach which had been discontinued several years ago would be reinstituted. The Chairman will make an appointment for each age division. Steve Solomon and Patricia Graham will act as circuit chair coordinators. Each will help to identify problem areas in each circuit and work with the individual circuit chair and tournament director on participation, sponsorship and marketing. Tournament directors and clubs will be assisted in making their tournaments better, but the committee will not hesitate to put them on probation so that better tournaments will be run. “Elite tournaments will be held for elite players.” The women are already doing this.

· Chicago Mid-Town was put on probation last year.

o The Committee will look to the Sanctions & Schedules to make a tournament change if necessary. A motion was made and seconded and passed unanimously to withdraw the sanction for the 2004. John Donelan will contact the club and section that a change will be made.

· Eight Section Representatives were recognized.

· Operation Plan and KPI’s – Yearbook charge and KPIs were discussed and reviewed (see 2003-2004 Adult/Senior Competition Operating Plan).

· Mixed Doubles report. Nancy Rasgado. This is the third year for this category. Carolyn Nichols drew attention to the fact that Women’s and Men’s 40 Mixed Doubles draws well. (Women’s and Men’s 60 Mixed Doubles Indoors in Seattle and La Jolla also do well.) No one played more than five matches last year. A Motion was made and then seconded to dispense with the Mixed Doubles Rankings beginning 2003. The Motion passed unanimously.

· Review Proposed Call Items – USTA Regulation I.W.9. Toilet Visits. Roy VanBrunt, Chairman of the USTA Rules Committee, addressed the Committee on whether our Committee had any strong feelings about whether the toilet visit regulation should be amended. After discussion, it was determined that the Committee would make no recommendation.

· Women’s 90’s division. Margaret Anderson made a Motion to establish a Women’s 90 Age Division which was then seconded and passed unanimously.

· FAC, page 126 experimental tie-break. Margaret made a Motion to recommend that this tie-break (Balboa Tie-Break) be used in national championship competition in both single and doubles. The Motion was seconded and passed 16-5.

· Web issues – TennisLink will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting. Carolyn Nichols agreed to develop a “how to” primer for players to obtain National Rankings.

· Ranking Systems – Action proposed to adopt a Points Per Round system or not. Peter Bronson and Larry Turville made presentations to the Committee on whether the Points Per Round system is better than the head-to-head system currently used.

o Advantage of STAR Program – Looks impressive, head-to-head is most important.

o Disadvantage of STAR Program – discourages play – decreases participation; best win/worst loss (1-20 example); tournaments of unequal strength; results are a mystery until posted; results inconsistent across ages (50’s Cheney example); input mistakes are catastrophic (55’s Beautyman example); criteria are not defined (long strong record, exposure); labor intensive; tournaments don’t complete draws.

o Advantages Points Per Round – Encourages play, increase participation; results of all are always known (players understand system); results consistent across ages; no input mistakes; criteria are defined by points (exposure – SN’s count more, long strong record, by weighted points of tournaments); equalizes tournament strength over time (Players go where points are).

o Disadvantages Points Per Round – tournaments of unequal strength; head-to-head is unimportant; players will complain about amount of points per tournament.

o Larry Turville’s system differs in that there are bonus points.

o Questions:

· Differential in bonus points. 100 points if you beat top 5, on down. Guesstimate that can be adjusted. Differential between top 5, top 10, etc.

· Discussion on Points Per Round and bonus points done at the end . . . Paul Settles (ATP) was contacted and evidently bonus points didn’t mean very much.

o A Motion was made to adopt the Points Per Round system with the understanding that a subcommittee would be formed to identify the variables of this system with a report back to the Committee by June 1, 2003. After the Motion was seconded the Motion passed unanimously. All were in favor with one abstention, Dina Ingersole.

Minutes, Sanctions & Schedules

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

· Roll call was made by John T. Donelan, Chairman.

· Called roll- The Chairman called the roll. The following people were present: John Donelan, James Nelson, Patricia Graham, Steve Solomon, Margaret Anderson, Roy Barth, Ben T. Ball, Don Cleveland, Jacque Croft, Norman Fitz, Eddie Gonzales, Jeff Gray, Ollie Gresham, Dina Ingersole, Carolyn Nichols, Nancy Reed, Joseph Thompson, Leslie Vanardo, William White, and Mary Wilson. John Powless, Paul Settles and Alberto Monagas were not present and their absences were excused.

· Becky Lenhart – TennisLink

o Discussion centered on the On-line registration to TDM (replaces TMS) to national database, choose criteria for ranking, pick algorithm, and rank. Five different algorithms will be available to be able to be published to usta.com in 2004.

o Questions on data moving from TMS to TDM. TBD by Becky with follow-up to the committee.

· Tournament Director Workshop– Dave Schobel.

o Discussed need for a TD workshop with agenda items such as to provide training in TennisLink, a revised TD manual, sponsorship, pre, during, post event management, use of officials, selecting seeds uniformity. Tentative timeframe is early November.

o Committee Circuit Chair, Category I & II TD’s were suggested to be invited.

o Location to be determined. . .The following were suggested: Denver, Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, Chicago.

o Determination needs to be made in the next 30 days.

· ITF World Championships – John Donelan

o Michael Beautyman in Philadelphia, 2004 – 55/90. This sanction was in jeopardy 30 days out but it is back on track.

o This group was asked to consider the national championships be incorporated in world championships. In the beginning, enthusiastic to this idea. However, problematic. . . ranking (no sufficient head-to-head); many players not allowed to participate due to numbers per nation; telling TD’s they weren’t going to be selected in this year. On that basis, John Donelan suggests no but wants input:

§ Unfair for other three surface events.

§ Grass court facilities may like the USTA not being there.

§ Not getting the best play on the grass after two weeks.

§ Issue on grass court circuit during that time . . . . Time differential/ITF’s scheduled for mid-September. . . .Men.

· Category II Review

o With PPR we need to weigh tournaments other than Category II higher than some Section events. What do we do? Maintain schedule? Or identify selected tournaments for PPR.

o Jim Nelson suggests: We can still have a minimum of tournaments played.

o Category II needs to be geographically located.

o Art Russo wants his event ITF sanctioned. It was decided the request go from International Team Competition through Bill Kellogg to Ron Fisher, who would bring this forward to the ITF after Don Cleveland goes to Women and Men’s coordinator to put one list together to submit to the ITF.

o Larry Turville suggests that points, surface and geographic considerations be thought through. . . Less is more to improve quality cross play.

· Subcommittee Reports

o None, as the subcommittees were just formed.

o Women circuit chairs are set.

§ Open, Dina Ingersole

§ 30’s, Carolyn Nichols/Patricia Graham

§ 35’s, Patricia Graham

§ 40’s, Carolyn Nichols

§ 45’s, Patricia Graham

§ 50’s, Carolyn Nichols

§ 55’s, Patricia Graham

§ 60’s, Nancy Reed

§ 65’s, Jacque Croft

§ 70’s, Nancy Reed

§ 75’s, Jacque Croft

§ 80’s, Nancy Reed

§ 85’s, Jacque Croft

§ 90’s, Margaret Anderson

o Men circuit chairs

§ Open, Rick Van Horn

§ 30’s, Paul Mancini

§ 35’s, Eddie Gonzales

§ 40’s, Roy Barth

§ 45’s, Jack Mennis

§ 50’s, Larry Turville

§ 55’s, Peter Bronson

§ 60’s, Steve Solomon

§ 65’s, Jim Nelson

§ 70’s, Norm Fitz

§ 75’s Allen Messer

§ 80’s Ollie Gresham

§ 85’s Bill Hussey

§ 90’s John Powless

o Father/Daughter, Bill White

o All other Family, Paul Settles.

o Mixed Doubles are run in conjunction with other events so no need to have circuit chairs.

· Would this group consider support of Joe Rasgado or Bill Kellogg to the BOD to be an ITF representative? Tabled. Typically it has been the Senior International Teams Chairman (Ted Sperry/John Powless, then Ted Sperry alone, then Ron Fisher).

· New Business

o Scheduling of 30, 40, 50 Chicago and 50-80 Hard in La Jolla needs adjusting. In addition there is a Father/Daughter conflict at that time. Bill Kellogg said it’s possible to move a week earlier. TDB.

o Mixed Doubles national was tabled from yesterday. Nancy Reed will develop a proposal for discussion at the semi-annual meeting.

o Discussion on indoor event in Chicago at Midtown Tennis. . . It has to go! Men’s 50s could go to a place and the Women could go to another site. A Motion was made to propose the host section find an alternate site to replace Chicago. Motion seconded and carried unanimously. John Donelan will contact the club and section that a change will be made.

o Comment from the audience that a letter should be sent as section tournaments are also suffering. . . This came from the Adult/Senior Competition Chairman of USTA Midwest.

o Can a tournament that is an excellent event get their preferred date? Yes, and currently that is generally the case.

o Steve Solomon would like us to consider one logo for all senior national events on a disc. People in the organization need to be contacted. This shouldn’t be a problem according to staff.

o Norman Fitz brought up the issue as people move to the older age group and not being seeded. In addition, those that play in another section can have an issue. This can affect rankings, player participation. Steve Solomon has a method and this should go to the TD Workshop. It is an issue to go to the referee and TD. (What Steve does is ask the best players to rank the players and makes some changes.)

o Question of funding and location for Intersectionals by Carol Wood. $4,500 per event and sites on the web page.

· Meeting adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Theresa McNamara/David Schobel/John T. Donelan



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