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March 25 –26, 2007 USTA Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ

May 25, 2008 12:08 PM



Adult/Senior Competitive Committee


Kathy Langer


March 25 –26, 2007 USTA Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

1. PPR subcommittee chair, Ken Robinson, moved that Points Per Round multiplier be changed from 8x to 12x for Category I tournaments. After considerable discussion regarding the differences in sizes of men’s vs. women’s draws and whether or not two tables could be used, one for the men and one for the women, the motion was tabled until the staff makes a determination as to the feasibility of two tables.

After the information gets back to the PPR Subcommittee, a conference call will be held before June to vote on the issue.

When and if a decision is made re: a change in the points required for ranking, a call item will be submitted for USTA approval.

2. The Circuit Chair subcommittee co-chair, Steve Fiske, moved that the seeding language in Friend At Court , page 73, section 2A, paragraph 4, that states “…may not be based on whim, hunch, or capricious…instead” be eliminated. Motion was passed unanimously.

A call item re: the Circuit Chair proposal will be submitted to Constitution and Rules for submission at the Semi-Annual Meeting in New York in September.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

Jeff Gray ,Vice Chair, proposed two suggestions related to Husband/Wife Combined Age Category I events: (1.) That the Hard Court event held at the Riviera Tennis Club in Pacific Palisades, CA be given permission to hold a pilot for the 140s in 2007. At the present time, it is a gold ball event for the combined ages of 100 and 120.

(2) That The Old Providence Racquet Club, Charlotte, N.C., and the St. Petersburg Tennis Center, St. Petersburg, FL, will each hold sanctioned events for 100 and 120 as a Clay Court championship, and will submit proposals to the USTA office to do pilots for the 140s in 2007. Based on their success, the A/S Comp. Committee will determine which event, if any, will become a gold ball tournament for 140s.

Last year’s call item, R2, regarding sanctioning for national tournaments, was sent back to C & R for clarification and collaboration with other committees to make sure everyone is following the same rules. A new call item will be presented at the Semi-Annual Meeting in New York.

The PPR subcommittee is considering changing the tournaments that count toward ranking from four to five for women, and from six to five for men. The planned Player Survey will be used to help determine if a change is necessary. The subcommittee has also recommended that a team need only play 4 doubles tournaments toward ranking, rather than six.

Other Items of Significance

The Friend At Court subcommittee will recommend several changes in the coming months in its attempt to “clean up the language” as it pertains to national adult/senior tournaments. They will work with the Tennis Rules Committee in that effort.

Circuit Chairs are listed on the USTA web site, seeding lists must have accompanying rationale, and Tournament Directors will be made aware of new ITF regulations.

The A/S Comp. Com. voted earlier this year to send several “warning” letters to Category II tournaments which have had small and/or weak draws, suggesting they improve or their sanctions will be removed. The subcommittee is working on a list of suggestions to help the tournament directors. The group is evaluating the criteria used to select Category II tournaments. The legal department of USTA is considering giving official national status to Category II tournaments so they have the same benefits under the USTA umbrella as Category Is.

Men’s Intersectionals is showing a decrease in support by the Sections. A change in the venue and alternating between clay one year and hard courts the next are being considered.

The Multicultural/Diversity subcommttee is exploring new marketing ideas, using the present Adult/Senior National Tournament Brochure to target league captains and national league champions to encourage diverse play in the national age tournaments.

The Vice Chairs are revising the Evaluation form for Category I national tournaments.

Prepared by

Dan Casey and Kathy Langer



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