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2007 USTA Adult/Senior Competition Committee Semi Annual Meeting Summary

May 25, 2008 12:08 PM

Decisions Made (and primary rationale)

  • The Points Per Round call item re: changing the multiplier from 8x to 12x in order to make the rankings more accurate was removed due to lack of adequate staff to do the calculations. If the call items that are before the USTA Executive Committee are passed, the need to change the multiplier may be unnecessary to make the rankings more accurate. The call items will change the number of men's tournaments that count for ranking from 6 to 5. Men's doubles requirements will change from 6 to 4, with the number required for individual doubles changing from 6 to 5. Decided not to consider omitting local tournaments for national ranking points because many people decide to enter national championships after they have done well in local and sectional tournaments and we want to encourage participation.
  • Men's Intersectionals will stay in Jackson, MS in 2007, be at a new location in 2008 and will alternate from clay to hard courts every other year. This is in response to the lack of participation by several sections. Men's and Women's Intersectionals will receive the equivalent of a Category II tournament for ranking points.
  • The 2008 Men's and Women's and Family National Surface Championships tentative schedules were approved and will be posted immediately. Changes will be made as they occur. The committee voted to make the 140 Husband/Wife Mixed Doubles tournament at Mission Hills in March 2008 a gold ball event, subject to approval by the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting in April. If passed, players will receive the awards retroactively. A call item will be written.
  • The Multicultural/Diversity subcommittee is working with Carolyn Nichols to put links to ATA, the Asian and Hispanic tennis associations to make them aware of our national tournaments and to post pictures of our multicultural players to encourage their participation. The application by Lakeway World of Tennis, Austin, Texas to host a Super Senior Category II tournament in 2008 was approved. The TD will be asked to adjust the date to accommodate the Sr. International teams who will compete in October in Turkey. The application by PNW will be reviewed and the subcommittee will make a recommendation to the full committee before the end of the year.

Items Discussed Requiring Future Action

The Category II subcommittee reviewed all of the tournaments, showed maps as to their locations, noted the weak events and will make a recommendation at year's end regarding which will be removed from the schedule.

Two new applications have been submitted and the subcommittee will make a recommendation at the Sept. 3 meeting.

The subcommittee is revising the criteria for future applications.

The Tournament Evaluation Form is being revised for 2008.

Each committee member is to submit two or more questions for a player survey.

Patricia Graham will add the updated Circuit Chair letter to Workspace, recommending that tournament directors allow a 10-minute warm up for National Championships.

Request have been submitted re: offering an Ultra Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son and Grandfather/Granddaughter pilot tournaments, leading to possible gold ball events. The Family Doubles subcommittee will do research on interest, sites, etc. and will report at the next meeting. They will also look into the possibility of holding two surface championships for the Women's 90s during the same tournament since the draws are so small. A suggestion was made to have the clay and grass events during the same week.

A conference call will be set up between Steve Fiske and Theresa Bowen to discuss the Men's Circuit Chairs. In 2009 the Tournament Director Workshop will be mandatory for Circuit Chairs, since seeding is so important and Tournament Directors need help.

Research will be done on how many players receive national rankings without having won a single match. The question is whether or not they should continue to receive certificates. The Multicultural/Diversity subcommittee recommended everyone visit the Althea Gibson display at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center before the US Open ends and to invite someone diverse to play in a tournament.

Other Items of Significance

  • Breakfast meeting scheduled for Monday to meet with Section competition volunteers and staff to determine how to improve communication.
  • John Donelan, former Chair of A/S Competitive, was presented a gift for his service to the committee.
  • John Togasaki has been asked by IT to make suggestions on improving Workspace. The committee was urged to check it weekly since this is the way USTA will be communicating in the future.
  • Framed certificates were presented to the 2006 Gold Slam Awardees:

Men's 45 Doubles: Val Wilder and Mike Fedderly

Men's 70 Doubles: Jim Nelson and Robert Deusler

Women's 35 Doubles: Julie Cass and Michele King

Women's 55 Doubles: Kathy Bennett Doss (with 4 different partners)

Women's 65 Doubles: Suella Steel and Charlene Hillebrand

Women's 70 Singles and Doubles: Dorothy Mattheissen

Women's 85 Doubles: Dodo Cheney

Prepared by Jacque Croft and Kathy Langer

Amended November 28, 2007



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