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Clarify the charge as it relates to the mission of the USTA

May 25, 2008 12:04 PM

Clarify the charge as it relates to the mission of the USTA

· Put committee charge on top of agenda for each committee meeting

· Prepare and distribute agenda ahead of time

· Hold an orientation for new committee members

· Constantly update committee mission statement and ask for input

· Give a written copy of the charge to each committee member

· Hand out key performance indicators, regulations, and contact information for staff and volunteers

· Explain and discuss at committee meeting how committee fits with USTA mission

· Discuss committee’s share of the USTA budget

· Have a banner or poster present to remind all of the USTA mission

· Give all members a copy of the operating plan

· Describe all tasks and projects of the committee in the context of the USTA mission and how they grow the game

· At first meeting, clarify annual or project goals as they relate to the mission

· Via email and at the Annual and Semi-Annual meetings, communicate the charge and ask each member if he or she has questions

· Review charge before meeting begins

· Allow each committee member to state how the committee charge relates to the mission, thereby gaining an understanding of that volunteer’s concept

· Spell out the impact of the committee’s activity on members/participation

· Align all committees’ mission statements with section and national mission

· Put the mission on all volunteer job descriptions

· Speak in concrete terms that are specific

· Post charge on wall and review at start of each meeting

· Repeat the charge during all conference calls

· Always question the charge as it relates to the mission

· Create a committee description page that includes purpose and duties/responsibilities at all levels

· Be flexible and make connections the group buys into

· Place the mission in all committee workplans and committee descriptions

Ideas compiled at the 2003 USTA Semi-Annual Meeting

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