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Provide the necessary resources, education and training

May 25, 2008 12:04 PM

Provide the necessary resources, education, and training

· Ask volunteers through surveys what type of training, resources, and education would be most helpful to them

· Provide paper information and personally meet with the volunteer

· Make sure material available is sent to members

· Provide newsletters and books on tape to volunteers

· Have speakers and conduct discussions for volunteer training

· Conduct periodic inventory of volunteer needs

· Make available online training resources that can be accessed quickly

· Make sure all volunteers have the necessary national guidelines to avoid conflict and reinventing the wheel

· Assess needs of individuals early in committee formation—then act positively on assessment

· Provide an orientation packet with job description and commitment

· Conduct team building with new committee

· Suggest and recommend that members attend training

· Before first meeting send out booklet on questions about the organization—then have a first-timers meeting to review

· Make sure resources and training address goals and strategies

· Use different ways to educate and train: outside and internal speakers, mentor program, handbooks, best practice sharing

· Ensure instructions are available (email to affected volunteers) before the event so volunteer is knowledgeable before arriving

· Hold a coaches workshop to share skills and ideas

· Attend other non-profit training sessions in local communities

· Provide scholarships to the Community Development Workshops and other special workshops

· Attend SERV training sessions at national meetings

· Suggest outside sources of training—often volunteers don’t know where to go

· Create a manual for committee chairs

· Date the pages in a training manual so the latest material is evident

· Create a one-page concise description of committee charge and responsibilities to be reviewed and discussed at opening meeting

· Support presentations with written form documents (not just a copy of the Powerpoint—although that is a minimum)

· Create levels of training opportunities—both large-scope and job-specific

· Include training workshops in conjunction with events

· Share articles and notes with committee members that are relevant to tennis industry

· Start a community development workshop at section level

· Use fax and email to provide necessary information

· Hold every-other-year training session for volunteers

· Evaluate the budget starting at zero to identify wasted resources and reallocate where needed

· Provide yearbook, section delegate responsibilities, and other documents to committee members

· Allocate necessary funds to training

· Give handouts not only about tennis but also from other seminars or news items

· Give them copies of “A Friend at Court”

· Bring in outside speakers or sources of information when at all possible

· Invest more of your budget on resources—don’t be afraid

· Share background information and have committee members acknowledge receipt at beginning of term of service

· Give everyone budget and necessary support documents

· Develop a handbook that is usable

· Survey your volunteers to find out what type of training and resources would be most helpful to them

· Create a progressive notebook with objectives, history and future goals of the committee that includes what to do, how and when to do it, and by whom

· Stay after a meeting to take additional questions

· Develop roles and responsibilities in writing

Ideas compiled at the 2003 USTA Semi-Annual Meeting

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