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Involve everyone in the decision making process

May 25, 2008 12:04 PM

Involve everyone in the decision making process

· Provide opportunity for all committee members to shape meeting agendas

· Use “reply all” on email to gather input from all members when in-person meetings are not possible—or try online conference system

· Provide background information so all know enough to make a decision

· Afford time for full consideration of all and what might be dissenting opinions

· Keep communication lines open

· Gather a focus group to discuss a topic and plan a course of action

· Recognize individuals who are quiet and ask for their input

· Ask everyone by name if he or she is okay with any decision made

· Hold brainstorming sessions for problem solving

· Develop decision making process early in the committee formation

· Create each meeting agenda well in advance by soliciting specific input from each committee member

· Give each member opportunity to share without being afraid of being disregarded

· Make sure only one person speaks at a time

· Listen to all aspects of a situation before making a decision

· Keep documentation and timelines in order to inform Board of decision making

· Ask for written comments on proposals from committee members who cannot physically attend a meeting

· Use humor to break down barriers in people who are not comfortable in groups

· Seek consensus on organizational goals

· Call each committee member at beginning of term to welcome him or her and ask 1) what he or she thinks committee should be doing, and 2) what could he or she do to achieve committee goals

· Write/email/call committee members between meetings to stay connected and update them

· Run a goal-setting meeting with a facilitator at the beginning of the term to get everyone on the same page

· Conduct straw polls of the committee

· Ask all committee members to write an idea and/or a challenge and place in basket; allot agenda time to addressing items in basket

· Call on anyone who hasn’t spoken up in a discussion to ensure not only the loudest are heard

· Provide pros and cons on the issue before committee comes together

Ideas compiled at the 2003 USTA Semi-Annual Meeting

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