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Demonstrate appreciation and recognition

May 25, 2008 12:04 PM

Demonstrate appreciation and recognition

· Have a steak dinner and publicly recognize volunteers with plaques and remembrances

· Smile

· Have a picnic for all volunteers during the finals to thank them and their families, with a hand-written note signed by the director

· Verbal or email appreciation following the event

· Mention most active staff/volunteers to Board of Directors at their quarterly meetings—then ask them to speak with those staff/volunteers

· Proactively recognize and thank people

· Thank you notes and phone calls

· Mention publicly their name “a job well done” in front of committee

· Volunteers work for trinkets—shirts, sweaters, caps, and most of all love

· Fax or call and thank people for their help

· Recognize publicly as well as privately

· Awards in front of people

· When appropriate, thank individuals in front of group

· Thank yous at the end of each committee meeting to those attending (including conference calls)

· Speak to the member and say thank you with feeling

· Recognition service or volunteer appreciation pins

· Volunteer party

· A “#1” statue (award) to local league coordinators for the most growth in the state—it’s like our “Oscar”

· During event, ongoing smile, along with “thank you” and “may I get you anything?”

· Written thank you (not group email)

· Publicize their name as many ways as possible: website, newsletters, etc.

· Give them gifts at each meeting

· Personal “thank you” phone call versus typical email for committee member completing a special task

· Holiday card noting contribution and expressing appreciation

· Say thank you both verbally and in writing

· Give personal time to volunteer to show appreciation for their personal commitment

· Recognize by name the “worker bees” by publishing their name in committee minutes

· A few little chocolates, a Starbucks card, etc.—small cost, much enjoyed

· In meetings, recognize people by name with some word of praise for a specific contribution

· Your time and effort is most appreciated—here’s your next assignment

· Provide USTA and USTA section logo wear to volunteers and staff

· Send money and gifts

· Send birthday cards and holiday cards with personal note

· Weekly or monthly phone calls

· Give committee volunteers at all levels, including local and section, the opportunity to attend national meetings—do not discriminate between national and other volunteers

· Create a system to acknowledge volunteer contribution that can be expected to occur each year

· Send a thank you note with a pack of Lifesaver candy to show appreciation to a volunteer that helped us in a crunch

· Surprise recognition or “retire” a volunteer in the Hall of Fame

· Allow a committee member to highlight his or her achievement

· Public recognition of the successes or contributions of a committee member to an assigned task (particularly among their peers)

· Give surprise recognition plaque to event coordinator

· Give a gift, shirt, or other token of appreciation

· Restate what someone suggests and move the discussion on the point forward

· Print out certificates of appreciation with section logo, sign and distribute to volunteers

· Refer media inquiries to volunteers at an event

· Give awards at section annual meeting

· Call and check with committee chairs periodically, and send welcome and thank you letters at beginning and ending of term

· Personal gifts that demonstrate knowledge of volunteer’s personal interest (i.e., baseball tickets for a baseball fan)

· Using a printer, make personalized (name of volunteer) thank you notes with USTA logo to use to send to others

· Get volunteers’ names and addresses correct in databases—this is recognition at a minimum

· Buy a drink for “after hours” hard work

· Send an email every time a member does something special and copy the whole committee

· Give volunteers the opportunity to explore and develop their ideas—do not put them on a short chain

· Give a tennis mug to outstanding volunteers with a framed photo

· Gift certificate for Sunday brunch for volunteer and spouse

Ideas compiled at the 2003 USTA Semi-Annual Meeting

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