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USTA Volunteer Opportunities

May 25, 2008 12:04 PM


The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is a progressive and diverse not-for-profit organization whose volunteers, professional staff and financial resources support a single mission: to promote and develop the growth of tennis from the community level to the professional game. The USTA is divided into seventeen Regional Sections with thousands of volunteers and professional staff who work tirelessly to assist in this process from the local level all the way to the national governing body to serve more than 670,000 individual members and the tennis public.

The USTA promotes the sport at the regional level through seventeen sections, which are independent governing bodies and the local level through community tennis associations ---- all supported by thousands of dedicated volunteers throughout the country who assist in the effort to make tennis an accessible, fun and affordable sport for everyone.

At the national level, volunteerism begins with committees. All committee chairs and committee members are appointed by the Chairman of the Board and President of the USTA. Below the national level, the seventeen sections determine their volunteer structure and the same is true at the district or community tennis level. Primarily, volunteers at the national level have been involved at the section level in some capacity.

National committees meet twice a year at the Annual and Semi-Annual Meeting with supplementary meetings and/or conference calls as needed. Listed below are committee volunteer opportunities at the national level and a brief description of their roles.


Advisory Group on Committees
To administer the USTA national committee appointment process and advise the incoming USTA President on matters pertaining to the council/committee structure.

To assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility relating to the integrity of the financial statments of the USTA, the engagement of independent auditors, the compliance of the association with legal and regulatory requirements, policy standards, for risk assessment and risk management, and other responsibilities set forward in the committee charter.

To support the Secretary-Treasurer in fulfilling the responsibilities of that position during the budget financial process as described in the Bylaws of the USTA.

Davis Cup
To monitor and assist in staging Davis Cup ties, to work with the seventeen USTA sections to ensure community involvement in home ties, to collaborate with USA Tennis High Performance and Fed Cup to revitalize the concept of Junior Davis Cup, to ensure active pursuit of multicultural goals and to work to leverage the Davis Cup competition through branding and marketing strategies.

Fed Cup
To monitor and assist in all Fed Cup actions, to actively support our elite women to create an environment to most visibly grow the game, to interact with USA Tennis High Performance to merge the top American women and the best juniors as often as possible, to work with the sections to ensure promotion of tennis and community involvement at all home ties and to provide tools to raise money for local grassroots programs.

To advise on matters regarding tennis internationally that have an impact or potential impact on American tennis.

To supervise the investment of the USTA's long-term funds (portfolio) in accordance with the Board-approved "Statement of Investement Objectives and Policies."

Strategic Planning
To advise on the strategies to achieve the USTA mission, to implement specific projects for improving the Association’s processes and procedures and to annually facilitate the update of the USTA’s rolling three-year plan.


Adult/Senior Community Programs
To develop effective strategies to increase adult participation and retention in Team Tennis Adult programs and to assist with the implementation and promotion of such strategies among the seventeen USTA sections in order to increase effective adult community tennis programs.

Adult/Senior Competition
To promote and address all activities associated with adult/senior competitions, which include: rankings, sanctions and schedules, rules and regulations, public relations, sponsorships and the Web site. To find ways to increase participation in all adult/senior competition events, which include: Category I (Surface) National Championships, Category II Championships and Intersectional Championships.

To recommend, support, train and promote recreational and competitive league team opportunities that motivate and encourage adult and senior players to become frequent tennis players.

Senior International Competition
To foster National and International amateur tennis tournaments and competitions in accordance with the third purpose of the USTA Constitution.

Wheelchair Tennis
To implement programs and provide advice on ways to increase the participation of individuals in wheelchairs in the sport of tennis and as volunteers at all levels throughout the USTA.


Adaptive Tennis
Using USA Tennis pathway programs, to promote and develop, under the USA Tennis Special Populations name, adapted recreational tennis programs for individuals with differing abilities as a result of physical, developmental, mental or environmental challenges.

Community Tennis Association Development
To create, develop and strengthen a nationwide network of self-sufficient community tennis associations that will increase tennis participation at the local level. Oversee sectional outreach plans whose purpose is to provide systems of coverage and delivery of programs in the geographic areas of all seventeen USTA sections.

Section Marketing & Public Relations
To assist and enhance the marketing, sales and public relations activities of USTA sections and other USTA entities.

Tennis Innovation
To collaborate with the other USTA committees to serve as a “Think Tank” for innovative ways to promote and develop the growth of tennis.


Constitution and Rules
To review the form of proposed new provisions or amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and USTA Regulations to reduce ambiguity, promote clarity and keep all provisions of the same in conformity with each other and with the official rules of the International Tennis Federation, of which the USTA is a member.

To provide methodology and assistance in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of USTA committees, programs, priorities and initiatives and to ensure that evaluations are done on a yearly basis, are of a high quality and meet the needs of the planning processes of the USTA.

Multicultural Participation
To implement programs and activities and to provide advice on ways to increase multicultural participation in all USTA services, activities and programs and to help identify strategies for increasing the number of multicultural players, volunteers, staff, suppliers and leaders.

Public Affairs
To promote legislation at the federal and state levels that could impact the USTA’s mission and to seek government and Foundation funds to help tennis programs nationwide.


High Performance
To support, recommend and promote High Performance activities with the goal of transitioning players from the top of the junior game to a world-class professional level.

To administer and supervise the Officials Council. The committee shall ensure that an adequate number of approved schools are held each year and shall prepare the annual certification application and test for each category of officials. It shall also be responsible for developing officiating techniques and procedures for evaluating officials.

To coordinate USTA relations with and participation in the United States Olympic Committee.

Pro Circuit
To recommend and monitor ways to provide opportunities for aspiring American professionals to gain and improve their world rankings and to use competitions to promote tennis through section and community involvement.

Sport Science
To produce, evaluate and disseminate sport medicine and sport science information relevant to tennis.

Tennis Rules
To be alert to developments in all levels of the game that warrant changes to the Rules of Tennis and/or USTA Regulations, to timely propose such changes on a permanent or experimental basis and to aid in the interpretation of the Rules of Tennis.



To recommend awards and review requests for new awards and recognitions that encourages excellence and honor achievements and contributions of individual and organizations to tennis.

To enforce the USTA Constitution and Bylaws, USTA Regulations and the standards of conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.

Information Technology
To assist and support the USTA Information Technology function in providing information technology systems that support the USTA mission to grow the game of tennis.

Learning and Leadership Development
To enhance the professional development of USTA volunteers, staff and others in the tennis community to promote and develop the growth of tennis.

Membership Services
To make recommendations regarding program policy and to monitor activities and projects that will grow USTA membership and enhance the benefits and services offered to our members.

To monitor, evaluate and, where appropriate, influence tennis technical developments and make recommendations for rules related to technical developments to preserve the essential character of the game of tennis and promote its enjoyment.


To promote and develop the growth of American collegiate tennis at the varsity level and to provide assistance as requested by the USA Tennis Plan for Growth Steering Committee on promoting recreational and intramural tennis activities on college campuses.

To support a national network of local organizations that help develop the character of young people through tennis by emphasizing the life and ideals of Arthur Ashe and to provide free or nominally priced USA Tennis pathway programs at public tennis facilities.

Youth Community Programs
To oversee and promote the development and expansion of youth community tennis programs, including USA Tennis 1-2-3, USA School Tennis and USA Team Tennis (Youth).

Youth Competition and Training
To develop, implement and monitor competitive tennis and training opportunities, which will serve to motivate and encourage junior players of various abilities to develop to the highest competitive level possible.

Note: For a listing of individuals who currently serve on the national committees, please visit usta.com, go to “about USTA” and look in the USTA Yearbook on the pull-down menu.


Each year at the US Open, many volunteers assist with various activities during the event that promote the USTA and the sport of tennis. Listed below are those opportunities and a brief job description.

USTA Membership Booth
To serve the needs of members and prospective members at the US Open by providing them with USTA program information and specific membership benefits. To strive to increase memberships and renewals by providing a friendly and helpful atmosphere to the public along with a positive image of the USTA as the volunteers fulfill their role as USTA ambassadors.

USTA Membership Appreciation Day
To extend quality hospitality to USTA Members and their guests during the US Open in order to enhance member benefits, the image of USTA and encourage membership retention and recruitment.

USTA Bookstore

USTA Volunteer Lounge
To provide an area where volunteers who are visiting or working at the US Open can gather for fellowship, snacks, beverages and special reserved seating in Armstrong Stadium. Network and closed-circuit television coverage of the event is also available in air-conditioned comfort.

USTA Volunteer Ticket Exchange
To provide a service where volunteers can donate their US Open tickets that will go unused and other volunteers can request their need for tickets. Donations and requests are matched up and distributed each morning at the hotel from the first Saturday to the second Friday of the Open. No money is exchanged.


USTA offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities at the section, district or community level. Those opportunities range from working with local tournaments or events to chairing a committee, serving on a Board of Directors to being President! Being part of the USTA family of volunteers provides an individual the opportunity to share their passion for the game while assisting in growing the game at the grassroots level.

For volunteer opportunities within your section, please contact your section association office. To determine the section in which you reside, see the map on page ? that shows the seventeen sections as they are divided geographically.

USA Tennis New England (508) 366- 3450
USTA Eastern (914) 698-0414
USTA Middle States (610) 935-5000
USTA Southern (770) 368-8200
USA Tennis Florida (386) 671-8949
USTA Caribbean (787) 726- 8782
USTA Midwest (317) 577- 5130
USTA Northern (952) 887-5001
USTA Mid-Atlantic (703) 556-6120 or (800) 532-8782
USTA Missouri Valley (913) 322-4800
USTA Texas (512) 443-1334
USTA Southwest (602) 956-6855
USTA Intermountain (303) 695-4117
USTA Pacific Northwest (503) 520-1877
USTA Northern California (510) 748-7373
USTA Southern California (310) 208-3838
USTA Hawaii Pacific (808) 955-6696

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